Friday, January 11, 2008

Arrogant Central Narcotics Bureau searched my home

This afternoon, while I was alone at home, reassembling a harddisk into a laptop belonging to my friend's child - after cleaning Trojan horse from silly MS windows. I heard voices outside my door with rough bankings on my door. I answered 1st in English, Yah? The 1st voice just merely asked my to open up the door. As I was very busy and wearing only my sexy underwear, and the laptop had to be treated carefully, I asked in Hockkien [si mi lang] 什么人?, they replied [cheng hu lang] 政府人!

As I wasn't going to open the door in only my underwear, I told them to wait for a minute. So that I could carefully put away the laptop and go to my room to put on my boxer shorts. But in just 10 seconds, they banged very loud on my door again. I got annoyed and asked: [cheng hu lang tua si ah] 政府人大死啊?

After I put on my shorts, I opened the door. Saw this 3 guys outside:

Images REMOVED 10:15Hr 11.Jan.2008 see notes below.

Then in Mandarin I asked who were they looking for? They gave me a name which I will only disclose as MR. M.

Mr. M used to live at this place but no longer in the past nearly 2 years, but obviously had not changed his address. I found out that these 3 from famiLEE LEEgime's Central Narcotic Bureau want to find Mr. M who no longer live at this place, but they were no looking for any drugs.

Under famiLEE LEEgime's law, CNB could search houses without warrant unlike other matas. So I let them in to find that I am the only person around. The 3 came in for less than 3 mins.

I confronted them that their attitude were arrogant and impatient to wait for even a minute for the door to be attended. They explained that they fear Mr. M. could had escaped by jumping off at the back. I wasn't impressed by their explanations.

I went out to return the laptop to my friend afterwards. When I returned home later, saw this note with a CNB card slipped under my door:

It seems to be from SGT Christopher Koh - Special Task Force - CNB.

I am not very surprised that CNB looks for Mr. M. because famiLEE LEEgime's subordinate courts and others were also after him, and had been troubling me about Mr. M. but at least, not in such type of impatient and arrogant 1st world attitude.

Really 1st world matas of famiLEE LEEgime.

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notes: This morning 1000Hr the CNB's Assistant Superintendent with his men came and woke me up from my sleep. They said that they had try to look for me few time yesterday, fearing his men's undercover identity got exposed by my video. I complained to that ASP that his men were very bad attitude and arrogant, and had lied to him, fabricating something about they told me not to film & post. They indeed had agreed to me filming as I informed them when they entered my home that I am filming, and will post on internet, it was recorded in the audio:


The CNB ASP then explained that his men are all doing very dangerous jobs, and their lives could be at risk if identities got exposed. I agreed with that. He asked to immediately remove their pictures or else he will apply for court orders. I replied that I am not afraid of famiLEE LEEgime's courts, and told him not to think that the courts could be used to pressurize me. [as Cyber Community are aware that I did not fear even the AGC tried to cite me contempt of court the last time, about posting the evidence videos.] I told that ASP that I can consider to remove their pictures from online, but that can be already too late, because it had been there since last night.

My intention is to expose arrogant impatient CNB, who are just used to non-stop banging of doors, and won't wait for a moment. Just like this morning, they did it again, I told them that I worked late, and is still sleepy, and being not the suspect nor under arrest I asked them not to disturb my sleep and come back one hour later. They just won't! 政府人大死了?

I have no intention to endanger CNB's lives, nor I like the drug rings to be able to identify them. So for this consideration, I agreed with that ASP to remove the pictures showing his men's faces. He was happy and hand-shacked with me and left after our 15 mins conversation at my gate.