I am worried about Singaporeans looking upon this Presidential Election from the formality perspective while neglecting the more important and necessary. As a continuation from my previous message, I would like to remind voters again that the more crucial aspect of this presidential election isn't really about picking another president to be put into the Istana.

It should rather be the reversed.

Old Dog Thief LKy is still bunked inside Istana, where he should no longer be.

As long as this old dog can still do what he used to do in Istana, there is no difference to us Singaporeans whoever we voted for and put in there as our Elected President. That simply because there is no real change, the same old bastard will be pulling the strings and the new puppet will be performing the same old puppet show, and we Singaporeans will be fooling ourselves again at the polling stations, looking at the 5-corner 6-corner Wayang ballot wondering which to vote.

I got my worries from reading the arguments on online forums. Singaporeans would be fooled again.

There is no point to vote nor choose from a set of 5 or 6, if the chosen one will still eventually be controlled like puppet by the same old bastard, sitting in the same old office in Sri Temasek of the Istana. This is where the change really have to take place, otherwise nothing will change regardless of the nomination and poll results in this presidential election.

Old Dog Thief must be evicted from Sri Temasek. He must be permanently prevented from any ability to tell the cabinet & president or parliament to do:

  1. Sign Here
  2. Say This
  3. Chop Stamp Here
  4. No This
  5. Not That
My message is to urge Netizens and fighters to direct fire at the prime target and not the secondary / decoy, for this presidential election. Weather Rep of Singapore gets our 1st Real Elected President or not, really depend on TRULY DEPOSING Old Dog Thief LKy instead of the simple apparent choice of presidential candidate.

For the candidates, their true worthiness should be measured by Singaporeans similarly on their abilities to contribute in this MOST CRUCIAL ASPECT.

For example about spending national reserve, we must disallow LKy from having the same influence on the issue as in the past. If the Old Dog can still exercise his undue influences on this, then any Constitutional Power or Presidential Election can be Equal to NULL - as puppets will perform accordingly just as in the past.