Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ban Ki Moon should disqualify himself from dealing with North / South Korea matters in UN

Ban Ki Moon Wiki Page URL

News URL - UN chief supports measures against North Korea

News URL - South Korea seeks UN action against Pyongyang for sinking of warship

Given his own personal background as ex-minister of South Korean Govt, his is definitely not qualified to be a neutral officer of United Nation to deal with the conflict between North & South Korea. His personal background is in DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST to be a UN Sec Gen deciding on measures and position on behalf of this World Body that is supposed to be Neutral and Unbiased.

To be professional and fair about it, Mr. Ban Ki Moon should disqualify himself in any matter involving the 2 Korea, and hand these matter to another deputy who is of a neutral background.

UN chief supports measures against North Korea

2010-05-24 23:00:00

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday called Pyongyang's sinking of a South Korean navy ship the 'most serious provocation' in the troubled Korean peninsula, urging UN measures tailored to the situation.

Ban, a former South Korean foreign minister who has dealt with North Koreans in the past, lashed out at them for torpedoing the Cheonan navy ship March 26, killing 46 sailors.

North Korea denied it sank the ship and warned of an 'all out war' if South Korea were to proceed with measures against it.

'The evidence laid out in the joint international investigation report is overwhelming and deeply troubling,' Ban said. 'I fully share the widespread condemnation of the incident.

'It is particularly deplorable that the incident took place at a time when the six-party talks and international efforts towards a de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remain stalled,' he said.

'Such an unacceptable act by the Democratic Republic of Korea runs counter to international efforts to promote peace and stability in the region.'

Ban said he had listened 'carefully' to South Korean President Lee Mung-bak who said Monday in Seoul that he planned to ask the UN Security Council to deal with the incident. Council members will hold consultations on the request, Ban said.

'I am confident that the Council, in fulfilling its responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, will take measures appropriate to the gravity of the situation,' Ban said.

North Korea had been urged to return to the six-party talks to settle its dispute over its nuclear programme. The talks stalled after North Korea exploded nuclear devices in 2006 and 2009. The countries in the talks were China, the US, Russia, Japan, North and South Korea.

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Abhisit's use of force is well justified

I can safely state that PM Abhisit's use of military and police forces in the recent crackdown against Red Shirts is very well justified. I am confident to state my position in this, because the world can see that Red Shirts are Thug-Sin's thugs and not any sort of peaceful protesters. If there were any peaceful protesters they allowed terrorists and militants of civil war to mix among them for safe covers, that disqualified their original status as peaceful protesters.

The Red Shirts had spilled blood as ritual; casted black magic; attacked and killed soldiers and policemen; committed arson; fired military weapons; vandalized city & businesses; obstructed traffics; defied emergency laws and committed civil wars. They are armed with too many guns and grenades and explosive devices; they caused casualties and dead toll within the city; they attacked and detained soldiers and policemen; they ambushed and intercepted military transportations; they captured and destroy military vehicles; the looted like bandits.

It is well justified for PM Abhisit to order shooting to death in order to protect the city and kingdom, and safety of innocent people. He did right and he did good.

The Red Shirts once had a moral ground that was worth supporting or sympathizing, but they are being used by Thug-Sin the greedy mongrel of Asia. They became bandits looters and destroyers of the city. They became public enemies. They brunt down transportations; banks; TV stations; schools & businesses besides government offices. Their attacks became senseless; their acts such as pouring blood is insane.

They had done very well to cause Thug-Sin Camp to lose votes in the next election. That is the only good thing I can see.


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Must Singaporeans Remember of Goh Keng Swee?

I write this blog posting only to highlight 3 significant facts:

1. Not that his signatures are on these old notes, but the fact that he is one of the very small number of PAp Ministers whose salaries were still at NORMALLY ACCEPTABLE LEVEL. The current ministers of famiLEE LEEgime are drawing some 20X or more salaries than when late Mr. Goh was DPM & Defense Minister. This is the most significant thing we must remember.

2. He is one of the very small numbers of PAp ministers who humbly contributed to crucial and appreciated changes Singapore had been through. Most of the famiLEE LEEgime ministers are arrogant and made changes unnecessary; unacceptable; unappreciated to Singapore and helped themselves more than our peasants. This is another significant fact that Singaporeans must remember of late Mr. Goh.

