Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 3 Night shots

I was back to Malaysian High Commission this evening once before dinner and again after tonight, but I am not spending the night there tonight as there is other activist doing this.

Some visiting supporter including locals and foreigners revisit Seelan. Dr CSJ was there every night. Singapore's local pool of activists have enlarged within a short period and the culture of activism have revitalized after a few decades of dormant. This is a good sign for our republic and this is also the ending sign for rotten selfish greedy lame bastards' coward famiLEE LEEgime. :-)

I found out that Seelan was caught in rain this afternoon, and he had no chance to take bath today. But his spirit is high and health still looks fine.

Candle light was again held tonight before Malaysian High Commission for the HINDRAF detainees, but I missed these shots as I was out taking dinner. :-(

According to observation, since this afternoon being the 3rd Day, there had been people other than the regular Cubb security guards inside the Malaysian High Commission's guard room unlike the previous 2 days, and when visitors came to visit Seelan, they will either take video or photos. When asked they will deny what they were obviously doing, with their camera on that guard room's desk! :-)

I saw 3 of these people came late evening in Singapore registered plat cars, unlike other Malaysian plate cars & diplomatic plated cars.

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