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famiLEE LEEgime's silly move in trepidation towards Game Over Ahead of Time

Obviously they had aimed to buy themselves more time before their own Game-Over with this silly move. But the practical effects will indeed be the reversed. They are not just Too Late and Too Lame, it is already Beyond my task to convince the people to pay the Necessary price for the Unavoidable Political Change and National Reform, it had been the lame famiLEE LEEgime itself at it's own very best efforts Forcing the Singaporean Peasants towards this inevitable direction.

The so called Law of famiLEE LEEgime can increase the stake but it is indeed Bilateral, the higher the stake is the more Effective it is to Shorten the Length of Time, which is what they are hoping to buy. The final conclusion can not be altered which is famiLEE LEEgime = Game-Over. :-)

At this stage it is as clear as crystal that the gumption is totally vanished within famiLEE LEEgime. Their ability of judgment and assessment had totally gone wrong. In trepidation they are more than desperate, and they are unable to hide this fact from eyes of the world.

I am glad to say that it is good news. :-)

Tighter protest laws

Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng tabled a bill in Parliament on Monday seeking to enhance police powers to deal with illegal protests and other acts of civil disobedience. -- PHOTO: ST

SINGAPORE on Monday moved to tighten laws against outdoor protests eight months before it hosts a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders including US President Barack Obama.
Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng, who is also the Home Affairs Minister, tabled a bill in Parliament on Monday seeking to enhance police powers to deal with illegal protests and other acts of civil disobedience.

The Public Order Act will impose tighter restrictions on outdoor political assemblies while liberalising rules on gatherings for entertainment, recreation and social activities.

Under current laws, political gatherings of five or more people outside a designated free-speech park are deemed illegalwithout a police permit. In the proposed legislation, any political assembly outside the zone, known as Speakers' Corner, will require a permit, regardless of the number of people involved.

'It is necessary to update our legal framework governing public order and differentiate political and cause-related activities from recreational and social activities,' the Ministry of Home Affairs said in a statement on the proposed act.

As the social, political and security environment becomes more complex, Singapore needs to 'squarely address gaps in the current framework, to enhance the ability of the police to ensure security during major events, and to maintain public order,' it said.

Local dissidents have sidestepped the current restrictions by sending fewer than five people to public protests and using attention-grabbing tactics. Last week, three demonstrators in red shirts unfurled a banner against Myanmar's military regime outside the country's embassy in Singapore during a visit by Prime Minister Thein Sein.

The legislation is expected to be passed in time for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in November, which could attract local and overseas protesters, Mr Wong said in January.

The proposed law will also grant police the power to take action before protesters can gather at specific areas such as parliament and outside the venues of major international events.

For example, the police will be given 'move-on' powers, allowing them to tell protesters to disperse without resorting to arrests. As these meetings are potential 'terrorist' targets, security forces cannot be distracted from their duties 'by the disruption of political activists, militants or mischief-makers,' the ministry said.

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Article Written by Netizen (sent to me)

Patriotic Singaporeans had began to write about their feelings and desires and ideas online. Some don't have a blog yet, and I received the following article written by V. S. and I think I can help by putting this up online, because it shows that the tide turned strongly against famiLEE LEEgime. :-)

A Patriot’s Story: We Must Take Back Our Country!

Hello Everyone!

Most of us, being Internet savvy and reading in English, are younger and more educated. We know how to vote wisely. But we are not enough. 66.6% of our country does not vote wisely. They are either ill-informed or they hold the ruling party to the wrong standards when voting.

More worryingly, this 66.6% may have increased since the last election. We have gained many new citizens in our country, so 66.6% may be 75% now.

I appeal to all patriots. For this upcoming election, we need to convince two major groups to vote more wisely. We need to talk to them. They are the Elderly Voters (our Elders) and New Citizens.

Understand Our History before trying to persuade our Elders

Younger voters tend to forget the events that forged Singapore as an independent nation. It is important to remember our history, because it determines how our Elders vote.

PAP was not the party it is today. PAP was the party that smart people should vote for, the party that opposed racial politics in Malaysia.

Many early PAP ministers were wise and hardworking. Back then a certain un-nameable person had not yet ‘persuaded’ his colleagues to ‘retire’, so PAP had not yet morphed into its modern form. It still included many people who had abilities to contribute.

The meritocratic (not mere-ly-autocratic) policies of the early PAP were vital towards nation building. As younger voters, we must not forget this history when trying to persuade our elders to vote wisely.

We must convince our Elders that we are not immature kids who (as Jack Neo has satirized), are stupid or know nothing. We know PAP was benevolent in the past. We know it did good things and achieved much and had caring ministers. We acknowledge that the PAP cells in our young national body were good for growing the body.

Younger voters may dismiss cancer out of hand. But I am old enough to go for cancer screening. Let me remind all that normal cells can turn into malignant cancerous cells as we age. We cannot keep voting for the same cells if these cells have turned cancerous. We must convince our Elders about this.

Persuade our Elders to vote with the Right Expectations

We must explain to our Elders that they must change with the times. They have a right to expect first world standards in the first class country that they worked to build. They must hold the ruling party to the standards of first world countries. If they don’t want to compare with Western countries, at least they must compare with other first-world Asian lands like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Please explain to your Elders that it is wrong to compare Singapore with Zimbabwe or North Korea or 1930s China or the Philippines or Indonesia. We are not illiterate like the average 1930s Chinese peasant, and we work more hours than the Indonesians. If our Elders insist on making these inappropriate comparisons, then anyone with a PSLE cert should be considered ‘talent’ since basic literacy was respected in 1930s China.