3. Yet another significant fact that Singaporeans need to recognize of late Mr. Goh is that he contributed his part and then in due time HE LEFT, he did not become any SM MM AM PM ZM what not. He did not installed his son his family members into Temasek GIC, he did not want to rise and rule Singapore from death, otherwise LKy should be very worried about him.

Finally, I have no objection to the state funeral honor he received, but I insist that late Mr. JBJ also deserve state funeral and Singapore owed Mr. JBJ this.

The stark differences between current famiLEE LEEgime ministers & the pioneers ,especially their contributions vs their salaries is the matter I like to highlight and draw attention of Singaporeans to.

Farewell Mr. Goh, RIP, famiLEE ruined the original Singapore that you contributed to create. Today many of our citizens feels like 2nd class citizens here, and felt betrayed and neglected. I ask you to please watch over well-being of our Singaporeans from the better place where you are. Thank You Mr. Goh.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arroyo Probe - NoyNoy seems to be starting to a good direction

It is applaud-able to read from the news that NoyNoy is committed to probe Arroyo for Corruption Vote Rigging etc wrong-doings. Bravo! That's a beautiful direction to begin. There is a huge pile of crimes connected to Arroyo regime not forgetting to count the Political Massacre by Arroyo's political ally Andal Ampatuan Jr on 23.Nov.2009 that slay 57.

Arroyo let charges be dropped off her 2 cronies for these mass political murders, while playing her own episode of NKF CLEANING - GOOD GUY like famiLEE LEEgime. Arroyo is alleged to have connections to near a thousand other political murders related to the activists and reporters who attempted to ouster her from presidency during the past years.

A promised probe is a good start, but this promise better be made good.

News URL 1

Philippines' Aquino vows probe into president Arroyo

TARLAC, PHILIPPINES - Benigno Aquino, the man set to become the next Philippine president, said Tuesday he planned to have the incumbent Gloria Arroyo investigated for alleged vote-rigging.

Aquino said that while he made no judgement about Arroyo's guilt or otherwise, she should be investigated over a phone call she allegedly made to an election commissioner during the 2004 presidential poll.

'The bottom line is, these allegations of vote manipulation during the 2004 elections have never been settled,' Aquino told AFP in an interview as he awaited official confirmation of his victory in Monday's election.

'Was there such a conversation? Did it occur? And if it did occur, who was responsible? What did they exploit? What weaknesses with our laws were exploited?'

The 50-year-old senator also vowed to fight corruption and bring in clean government, but said it would take more than the single six-year term set by the constitution to carry out the social transformation of the Philippines.

'I want to lead by example. We talk about corruption. I did make a public vow, I will never steal,' he said, adding that this would give him the 'moral authority' to make others conform.

'But we are hoping to provide that impetus and momentum to carry over into the next administration,' he said in the interview in his northern home province of Tarlac.

Aquino said that, should he become the next president, he would follow up the so-called 'Hello Garci' scandal, named after the election commissioner in the alleged 2004 phone call.

'I intend to come up a mechanism that will solve each and everyone of these issues, with the end view of, if there is a crime, charging the people who are guilty, ensuring they go to jail and delivering a message that there is certainty in this country that if you commit a crime you will be punished.'

Arroyo is the suspected voice in a telephone recording in which a woman appeared to pressure an election official into ensuring the 2004 presidential vote count stayed in her favour.

Without admitting that she was the woman in the call or doing anything against the law, Arroyo apologised to the nation and later rode out two ensuing impeachment attempts against her.

Aquino was careful not to claim victory, as the official count had not been completed and he said it was not up to him to declare himself the winner.

'I want to make sure we finish all the processes,' he said.

But with a near-completed automated count showing him well clear of his nearest rival, former president Joseph Estrada, Aquino outlined some of his plans for the presidency and spoke at length in critical tones about Arroyo. 'She could have brought significant changes to this country but she chose to advance her personal interests and those who were supporting her personal interests to the detriment of the country,' he said.

Arroyo, a feisty 63-year-old, will not however be fading into the political background as she ran Monday for a seat in Congress, where she is widely expected to create a new power base.

The daughter of a former president, Arroyo is no stranger to palace intrigue.

