Thursday, January 03, 2008

CORRECTION 6 Day 5 Night Protest ending 9am SAT 5th Jan 08

The Malaysian High Commission's front gate guard post had been again, for the 2nd day been seen taking pictures or video with a Sony Cybershot camera through their glass panel at Seelan's visitors. Each time some new visitors turned up they will do so. For a second time Seelan went up to argue with the persons doing these photography.


This is the 4th day, and with the only exception of the very 1st day. I don't have any sight of famiLEE LEEgime's matas at all. I said they had learn a bit smarter already. :-)

There was very light rain this afternoon, I don't border to even use any rain-gear today. But this is the 3rd time Seelan had been wet by weather during this hunger-strike. Supporters still arriving from everywhere showing positive support for Seelan's action, however, something else unexpected but not surprisingly happened at 1100hr, just few minutes before I arrived at Malaysian High Commission. I actually got off taxi just before 1100hr at the SPC petrol kiosk just outside the main road to get a drink, and when I was paying for my drink at the casher, I received SMS from Seelan informing me about what happened, and as I rushed up to the High Commission, the incident was already over.

So I did this 1st video clip interviewing Seelan and KS there to find out what happened:

Day #4 Day-Time Shots

Subsequently I recorded my own respond to the incident, with Seelan hold the my camera for the recording, and it had been posted on my other blog here, (I urge you all to please click and read) to specially address the problem revealed by the little incident.


After posting this, I am packing my bag to prepare to stay over-night again with Seelan at the High Commission. His action will end on Saturday morning 5.Jan.2008 at 0900Hr. I ask people regardless of race / language / religion / nationality to come over to commemorate this meaningful moment, if you see injustice; unfairness and oppression in your own heart regarding the detention without trial of the 5 lawyers leading a civil movement under such a notorious Internal Security Act (ISA).

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