Since we pay more than the average daily wage in Bangladesh to take the MRT to work, we have a right to expect MRT to be far above Bangladeshi super-crowded standards.

Since we pay our top bureaucrats hundreds of times as much as a top Indonesian civil servant, we have a right to expect hundreds of times the quality. (Being corruption free or competent alone doesn’t warrant hundreds of times the salary. Otherwise we should also pay hundreds of times the salary to bus drivers just to drive safely.)

The average citizen will pay the government and its GLCs thousands of dollars in combined GST, electricity bills, conservancy charges and water bills every year. That’s more than what the average Filipino earns during the same period. We have a right to expect our government to do more than the Filipino government.

When our Elders were young, it was common for Chinese people to work like slaves till they dropped dead. Not having a social safety net was acceptable. Letting people starve in the streets or die because they lacked money for healthcare was acceptable. Kowtowing to Angmoh foreign talents walking the streets was acceptable. Having a sense of inferiority as Chinese/ Asian, being the sick man of Asia, was acceptable.

Today, these standards are not acceptable.

Our elders tolerated blood-sucking bedbugs and hair lice in their daily lives. We can no longer tolerate parasites sucking our blood with every ERP gantry. We must persuade our Elders of this fact.

Tell New Citizens that we welcome them – and to vote responsibly

We should not reject or insult new citizens. We should try to understand them and communicate with them. To understand how new citizens feel, let me tell you my personal story.

My parents came to Singapore at independence. They didn’t want to live under a regime that discriminated on the basis of race. Singapore offered more Hope. Not money (Singapore did not even have a currency of its own), not jobs (back then, what jobs? We did not even have ‘New Towns’ to live in), not food (many people thought we would literally starve to death; back then the price of rice was very worrying to many immigrants). HOPE!

We are patriotic people. When Marine Parade was built, my parents proudly took me to see those impressive new buildings. It took several trips on SBS buses. I got to collect multiple bus tickets.

(Remember, those good old days, frens n bruders? SBS still employed bus conductors and was un-airconded but relatively un-crowded? Now these ex-conductors have become karang guni ah peks barely making a living.)

At Marine Parade I was afraid to go near those buildings because I thought they might collapse on me. My parents pushed me forward to show that Government was Good, it built Quality things that won’t collapse on you.

When I served NS, we did not yet have the manpower shortages that the 2-child policy would create. I was labeled non-combat fit. I actually got MO to upgrade me because I wanted to serve my country.

Don’t call me stupid for doing NS as a chong sua chow private. That was in the good old 80s. When they broadcast 雾锁南洋 (The Awakening), 五脚基 (The Five Foot Way) and that kind of stuff which we were so proud of. When nearly all Sinkies wanted to get tickets for the NDP at the Kallang Stadium. Before the internet started revealing things behind this façade of perfection.

My most patriotic friends/ contemporaries are those who have parents born abroad. For their parents, Singapore wasn’t about ‘claiming FT and acting big’ or ‘taking jobs from locals’. It was about putting down roots in a land where all citizens had equal rights. The Singapore of the 1960s-1980s.

Over the years, what has happened? One by one – the so-called Marxist Conspiracy, right to appeal to the Privy Council abolished, constitutional changes pushed through, outrageous rulings by CJ Yong Pung How, ex-SAF personnel appointed to civilian institutions in dual career tracks, President Ong Teng Chong’s death and the hasty cremation without autopsy, Cheng San election with blank ballots inside the box, Goh Chok Tong’s threats against voters who vote against him, Singnet’s secret computer scanning fiasco in the 1990s… one by one the dominos came tumbling. Revealing that our country is not a first-world modern democracy.

Many new immigrants don’t know our history. They read SPH or see the slick image that Singapore broadcasts abroad with its Singapore job fairs and SIA adverts. Some savvy PRC/ PR students do use us as a free scholarship-stepping stone; some smart angmohs marry Sinkies but retain their original citizenships. But new immigrants who renounced their countries to take on Singapore citizenship basically got suckered into the same bad deal we now have.

Don’t blame these new Sinkies or direct your anger at them. Tell them the truth so that they may learn, and join our side. They are victims too. We need to band together and vote correctly.

No major international news source dares to say the truth about us. Bloomberg, Newsweek, Time, the Economist, the International Herald Tribune, The Far Eastern Economic Review, The Asian Wall Street Journal – any and all respected news sources have been sued successfully for libel already. Why blame hapless new citizens who were not cunning or sneaky enough to see through the SPH-controlled press? Don’t create divisions between us and them; it only serves the ruling party’s interests.

We are Singapore, all of us.

Some Sinkies think you must be from an old family and trace your roots back to Tan Tock Seng to belong here. I disagree. Singapore belongs to all of us. We are a nation of immigrants.

Including ‘old’ immigrants who came here to flee China after Mao Zedong took over.

Including ‘new’ immigrants who came right after Singapore became independent.

Including new immigrants who got their ICs earlier this month.

Let’s not create divisions between old, ‘old’, new and ‘new’. Everyone who is not a cancerous cell has a stake in our continued unity and prosperity.

Everyone has a stake in removing the parasites and cancers in our national body.

Everyone has a stake in redistributing our resources away from the parasites and cancerous cells.

