Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urgent! Singapore Need YOU as PE Agents! Serious Shortage!

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FACT is the number of voters and ballot boxes is the same as GE2011, actually a bit more - by 5/87.

Why? This is an election that is the Scale equal to A FULL 87 Seats CONTEST, because (5 seats Tg Pagar) Old Dog Thief LIMPED over in GE2011, this one PE is bigger than GE in terms of the required numbers of Polling & Counting Agents.

Why worse? Because it is 3 TIMES WORSE then GE2011 in the requirement for number of Agents, because of 4 corner fights, TCB TKL TJS each needs a huge number of agent equal to 1 GE itself.

This GE opposition needs 3 X more in number of Agents than famiLEE LEEgime. They have only TT, we have got TCB + TKL + TJS!

The only way there is going to be enough agent is TCB + TKL + TJS agents ALL COMBINE & COOPERATES!

My experience as polling & counting agent in video follows: (these were for GE but PE similar)

Not enough agents or non-cooperative between opposition agents for TCB + TKL + TJS means fucking LEEgime have chance to rig this PE.


Hot Debate over WHY vote for Tan Jee Say - UY vs Arthero Lim

Arthero Lim & Uncle Yap both urge Singaporean voters to vote for Tan Jee Say on 27.Aug.2011, however from totally different perspective angles reasons and philosophies. Some of which are drastically contradicting each others. Thus an adhoc hot debate broke out during the recording of this video. Here to share with fellow voters. :)

Uncle Interviewed by youtube member, new PE2011 episode of 叶叔问政 & Hot Political Debates Coming夜生活

Fellow YouTube.Com member 2011Decision posted me a series of interview questions which I had responded with answers on video.

The URLs of (4 parts) interview uploaded by 2011decision are here:

  1. Part
  2. Part
  3. Part
  4. Part
I however uploaded the video in one whole part and I am using parts of it within my 叶叔问政 video as well.

The contents contain very serious proposals to improve Republic Of Singapore Elected President's system and roles, which implies constitutional and legislative amendments.

Then it is further elaborated and explained in the following video as 叶叔问政.

Further I also recorded today a Chinese and another English HOT DEBATES on presidential issues involving the Elected President system as proposed here, I will release this 2 video only on tomorrow 25.Aug.2011

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Youtube member 2011decision interviewed UY, PE & LKy & FT issues

UY's upload.

2011dicision's uploads: thread

Monday, August 22, 2011

Aggrived Citizens Met Presidential Candidates handing letters appealing for help

Mdm So Lai Har & her son Mr. KK Chia went to Presidential Candidates of Presidential Election 2011, to hand in their letters, appealing for presidential help to seek justice from the LEEgime Courts.

So far they had seen Tan Jee Say & Tan Cheng Bok, on the last 2 consecutive days.

I also recorded an additional interview with them - episode 5.

All this happened after their protest outside Singapore Supreme Court on 19.Aug.2011.

These are some of my previous interviews for reference:

This was my last interview previously recorded on 10.Aug.2011

Some other interviews:

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Friday, August 19, 2011

News alert Aggrieved 81 year old lady will protest in High Court today & later Istana

Appealing for mercy and help from presidential candidates Mdm So (81 years old) have a case to be heard today at High Court 6C. I had been invited to interview her again. Accordingly she is very upset that on 16th.Aug.2011 her case S97 was again dismissed in court with additional cost of S$50K, that her cost (legal fees) total to S$650K that will require her to sell her HDB flat and her son's HDB flat to pay a lawyer who lied to court. Her case was just to claim her lost company share of S$100K.

She is protesting in court today, and will do protest at Istana a bit later.

She plans to visit the 1st presidential candidate at walk about tomorrow.

Live interview outside Supreme Court as mata watch on going protest ritual.
Youtube URL

A live chicken was slayed and beheaded at Supreme Court.

Warning Bloody Video.

This was my last interview previously recorded on 10.Aug.2011

Some other interviews:

Accordingly, old lady is going to offer ritual to 7th month ghost and 【打小人】@ court.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing Motor Mafia Procession Video - Police Fled At Once!

Recorded around Eunos MRT, Still Road area about 3-4PM Sunday 14.Aug.2011 by UncleYap. Amazing video for Minister Teo Chee Hean - Home Affairs. Police U-Turn and fled the see when encountered about 100 motorbike & car gangs?

I added Google Maps & Street View to show the location better.

I saw MediaCorp's Camera Crew there as well. ;)

LEEgitimate Political Parties are NOT ALLOWED to ride bicycles at park, while Motor Mafia Gangs can hold big procession! That is LEEgime's Rule Of Law!


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Friday, August 12, 2011

Urgent Call for Primary Election to Avoid 4 Corner Presidential Poll

4 Tans' contest was formed a few hours ago when COE result was announced.

I recorded this urgent video msg to propose a Primary Election between Candidate Tan Jee Say, Candidate Tan Kin Liang & Candidate Tan Cheng Bok. To select one of the to be candidate against LEEgime's Tony, and the other to assist. And subsequently become official Presidential Advisor when OUR PRESIDENT TAN Prevailed over Tony.

I also propose Mr. Andrew Kwan to take the role of primary poll judge aka returning officer. :)

Youtube URL

The objective is plain and simple, we want to seek best chance to win over Tony Tan of LEEgime. We don't need 4 corner fight, we don't need to let LEEgime enjoy a more divided opposition.

Majulah Singapura!

Video will be ready soon - uploading now.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National Day 2011 episode of 叶叔问政 - Presidential Election indeed a Referendum

Recorded on 9.Aug.2011 a special episode of 叶叔问政 covering Presidential Election Issues. Why it has to be deemed as a referendum against the flawed constitution and Presidential Restrictions. 2011年国庆日录制。关于总统选举课题。为何应当当成全民公投来看待。

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Loan Sharks might had a NDP2011 Msg for famiLEE LEEgime & SPF


I got only my handphone with me late last night, with which I can only take very poor night video, but I took any way because I saw on my way to get myself a fruit juice from 24Hr store...

Only 250 meters from famiLEE LEEgime's PAp HQ at Blk 46 Bedok South.
I discovered that the Crime Warning Sign from Singapore Police Force was kicked down and broken last night 2+am (8.Aug.2011) the eve of National Day 2011. The sign warned about loan shark vandalism at the area. The sign had been vandalized itself. Is this the national day message from Ah Loong to Ah Loong of LEEgime?

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Aggrieved Interviewed by UncleYap 3 - video released 官威难道可以靠牺牲民冤来制造吗?

YouTube URL

This is the follow up interview with Mr. KK Chia in Mandarin with English subtitle screen caption.

This is the long version. Feedback had arrived that I should break this up into 3 smaller parts.

I can do that later. But let me release this long version first and I will offer cut-up alternatives afterwards.

If you like the contents please post it on blogs and forums and email it to your friends.

I have no objection if you need to download the contents and use part of them in some similar videos.

Lets reform Singapore seriously.


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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: