Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Police Report on Burning Election Banners in AMK GRC

There are 2 suspects in this case I must name: (1) People's Action Party (2) Ang Moh Kio Yeo Chu Kang Town Council.

I/O Pse refer to following evidence online for my report:

I would like Singapore Police Force to refer me to CPIB for statement against suspect #1 PAP for abusing power corruptly to order Suspect #2 to burn election posters & PAP flags left over from GE2011. According to above evidence.

I am aware that all opposition parties especially in AMK GRC spent own election funds to employ contractors instead of abusing powers to order Town Council to dispose election posters. I helped AMK GRC opposition Reform Party's candidate Mr Lim Tung Hee to make police report to AMK division that 86 of his GE2011 posters was destroyed, in unrelated police case.

SPF must refer the matter to NEA that suspect #2 had illegally disposed rubbish by burning and polluting air and environment in violation of Environmental laws victimizing residence of Blk 109 as indicated by evidence online.

Abuse of Power Corruptly bys suspect #1 and violation of environmental laws by burning rubbish by suspect #2 are punishable by relevant laws, I ask police to please take lawful actions. Thank You.

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The resident of Blk 109 already complained online about the illegitimate burning of rubbish by AMK YCK Town Council on 29.May.2011 in violation against Environmental Act. The Town Council accordingly had admitted wrong doing. However it's liability to be punished by law remains as something the police have to deal with.

Then there is a more serious abuse of power by PAp that they had abused the use of Town Council Staff to dispose election posters and flags which Election Dept had required all political parties to dispose on their own cost as part of strict conditions applied to these election posters. This abuse of power by PAP who is in charge of Town Council corruptedly abused Town Council's resources which is totally inappropriately.

I would further expect the Corrupted and Incompetent famiLEE LEEgime to ignore this police report and continue to abuse power and violate law made by themselves and applied by them against non-PAP parties.