We must remove the cancer from our national body which has infected our leadership. We must remove the parasites that running dogs have infected our society with.

I repeat: we must take back our country. Not from new immigrants, not from PRCs or Indians on work permits. But from the cancer within us.

If you were around in the 70s, you should remember our main food scares then. Not imported PRC stuff, but undercooked local cockles - ‘hum’, often infected with parasites carried in feces from the (then) filthy Singapore river. We of that generation have eaten so much undercooked ‘hum’ from the S*** Propagating House and S*** Broadcasting Center (Talk Cock Singsong, if you are too young to remember SBC) that now we are filled with parasites as a nation. We must be rid of parasite-carrying hum. No more hum, real or symbolic, in our daily kway png, murtabak or mee siam. Most important-Lee, we must be rid of our cancer First before it tarries too Long inside us and destroys our nation.

For the upcoming election, vote wisely! And do your best to persuade our Elders and the New Citizens to do likewise!


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Why famiLEE LEEgime now Suck Harder for Burmese Junta?

There is not as much filthy dirty money for LKy's Money Laundering Hub recently. So the famiLEE LEEgime is getting more and more desperate. :-)

This traditional business for famiLEE LEEgime to fabricate it's Legendary Miracle is taking hard political and economic hits recently, something that famiLEE had not seen in their past 50 years - or whole of their own famiLEE political life.

This is why the filthy corrupted famiLEE LEEgime had to suck harder on the Military Junta Regime of Myanmar. Who besides these 3rd World Dictatorial Juntas still have foul bloody monies for famiLEE LEEgime to launder these days when their big capitalist corrupts had already gone broke? To cover for this HUGE LOST MARKET, the lame bastards of famiLEE LEEgime is making up their losses by Enhancing The Other Market Segment besides the failed Wall Street Segment.

To say it simply, famiLEE LEEgime can no longer spin in the 1st world to launder money with their so called 1st world financial HUB, so they are forced to suck on the 3rd world junta now.

See Ass Loong Son walking with his $ BIG CLIENT $$$ inspecting SAF Guard of HONOR?? Honor My Foot! Phui! *spit*

How had the Lame Bastards of famiLEE LEegime sucked on their fellow (real) bastards?

Well they did so at the Botanic Gardens this week. They named Singapore's Orchid after the foul name of bloody Myanmar Junta General "Dendrobium Thein Sein" they called it. What a foul bloody orchid?

Orchid like The MAL-lion had been used as National Symbol by famiLEE LEEgime. One is now named after the bloody junta general and the other had been just strucked by heaven. These are clear signs of how desperate state the corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime is in.

The only good news is that The Good Guys Are Fighting These Evils :-) :

Singapore urges Myanmar to cooperate with world

SINGAPORE (AFP) — Singapore has urged Myanmar's ruling generals to take "bolder steps" to promote national reconciliation and work with the international community amid fresh reports of arrests in Yangon.

Speaking at a dinner in honour of visiting Myanmar Prime Minister Thein Sein late Tuesday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called the diplomatically isolated nation "an old friend" of Singapore that should "develop and prosper."

"The global environment is changing, with a new administration in the US reviewing the global situation, and formulating its priorities and strategies in foreign policy for the next four years," he said.

Europe is also reassessing its foreign policy and other countries grappling with the global economic slump are looking at more effective ways to deal with other regions of the world, he said.

"We hope Myanmar will seize this moment to take bolder steps towards national reconciliation and in engaging the international community," Lee said.

The two countries are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which also includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Lee said there was potential to develop economic cooperation, particularly in tourism, and urged both nations to enhance cultural ties.

Despite western sanctions, Singaporean firms operate in Myanmar, and junta officials, including reclusive leader General Than Shwe, are believed to have sought medical treatment in the island republic.

In a symbolic ceremony, Singapore on Wednesday named an orchid after Thein Sein, angering a small group of Singaporean human rights activists.

Visiting foreign dignitaries are routinely brought to the National Orchid Garden for a flower-naming ceremony.

But the activists said the Myanmar premier did not deserve to have the yellowish-brown orchid named "Dendrobium Thein Sein" because of his government's poor human rights record.

They said it was "more befitting" to name the flower after opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Past recipients of the Singapore floral tribute include anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela and former UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

Thein Sein, who holds the rank of general in the Myanmar military, arrived in Singapore on Tuesday for a two-day visit. He had earlier visited Indonesia.

His trip came as the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi reported the arrest of five members and the United Nations chastised Myanmar's rulers for their treatment of dissidents.

Four men and a woman who worked as organisers for the party were arrested last week in the commercial hub and former capital Yangon, said NLD spokesman Nyan Win.

A report on Monday by the top UN official handling human rights in Myanmar, Tomas Ojea Quintana, said many of the more than 2,100 political prisoners held in Myanmar have been sentenced in flawed, closed-door hearings.

Detainees suffered from a lack of medical care during imprisonment and from "physical ill-treatment" during interrogation, said Quintana, who visited Myanmar from February 14 to 19 in his capacity as a UN special rapporteur.

During the ASEAN summit in Thailand earlier this month, Myanmar embarrassed the hosts and the 10-nation organisation by threatening to boycott a meeting with human rights advocates if a Myanmar activist was present.

The activist was not allowed into the session.