She was Estrada's vice president when a civilian-military coup took place in 2001. As the uprising peaked, Arroyo switched allegiance to the rebels and was sworn in to serve out the rest of Estrada's term.

Elected in 2004 to her own six-year term, Arroyo earned praise for imposing fiscal discipline and bringing the country its highest economic growth rates in 30 years.

But charges of massive corruption, fraud in the 2004 election and an image of arrogance steadily eroded her public approval and trust ratings.

Al Jazeera News URL

Aquino vows Arroyo graft probe

The man set to be the next president of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, has said he will investigate his predecessor for corruption.

Wednesday's announcement came as the outgoing leader appointed an ally to post of chief justice of the supreme court.

Gloria Arroyo, who has faced persistent accusations of corruption in her nine years as president, appointed Renato Corona, her former chief of staff and spokesman, to the highest judicial position in a move critics say is to protect herself from investigation after leaving office.

But a spokesman for Arroyo - who has promised a smooth transition before her term ends on June 30 - said on Wednesday that the outgoing president was ready to face an investigation and would not enjoy any legal immunity.

"This offers the president an opportunity to answer these accusations, to clear the air and submit herself to the judgement of history," Gary Olivar, the spokesman, told the AFP news agency.

Aquino, who was once taught economics by Arroyo, said she should be investigated over a phone call she allegedly made to an election commissioner during the last election in 2004.

Fraud allegations

Arroyo is suspected of being the voice in a telephone recording of a woman appearing to press an election official into ensuring the 2004 vote count stayed in her favour.

in depth

Arroyo has apologised for making the call but denied any wrongdoing, and has ridden out past impeachment attempts in congress with the help of legislators allied to her.

Aquino, who campaigned on pledges to investigate allegations of electoral fraud, corruption and rights abuses by the outgoing administration, said there was a "necessity also for reforming our judicial system so we are not locked in a battle in the courts in the next two decades".

"We need to have closure on all items like the fertiliser scam. We lost 720 million pesos ($16m). Who is responsible for this? Let's also look at the ZTE."

In both cases Aquino mentioned, there are allegations of overpaying for deals and diversion of funds.

"There is no reason why you cannot expedite the solution of these cases," Aquino said.

"I still have to consult the DOJ [justice department] on how best to go after this."

With nearly 80 per cent of ballots counted from Monday's polls, election commission Comelec has stopped updating its unofficial tallies, having said Aquino had more than 40 per cent of the votes, far ahead of former president Joseph Estrada's 25 per cent.

Arroyo's chosen successor and former defence secretary, Gilberto Teodoro, was running a distant third.

But a winner can only be declared after all the results are in and Estrada has said he will not concede based on unofficial results, though he does not plan any protest of the outcome.

The US and EU hailed the overall conduct of the vote, despite scattered outbreaks of deadly violence and some problems with the automated ballot-counting machines.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remedy to Somalian Piracy with a Russian Touch

The Somalian Pirates had been a global pain in the ass for years and so far nothing effective had been done about them except the Indian Navy had sunk one of their (captured fishing) boats.

Only occasionally just 1 or 2 of these pirates had been shot dead by navies in action, generally they had been very lucrative and safe as well as SUCCESSFUL - bastards!

I have totally no objection to this, it is proven that not only Joseph Stalin can do it with cold brute, Putin can do it too. And that served the pirates right!


Online News URL1

Death of Somali pirates captured by the Russian Navy

Moscow- Somali pirates arrested by the Russian Navy in the Gulf of Aden and released late last week on a small boat at sea, died after failing to reach the coast, said Tuesday a source from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

  • Russia announced Friday it had released the 10 Somali pirates captured the day before in an attack launched by one of its ships in the Russian oil tanker, Moscow University, deploring the "imperfections of international law," having failed to hold the suspects.

