Saturday, January 05, 2008

Day 5 night shots & Day 6 Closing Shots

Seelan's 5 Full Days of HungerStrike outside of Malaysian High Commission in Singapore ended this morning Saturday 5.Jan.2008 in full success. Congratulations to our young activist Seelan. :-) He broke fast in the greetings and cheering of dozens of supporters at about 0915Hr after 5 full days of HungerStrike supported by friends & family members and activists as well as public supporters and witnessed by media & Internet community.

It rained for about an hour this evening approximately 5pm, it is the longest rain in the entire action. As a result everything is wet and ground is damp. Seelan & Kai Siong were also wet, but not so bad, I was not at scene when it rained, only on my way there after uploading the previous videos online.

5 persons including Seelan spent the entire of the final night, including supporters who had never been in any sort of activism before. I was also among the 5.

The day began before 0700Hr, as we got Seelan up to brush & wash up, and had him drink warm water to drive away the chill from a wet cold night during which we slept on the damp ground opposite the Malaysian High Commission.

Foreign press reporter interviewing Seelan:

Seelan got busy coordinating with Malaysian supporters accordingly one large bus load of 50 who organized to come to Singapore's Malaysian High Commission to show support. The NEVER reach here eventually, and in this video Seelan was informing the press etc, that the bus was stopped at the JB side of custom / immigration & supporters questioned particularly about coming to this activity. They were eventually let past after delays and had the bus license plate noted by Malaysian authorities. I have still no idea why they did not manage to reach the Malaysian High Commission even 1Hr after the originally scheduled 0900hr.

About 0907Hr some of the supporters couldn't await any longer for this exciting moment, and without further awaiting for the late arrivals of others, they began to Galan Seelan. And then others carried him up on their shoulders.

About 0913Hr, they let Seelan break-fast, by eating grapes. And also couldn't wait to ask him to speak although Seelan were still trying to await for his friend & supporters who were stuck at causeway to arrive.

Afterwards, during the wait for more than 1 hour, only some of those stuck at causeway managed to arrive, but that does not include that bus load. One more foreign press reporter arrived during this hour (lady with camera wearing green T-shirt).

There were Malaysian bloggers interviewing Seelan in Indian language on video:

Some supporters have to go to work, and before the majority have leaving, they posed for a photo:

Eventually Seelan left on a taxi with Mr. Ravi & Mr. Ng Ejay & Kai Siong etc for his 1st meal in 5 days, I did not join them because I want to rush back to upload all these photos & videos on this blog :-)

At the end of this event, an unprecedented success had been achieved in Singapore's newly revitalized activism world, showing that organizing non-violence civil action can be done this mature way, with the support and participations of volunteers and supporters, without spending huge resources and planing. The event was almost spontaneously done, and accumulating our still very young experiences from just a handful of past activities, we did it so easily. A solo young activist can do it like this, then the potential is very good.

We have also strategies & calculated correctly, that LKy famiLEE LEEgime's mata not only did not arrest Seelan like what happened to Fa Lun Gong & SDP folks, this is also the first time that they did not setup 24 hours video recordings to waste tax payer funds for a protest organized and announced in Singapore.


We also developed some experience to support a hunger-striker in an opened out-door environment for 5 days and give necessary care and provide logistics. I may be able to web-publish a note / guide on this aspect which could be helpful to future activities and helpful to some foreign activist in our network / region.

Sammyboymod Thead