Singapore urges Myanmar to look West

SINGAPORE, March 18 (Reuters) - Singapore has urged Myanmar's military rulers to re-establish relations with the West, whose sanctions have repeatedly failed to force the oppressive regime to free political prisoners and bring democracy to the country. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told his Myanmar counterpart Thein Sein on Tuesday the city-state would "do what we can" to help the junta revive ties with the United States and Europe. "Countries are grappling with the financial crisis, and asking themselves what is the most effective way to conduct their affairs with other regions," said Lee, whose People's Action Party has governed Singapore since independence in 1965. "We hope Myanmar will seize this moment to take bolder steps towards national reconciliation and in engaging the international community," he said in a dinner reception speech. Lee's remarks came as a U.N. investigator called on the junta to release more than 2,100 political prisoners and allow them to take part in an election set for 2010. Tomas Ojea Quintana, U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, also urged the military to halt its use of civilians in forced labour. [NLH943136] The junta, which has ruled the former Burma since 1962, has refused to recognise a 1990 landslide election victory of the opposition National League for Democracy. Its leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for most of the past two decades. Western governments have criticised the poll as a sham aimed at entrenching military rule. WEALTH MANAGEMENT Washington, whose sanctions on Myanmar include freezing assets of the ruling generals, wants the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes Singapore, to press for reform and political progress in Myanmar. But Singapore, a strong U.S. ally and a growing centre for wealth management, has opposed sanctions on Myanmar and is believed to be home to the generals' offshore bank accounts. Lee said resource-scarce Singapore would continue to develop business opportunities in resource-rich Myanmar, urging the junta to provide a "stable environment for businessmen to operate in, and take concrete steps to remove barriers and bureaucratic hassles". Critics say the junta has turned the "Rice Bowl of Asia" into one of Asia's poorest nations, but the regime says it is pursuing its own seven-step "roadmap" to democracy and shrugs off calls for reform. On Wednesday, Singapore's state-run Botanic Gardens hosted an "Orchid Naming Ceremony" for Thein Sein, the number four in the junta's hierarchy, a ceremony that the government traditionally conducts to honour visiting dignitaries. Three Singaporeans at the gardens tried to present a bouquet of orchids to Thein Sein to give to Suu Kyi, and called for her release. Protests are rare in Singapore and gatherings of five or more people are illegal without a police permit. "We feel it would be more fitting for the orchid flower to be honoured in the name of Miss Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the rightful leader of Burma," the protestors said in a statement. (Additional reporting by Kash Cheong; Editing by Neil Chatterjee and Bill Tarrant)


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Pkistanis Lawyers & Peasant Won their CJ back

When a judge is just and respected by the people and members of the bar, it will be shown so clearly to the entire world. The people will fight hard to bring their justice back on to the bench. The corrupted dictator can take the justice down, but the people will fight and restore justice. I am proud for the Pakistanis people and lawyers. Cheers to their victory and spirit. Singaporeans must learn from them.

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Pakistan to reinstate top judge, defusing crisis

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan's government relented in a major confrontation with the opposition Monday, agreeing to reinstate a fired Supreme Court chief justice whose fate had sparked street fights and raised fears of political instability.

A dawn announcement by the prime minister that Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry would be sworn back in on March 21 capped a weekend of high drama and led activist lawyers and opposition politicians to drop plans to march on the capital and stage a sit-in at Parliament later in the day.

The U.S Embassy praised the decision as "statesmanlike," but it also was a significant concession that showed the weakness of U.S.-allied President Asif Ali Zardari, who had long refused to restore the independent-minded Chaudhry despite demands by lawyers and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif. Already, attempts to quell the protest movement — through arrests and bans on rallies — have exposed cracks in the ruling party.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's announcement also promised the restoration of a handful of other judges who had remained off the bench since former President Pervez Musharraf sacked them in 2007. He further ordered the release of activists arrested over the past week and appealed for political reconciliation in Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation that also faces an economic crisis.

Those arrests and other moves to block the protests — which led to clashes over the weekend — echoed Musharraf's responses to the lawyers' back in 2007.

Jubilant supporters waved flags and cheered outside Chaudhry's Islamabad home, and the grinning jurist briefly made an appearance on the balcony. Activists said the decision was a triumph for democracy, and the nation's stock market rallied in the morning.

"No country can progress without an independent judiciary and the government — by restoring the chief justice and other judges — has also realized it, and we think it is a big success," said Ali Ahmad Kurd, a leader of the protesting lawyers.

The concession came as thousands of protesters led by Sharif, a former prime minister and the head of the largest opposition party, were traveling to Islamabad to join the planned sit-in. Sharif joined the convoy after ignoring a house arrest order in his hometown of Lahore in Punjab province, where his supporters fought police.

Sharif thanked Zardari and Gilani after the announcement, but signaled his seemingly strengthened position by focusing on the future.

"From here, God willing, the fate of this nation will change," Sharif said, speaking from inside his jeep in Gujranwala as supporters mobbed it. "From here, a journey of development will start. From here, a revolution will come."

Musharraf fired Chaudhry in 2007 after he took up cases challenging his rule, sparking a wave of protests that helped force the military ruler from office in 2008. Overall, Musharraf sacked some 60 judges. Most have already been reinstated.

Zardari pledged to restore Chaudhry within 30 days of his party forming a government in the spring of 2008. But he reneged, apparently fearing Chaudhry might examine a deal that gave Zardari and his wife, slain politician Benazir Bhutto, immunity from prosecution over alleged corruption.

Zardari aide Farahnaz Ispahani said Monday the president and prime minister "recognized the mood of the people" and "agreed that it was in the country's best interest for stability" to restore Chaudhry.

