Friday, August 19, 2011

News alert Aggrieved 81 year old lady will protest in High Court today & later Istana

Appealing for mercy and help from presidential candidates Mdm So (81 years old) have a case to be heard today at High Court 6C. I had been invited to interview her again. Accordingly she is very upset that on 16th.Aug.2011 her case S97 was again dismissed in court with additional cost of S$50K, that her cost (legal fees) total to S$650K that will require her to sell her HDB flat and her son's HDB flat to pay a lawyer who lied to court. Her case was just to claim her lost company share of S$100K.

She is protesting in court today, and will do protest at Istana a bit later.

She plans to visit the 1st presidential candidate at walk about tomorrow.

Live interview outside Supreme Court as mata watch on going protest ritual.
Youtube URL

A live chicken was slayed and beheaded at Supreme Court.

Warning Bloody Video.

This was my last interview previously recorded on 10.Aug.2011

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Accordingly, old lady is going to offer ritual to 7th month ghost and 【打小人】@ court.

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