Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shocking Tip of Iceberge - Integrity of Court at Stake!

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Please help to spread the message out, that so much unjust can be done to a common civil case in Singapore High Court.

Court of Appeal still insisting that there WERE Award of Cost during a trial, when the party did not hear any of that during trial, and 4 witnesses whe were present during trial had made Statutory Declarations that they witnessed the trial without any Cost awarded. However Court repeated insisted there was, and the lawyer who claimed this Cost asked S$1.22 million of it!

This is not shocking still. No after the court totally ignored the repeated request to access the trial's Audio Recordings & Transcript to prove weather cost was Never Applied Nor Heard Nor Ruled For during the trial. Court just insist on the cost and that their position is FINAL!

This is not shocking still! Not once but twice this repeated to the same case!

And beside this, there is FURTHER MORE INCREDIBLE SHOCKS, which will be revealed in several subsequent videos.

Not once but Twice, a total of $1.22Million Cost can appear from no where, without prove, without any hearing on weather this cost should be awarded. This wiped out the life savings of senior citizens that fell sick and need to sell assets to cover medical needs.

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