She said the matter had languished because the government had more pressing concerns — including reviving the economy and tackling the terror threat.

"Instead of weakening the government or the president or prime minister it has actually strengthened the government," Ispahani insisted. "We have taken the issue away from those who wanted to use mob violence and intimidation. We have taken the country out of the political crisis in an extremely mature and political way."

Sharif initially entered into a coalition government with Zardari's party but switched to the opposition over the judges' issue.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that Sharif and his brother Shahbaz were ineligible for elected office. Zardari then dismissed the government led by Shahbaz in Punjab, the most powerful Pakistani province.

A furious Sharif accused Zardari of a power grab and urged his supporters to join lawyers and other activists planning to march on the capital, re-energizing what had been a limping movement.

Gilani repeated a pledge made Saturday to appeal the verdict over the Sharif's eligibility to the Supreme Court.

The Zardari-Sharif showdown raised the prospect of a military intervention in a country prone to military coups. The powerful army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, met with Zardari — who has stayed largely out of public view in recent weeks — as the crisis unfolded over the past few days, though officials would not detail their discussion.

Western capitals were concerned the crisis was distracting Pakistan from its fight against Taliban and al-Qaida militants operating along the Afghan border. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had urged Zardari and Sharif to strike a deal.

In a reminder of that threat, militants early Monday torched vehicles and supplies meant for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan early Monday, in the second such assault in northwest Pakistan in two days.

Rising Taliban attacks have raised doubts about the reliability of critical supply routes through Pakistan, prompting the U.S. and NATO to seek alternatives. Thread

Exposed famiLEE LEEgime's Coorupt Regimes Involvment via CitiBank

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Corrupted old dog thief Lee Kuan Yews' rotten famiLEE LEEgime had squandered our Singaporean tax payers equity into CitiBank, and read here about what had CitiBank been involved with other fellow corrupted regimes of famiLEE LEEgime:

Report: Major Banks Supporting Corrupt Regimes

Raindrops are pictured on a signboard of Citibank at its branch in Tokyo Reuters – Raindrops are pictured on a signboard of Citibank at its branch in Tokyo, February 23, 2009. Citigroup …

WASHINGTON, Mar 13 ( - Some of the world's biggest banks are doing business with corrupt regimes, facilitating state looting and human rights abuses and keeping the world's poorest poor, according to a new report.

  • "The same lax regulation that created the credit crunch has let some of the world's biggest banks facilitate the looting of natural resource wealth from poor countries," said Gavin Hayman of the British human rights group Global Witness, which published the report, "Undue Diligence," Wednesday.

  • "Undue Diligence" names Citibank, Barclays, and HSBC among the major banks that have done business with corrupt regimes. "By accepting these customers, banks are assisting those who are using state assets to enrich themselves or brutalize their own people. This corruption denies the world's poorest people the chance to lift themselves out of poverty and leaves them dependent on aid," the rights group noted, offering a series of suggestions for governments, regulators, and banks to begin tackling the problem.

  • The U.S. bank Riggs folded in 2004 after it was discovered that it had dealings with the rulers of Equatorial Guinea that breached U.S. money laundering laws. Since 1979, Equatorial Guinea has been ruled by President Teodoro Obiang, a dictator who has "systematically plundered, robbed, and assassinated to inconceivable extremes, amassing a fortune that makes him one of the world's richest men in one of Africa's poorest countries," notes author Fernando Gamboa in the African newsletter Pambazuka News, describing the massive corruption he discoverd when researching a novel set in the country. According to Global Witness' report, however, the son of the dictator was still doing business with Barclays in Paris as of 2007.

Undue Diligence: How Banks Do Business with Corrupt Regimes

From: Global Witness

March 11, 2009

Major banks facilitate corruption in world's poorest countries; government regulation is not working

As G20 finance ministers meet in London to discuss how to rescue the global financial system and prevent the next disaster, a new report by anti-corruption NGO Global Witness shows how some of the world's biggest banks have been dealing with some of the world's most corrupt regimes.

By doing so they have facilitated corruption and looting of natural resource revenues, denying some of the world's poorest people a chance to escape poverty.

"The same lax regulation that created the credit crunch has let some of the world's biggest banks facilitate the looting of natural resource wealth from poor countries," said Gavin Hayman, Global Witness Campaigns Director. "If resources like oil, gas and minerals are to truly help lift Africa and other poor regions out of poverty, then governments must take responsibility to stop banks doing business with corrupt dictators and their families."

The facts

Global Witness's report, Undue Diligence: How banks do business with corrupt regimes, presents evidence that:

  • Barclays kept open an account for the son of the dictator of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea long after clear evidence emerged that his family were heavily involved in substantial looting of state oil revenues.

  • A British tax haven and a Hong Kong bank helped the son of the president of Republic of Congo, another oil-rich African country, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of his country's oil revenues on designer shopping sprees.

  • Citibank facilitated the funding of two vicious civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia by enabling the warlord Charles Taylor, now on trial for war crimes in the Hague, to loot timber revenues.

  • HSBC and Banco Santander hid behind bank secrecy laws in Luxembourg and Spain to frustrate US efforts to find out if Equatorial Guinea's oil revenues had been looted and laundered.

  • Deutsche Bank assisted the late president Niyazov of Turkmenistan, a notorious human rights abuser, to keep billions of dollars of state gas revenues under his personal control and off the national budget.

  • Dozens of British, European and Chinese banks have provided Angola's opaque national oil company, Sonangol, with billions of dollars of oil backed loans, though there is no transparency or democratic oversight about how these advances on the country's oil revenues are used, and they have a recent history mired in corruption and secret arms deals.

What needs to be done

No bank should be, or should want to be, involved in business such as this, whose real costs are borne by the people of some of the world's poorest countries.

Anti-money laundering laws require banks to do due diligence to identify their customer and turn down illicitly-acquired funds, but these laws need tightening to make them globally effective. The following four reforms to the financial regulatory system are essential:

  • Banks must change their culture of "due diligence" -- the process by which they check that a customer is legitimate. This isn't about box ticking. Banks should only take the business if they have identified an ultimate beneficiary who does not pose a corruption risk. Other business should be turned away.

  • Governments must ensure that anti-money laundering laws in each jurisdiction are absolutely explicit that banks must do this due diligence properly, and financial regulators must actively enforce these laws.

  • Cooperation between governments has to improve to ensure that national bank regulations become globally compatible, accountable and transparent, and are not hindered by bank secrecy laws. This must begin with reforms to the inter-governmental body that oversees the anti-money laundering regime, the Financial Action Task Force.

  • Governments must ensure that new global rules are put in place to help banks avoid corrupt funds. The most important change is to ensure that every country produces full public online registers of the ultimate beneficial ownership of all companies and trusts under its jurisdiction, to help banks identify and avoid business with a corruption risk.

"The G20 leaders must act on their promises to help the world's poor. A key element of making poverty history is to stop the money being stolen or kept off-budget in the first place. Ducking this issue now leaves the global financial system open not only to further corrupt money flows, but to the destabilising influences that have caused such damage to the developed world's economies," said Hayman. "The developing world cannot afford a return to business as usual."

Download the report:

Undue Diligence (4.5mb)

Undue Diligence text only

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Now you got a better picture of the reasons why Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime will pump our Temasek funds into CitiBank. It is more than obviously for all these corrupted collaborations and money laundering interests, nothing more and nothing less. Thread

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Supporters can buy Affordable & Creative Arts around the GE to Help Opposition

Example will be this prototype by myself :-)

I intent to mass produce this and sell @S$10 to support Opposition in the coming GE.

I am posting this to as the artistic Singaporeans to follow suit, and contribute your arts to support Oppositions Campaigns in this coming GE.

I am doing this in addition to pledging my hard-copy blog prints to be published for the same purpose of raising funds.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Calling Bloggers to Print & Sell political writings to fund Opposition Parites

Mr Gopalan Nair and myself have decided to do it together and I am calling for Singaporean bloggers to follow.

Practically elections needs money. Only the ruling parties are rich.

Political Blogs had helped to change the political landscape and pin down the famiLEE LEEgime in very strong and effective ways. But we think bloggers can actually do more by reaching out to the readers beyond the cyberspace.

When Ass Loong Son talked about the New Media for GE, I already promised to give him more New Media Impacts by printing out from the blogs.

What I can see there are 2 ways to carry out the prints:

  1. As a book
  2. As a PC browser printed hardcopy in binder
The 1st way is offset printing, more rigid but cost effective, the 2nd is digital printing which is fast and flexible put at higher cost.

Don't do any direct financial donation to avoid the filthy famiLEE LEEgime's Political Donation Act.

As a transaction you can LEEgally sell the copies at a low cost to opposition parties, and then they can sell it to the Singaporeans with profit. In this case it is not a donation but business. :-) If you can afford to even sponsor the printing cost, then you can sell to the parties at a token price.

According to my experience during GE, selling @S$5 or @S$10 anything that is politically meaningful will move like hot cakes. Make it obviously printed on the cover that the contents is against famiLEE LEEgime. To sell few hundred copies within a day during GE is very normal.

I will post this message in Sammyboy.Com forum for discussion.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mr Ong Kah Chua complained of ABUSES @ famiLEE LEEgime's IMH


154th 早报 photo:

Accordingly Mr. Ong Kah Chua told the court that he had been abused while being held in famiLEE LEEgime's mental hospital IMH.

This is on the same page as the other political news of charity scandal with Buddhist monk Ming Yi's news, printed side by side today.

I must point out that the Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime had since the case of ex-Chief Justice Yong Pang How vs Stock Broker Mr. Boon Suan Ban abused their mental hospital as a Political Prison and Facility of Torment to political dissdent. See late Mr. JBJ's press statement June.2005 in above URL.

The other activists I had seen being abusively detained and ill-treated by famiLEE LEEgime include Mr. Robert Ho the famous Cyber-Author who expose Cheng San GRC General Election 1997 Vote Rigging by famiLEE LEEtgime against late Mr JBJ & Mr. Tang Liang Hong; Also detained in IMH Mr. Phua Choon Seng one who actively promotes opposition's cause and previously a member in Workers Party with late Mr. JBJ.

The most recent case, well-known Human Rights Lawyer Mr. M Ravi who was detained in famiLEE LEEgime's IMH for weeks had also complained of abuses by IMH. I had staged a protest to demand his release from IMH.