HK Yahoo News URL


(明報)2010年5月11日 星期二 23:30

俄羅斯 國防部消息人士稱,日前在亞丁灣騎劫俄羅斯油輪的索馬里海盜雖已獲釋,但最終未能上岸,可能已溺斃。

上周三,莫斯科 大學號油輪在亞丁灣東部海域被劫持。船上共有23名俄羅斯船員。俄方獲悉消息後,隨即派出大型反潛艦,前往解救油輪,艦載的直升機空降俄軍,在6日成功解救油輪,1名海盜在解救行動中被擊斃,另10名海盜被捕。



Additional News URLs:
Freed Somali pirates 'probably died' - Russian source
Pirates Missing After Russian Navy 'Releases' Them
Pirates die when Russian navy turns them back to shore

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fearful famiLEE LEEgime backing out of their own lame policies

We may make at least the 2 following observations:

1. famiLEE LEEgime is really scared of the drawback they faced.
2. The Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew dare not come out, he is hiding behind his son this time.


You should watch the video of the faces of Ass Loong Son & Ng Eng Hen on TV at press conference tonight. :D
The opposition should move against them on this issue and take it towards the GE.



PSLE Mother Tongue exams should motivate students to attain proficiency
By Hoe Yeen Nie | Posted: 11 May 2010 2100 hrs

SINGAPORE : News that there will be no change to the weighting of Mother Tongue at PSLE has brought about much relief from teachers.

But some observers said the challenge now is to create a new examination structure to provide a clear recognition of effort.

There should also be incentives for students to move up to the next level of proficiency.

In recent weeks, the internet and mainstream media had been abuzz over news that the weighting of the mother tongue subject at the PSLE could be cut.

It also sparked at least two public petitions against the proposal.

And now, with the government clarifying its stand, the response is one of overall relief.

In statements to MediaCorp, unions representing Malay and Tamil teachers welcomed the government's aim to maintain Singapore's bilingual policy, stating that it has worked well so far.

The Chinese Teachers' Union added that the move would help raise morale among its members, some of whom had felt discouraged by a proposed cut in subject weighting.

Writer and former DJ Danny Yeo, who had helped to publicise the petition-signing at Hong Lim Park on Sunday, said it was a positive outcome, adding that bilingualism has always been a strong point of the education system in Singapore.

The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry also expressed support for initiatives to improve the teaching of Mother Tongue languages.

Teachers said the focus now should be on how mother tongue languages are taught and tested.

"The emphasis will not be on scoring well for the exams, but on achieving a certain level of proficiency in the language," said Lim Chin Nam, president of the Singapore Chinese Teachers' Union.

But some said as the focus shifts towards more creative lesson tools, like drama, the question is how should they be assessed?

"Once we move away from pen and paper tests, subjectivity becomes more present. How (do we) ensure that some subjective assessment, being present in the system, does not compromise fairness & equity across the system? This is something that has to be thought through," said Josephine Teo, Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) for Education.

Mrs Teo added that with lessons pitched at different levels for those with varying language proficiencies, another challenge is to develop a system of benchmarking one set of tests against the other, in a way that is fair and that will motivate students to excel.

In this light, she noted that reducing the subject weighting at the exams would not have helped students who are struggling with the subject, because they would still have to sit for the exams.

It would also discourage those who have made the effort and produced results, only to see the subject account for a smaller percentage of the aggregate score. - CNA /ls


Mother Tongue weighting for PSLE to remain
By Hwee Goh | Posted: 11 May 2010 1511 hrs

Photos 1 of 1

Primary school students in Singapore. (file pic)

SINGAPORE: The weighting of the Mother Tongue language will not be reduced at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Instead it will be taught in a new way to cater to differing abilities and to meet the dynamic needs of the student population.

Right at the top of an hour-long interview, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set the record straight on the weighting issue.

But change is still ahead in a big way.

Mr Lee has stressed many times the fluidity of the situation in terms of new research and IT in the teaching of language.

And this year, Primary Six students will take their exams based on a new syllabus rolled out after a review as recent as in 2004.

PM Lee said: "We have to look ahead because if we don't, by the time the situation is upon us and we start thinking and then we make changes, it's another five years and we will be chasing our tail again.

"And meanwhile another five years of students will have their less optimal experience with Mother Tongue, and to put it bluntly, we will have quite a lot of trouble with Mother Tongue."

Mr Lee also addressed the huge debate after media reports that the Education Ministry was looking at whether to reduce the weighting of the Mother Tongue Language (MTL).

Education Minister Ng Eng Hen explained: "In my interview, I said MOE was looking at options to address the overemphasis on exams, where 'MTL counts for so much in the PSLE'.