The detaintion by famiLEE LEEgime at their mental hospital are very arbitrary and authocratic governed by most oppressive draconian laws that gave the State's ONLY Mental Institution & Medical Superintendent's UNCHECKED POWER to detain persons deemed to be of unsound-minds as long as they want. Such persons under their detention can not be even freely removed from Singapore by any other doctors for treatment. Mr. M Ravi was held to nearly the full length of the Max Limit Period allow by Criminal Procedure Code Sect 308, but for Mr. Ong Kah Chua, there is no such limit applicable because he is held under another provision of famiLEE LEEgime's law.

The net and covert effect for famiLEE LEEgime's mental laws are most suitable for their abuse as a Political Tool for Political Imprisonment & Torment of those who are vulnerable mentally and caused the famiLEE LEEgime political embarrassments. In the recent years since 2005, I had alerted the International Communities that famiLEE LEEgime tend to abuse this mental facility of IMH much more in the place of previously notorious Internal Security Department under ISA from which the famous JI Mas Selamat Ke-Lari had fled.

I am alerting the watch groups to monitor and query famiLEE LEEgime of Lee Kuan Yew and hold them answerable to the welfare of Mr. Ong Kah Chua who is held for burning famiLEE LEEgime's Member of Parliament Seng Han Thong. International Representative must make Demand to visit Mr. Ong (who is elder about 70 years and blind in one eye) at IMH.

I urge activist to monitor and expose anything fishy in this aspect, and keep famiLEE LEEgime's lame bastard under the watchful eyes of the world. When there is evidence, we MUST hold the culprits accountable in their Grand Liquidation and ensure that they Pay Back for their deeds.

All abusive culprits of famiLEE LEEgime have to be prepared for regrets that are too late, if my warnings are taken lightly.

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TBT Hero Mohd Jufri Bin Mohd Salim Freed this morning from famiLEE LEEgime QRP

Video by local activist Ho Choon Hiong (should be a handphone video)

Yes was busy this morning and should had been there, to my surprise I got a call from Mr. Gopalan Nair in California conforming with me of Jufri's release. As you can see the spirits are high and concern and friendship among activists are very strong. This is what famiLEE LEEgime's charges and oppression had done to strengthen these fighters against this corrupt and incompetent LEEgime.


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Judge indulged the License Office to Obstruct Justice

Posted on Sammyboy.Com Thread

I registered an objection in that trial yesterday around 6PM, in the face of court directly against the trial judge DJ Chia Wee Kiat, and had him recorded by objection.

PW2 (Prosecution's Witness #2) Yeo Kok Leong had been since the morning of the trial from Miss CSC's cross examination, through council Francis Aw's cross examination until Mr. Chia Ti Lik's cross examination posted rediculous answers to dodge cross examination.

He had in fact done the same in Dr CSJ's cross examination earlier this week, and he had gotten more audacious and more rediculous as the trial went on.

I stood up during CSJ's cross to make objection against the witness, he then stay on the boundary of obstructing justice.

His standard answer is to comment that the question asked is a matter of police operation secret or mata procedure secret and can not be told.

I stood up during CSC's cross to fire him, and then the judge still indulged him to go on in the same way.

During Mr. Chia Ti Lik's cross exam, bloody Yeo Kok Leong went to the rediculos extend of saying that question asked will take a very complicated answer to explain the details and thus he think it is not necessary for him to answer.

Similarly he gave a series of mata secracy excues to both CSC & Ti Lik's questions.

I interrrupted Ti Lik and made a very loud and clear objection against District Judge Chia Wee Kiat, that he had allowed this witness on the stand in this trial to obstruct justice by refusing to give testimony on the stand and citing rediculous secracy excuses. And as the presiding trial judge he just sit in the bench and watch this goes on and on, and continued to do NOTHING about it. That's why such obstruction of justice could go on for so long on and on.

I told District Judge Chia Wee Kiat that then-president Bill Clinton was indicted to testify before the US Grand Jury and he had to tell on the witness stand how he had the Oral Sex (w Monica), and he can not hide behind any WhiteHouse secracy.

I told District Judge Chia Wee Kiat that similarly, ex-President ChenShuiBian and his Presidential Office Staffs are now on trial for corruption and money laundering the Discrationary State Affair Fund 国务机要费 which is one of the highest state secret. But there is no secracy before a court of justice, everything have to come to the light!

I had previously during CSJ's cross exam applied for hearing in camera when this punk Yeo Kok Leong cited his big Gastapo ISD secracy. Judge had NO RESPOND ABOUT THIS THEN, more than once!

What I didn't mentioned, is that when Old Dog Thief LKy was on the witness stand cross examed by CSJ & CSC, they also rocked him up and similarly old dog could not dodge answering about National Reserve etc. WAF can this big fuck mata Station Inspector cite secracy and dodge questions? He could only do so because the judge did nothing about it!

I urged District Judge Chia Wee Kiat to exercise his power to stop this obstruction of justice as the trial judge. To order the witness to produce the answers or to throw the law at him and cite him contempt.

After this, judge said "this court will proceed with control of this trial" with a very unhappy tone of voice, and you should look at the faces of 2 DPPs + APP & the bloody witness.

When WongKanSeng was querry by Parliament on JI Fled, he had to reveal all the blood LEEgime's ISD secrets. Dummy Ass Loong also made a screw up to reveal the name of ISD director. This mata kept telling the court that he knows lots of secret but can not tell!???

I made a mata report against Ass Loong for his blunder revealing ISD Director's name last year:

Sunday, March 01, 2009



I have currently uploaded hours (in 4 parts) of video onto Google Video. It is still in processing.

Due to the long time necessary, I am not uploading high quality version. But you should be able to hear the audio. I have 640X480 high quality Quicktime9 files, about 3.5GB. Those who require some portions can email me. I nearly captured the entire seminar except when I change battery 2 times, and ran out of my last battery near the very end.

The function room was exactly the same Victoria room used by late Mr JBJ for press conference when he announced his return to politics, it was full house with people standing at the back today.

I discovered towards the end of forum that the URL for the new Reform Party website:

Could make alternate sense this way:


IF you could hear the many loud thunders roaring in these videos, these are the ones striking and penetrating on the head of famiLEE LEEgime's STUPID Iconic Symbol Merlion! :-) These things happened simultaneously, so it is very clear sign that people want to REFORM and famiLEE LEEgime will perish.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I had decided to have as much time for others to speak and ask questions today, and kept myself very quiet just taking these videos. Until there was no one from the floor to raise any questions, the panelists went to the floor microphone to pose questions. And further until there was no one standing up to raise anything, I took less than a minute to congratulate the Reform Party.

However, regardless of my policy of refraining to give any constructive input to famiLEE LEEgime, I am making some tiny comments on the Budget 2009 only here on this blog:

  1. Budget 2009 of famiLEE LEEgime, showed their BETRAYAL against Singaporean people. They had abandoned Singaporean people and their families - the lower side of the economic pyramid and take care of the UPPER INFRASTRUCTURE ONLY - the companies which are still capable to hire employees. They called this Keeping The Jobs. They clearly neglected those who already have no jobs! Those without JOBs without BUSINESS, but STILL HAVE FAMILIES TO FEED! No life-line No bail-out for them! These are those Singaporeans at the lower / bottom side of economic pyramid which had been completely ignored and neglected as well as BETRAYED & ABANDONED by the famiLEE LEEgime in budget 2009.
  2. Ablolish the Baby Bonus! Who is going to make babies at the hardest time? Only those already born needs continued care, stop the campaign during the hard times! Resume when times are good, and crisis is over! While those already born already have no economic security at this time why create more babies at this time to be additional burdens?
  3. Cut the Defense & Security & so called War On Terror squandering budgets! Spend on Healthcare and welfare! Stop these aggressions and wastage!
  4. Plunder from the Foreigners to Benefit Our Citizens. Up the levies and tax for Work Permits, Impose levies and tax on even Employment Passes, Limit the Dependent Pass and even PRs from taking away jobs that Our Citizens need to keep their families alive, impose cost on them to subsidize Our Citizens! It is time to Protect Our Citizens! Wake Up famiLEE LEEgime!
  5. At this period I am NOT for minimum wage - not at the bad times. Min-Wage at such time only push jobs losses upwards. Low-Pay at such times are still better than NO-PAY. Minimum Wage is good at boom times and normal times not during crisis.
  6. When deficit is too high, save on educational budget, which is usually the 2nd highest beside defense. Build and upgrade schools when times are good. When we are digging into reserve, why in a hurry to upgrade and expand schools? The famiLEE LEEgime's squandering in the hope of stimulus are usually unfruitful.

:-) I am keeping other ideas away because I don't want to provide so called constructive help to the famiLEE LEEgime delibrately. Points that I decided to disclose here are mostly what I don't expect the famiLEE LEEgime will be able to adopt / implement. At this junture I only wish to see famiLEE LEEgime perished ASAP for the sake of practicality, constructive helps are the least desirable at this time if you want to see a conclusive ending in shortest time. Unless you really want to drag this painful process into a very looong one.... Thread

No Omen can be clearer than this for famiLEE LEEgime

The day had arrived just one day right after the 1st anniversary of JI Mas Selamat Ke-Lari fled ISD's max security prison from famiLEE LEEgime. There is more significance to that, famiLEE LEEgime had just this morning put the 1st Tak Boleh Tahan Campaign activist Juffrie into prison for protesting against the people suffering in the nation's hardest time. There is still more about today, which is the Reform Party's public forum on Budget 2009 held just this evening.

This is the same day that heaven chose to show the clearest omen regarding famiLEE LEEgime. Their stupid Icon of Merlion was hit by heaven on it's head in the storm by a series of strikes.


Thank the heavens sincerely for showing this sign to the world. Indeed the divinity isn't blind.


The famiLEE LEEgime's allotment have expired and exhausted as the omen clearly revealed.



Singaporeans must use wisdom to read this clear sign and Do Your Parts, Stand Up For YOUR Singapore Right Now, for once and for all. This is the heavenly call to rid the daemon which caused our people to suffer. This comic I drew before the SARS crisis in 2003 was published 1st at the MSN Group UYforum in 2002 which is now migrated.

Like I said then, ever since the famiLEE LEEgime morons toasted with SaiChwee (aka Jamban water) during NDP then, the nation's people had began to suffer bad lucks. The whole Red Dot started to go downhill. It had been 7 years since, and familEE LEEgime had reached it own final stage.

Some how are these things related to JI, I had the hunch 7 to 8 years ago, when I drew and published this:

I predicted long time ago that famiLEE LEEgime would perish in a very terrible and ugly way. 肯定死得很难看。From what I can see now, I am even more certain. 死不难看不算数,必须从新再死过。五雷轰顶,就可以死五次。Otherwise, heaven will not show such a sign which is toward the extreme of things. I can not recall in this century that a regime's symbol had been struck this way by lighting. Never. This was the waterspout omen of 2007, which I had drew and published in 2001. Thread