"Singaporeans became concerned that MOE was proposing to reduce the weighting of MTL in PSLE. This is not the case. I think I should have chosen my words more carefully and apologise for creating the wrong impression."

Mr Lee said: "We watched the reaction develop. ... We knew we needed to respond but at the same time we wanted to make sure that we put the whole picture out and not just put out a quick reassurance - sorry everybody is upset, therefore we are not doing anything and fall back onto the status quo because the status quo is not tenable.

"We have to move, we have to change the content, we have to change the resources, we have to change the examinations."

In fact, in February at the Istana, the Prime Minister and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew met key Education Ministry officials and 50 Mother Tongue educators to share with them the need to change and to tap their ideas, moving forward.

PM Lee said many who have benefited from Singapore's bilingual education had spoken up this time and that he shares the goals of these parents to keep bilingualism alive and yet give students their best head start possible. - CNA/vm

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Obama's appointment of judges is political & not any better than famiLEE LEEgime

Obama had been doing a series of appointment of judges to make his personal political statements, this is NOT in the interest of Justice. Justice should be just justice itself, not a opportunity for politicians to make their own political statements, nor altered nor tailored to their own political flavors.

Neutrality must be maintained in judiciary, and politician's interference is toxic to justice.

The appointment records of top judges is not a writing board for Obama's personal political expression nor statement, it is an abuse of power!

Judiciary belongs to the people not the president. Judiciary is to serve the people not the regime.

In particular, judiciary must stand independent apart from the political leader & regime, it is not just a tool or institution for the regime nor political leader. The supporters of Obama may cheer for his nomination, but those opposing Obama should have equal rights and interest with anything within the USA including justice, and they should not be compromised.

The system in US still have some fair mechanisms compared to Old Dog Thief LKy's 1st world Ah Beng LEEgime, but the way of politically flavoring appointment of judges by Obama is so obvious, and he had gotten away with it more than once. His choice is obviously biased based on the sex of his nominee among racial / cultural besides political background considerations. Obviously this are not considerations for the best interest of justice.

Yahoo News URL

Obama taps Kagan to give court historic 3rd female

** Alternate Crop ** President Barack Obama introduces Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his choice for Supreme Court Justice in the East Room of the W AP – ** Alternate Crop ** President Barack Obama introduces Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his choice for …

WASHINGTON – Introducing his Supreme Court nominee to the nation, President Barack Obama on Monday portrayed Elena Kagan as a guiding force for a fractured court and a champion of typical Americans. She would be the youngest justice on the court and give it three women for the first time in history.

Less excited, Republican senators said they would give the nomination a long, hard look in potentially contentious summertime confirmation hearings. One declared he would oppose her, but Democrats hold a strong majority of Senate seats, making eventual approval likely.

In choosing Kagan, the U.S. solicitor general and a former dean of Harvard Law School, Obama sought someone he hopes will seal majority votes on a divided court, as the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens sometimes had the ability to do. The president, who said Kagan has "one of the nation's foremost legal minds," wanted someone who could counter the court's conservative leaders as well as sway votes with her thinking and temperament.

Obama chose a nominee who has never been a judge, a factor the White House said had worked in Kagan's favor, giving her a different perspective from the other justices. Poised to put his imprint on the court for a second time, the president embraced Kagan's profile: a left-leaning lawyer who has won praise from the right, earned political experience at the White House and on the college campus, cleared one Senate confirmation already and served as the nation's top lawyer.

He wanted not just a justice who would thrive, but one who would lead.

At 50 years old and with lifetime tenure, Kagan could extend Obama's court legacy by decades. Her vote could be the difference on cases that shape American liberties and the scope of the government's power.

The choice also makes history for Obama, and he reveled in it. After being the first president to appoint a Hispanic justice last year in Sonia Sotomayor, he would also be the one who ensured that three women would serve on the court at the same time. Kagan would join Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Mentioning Kagan's late mother, Obama said: "I think she would relish, as do I, the prospect of three women taking their seat on the nation's highest court for the first time in history — a court that would be more inclusive, more representative, more reflective of us as a people than ever before."

A beaming Kagan shared a handshake and a kiss with Obama, who towers over her, and then she stepped up on a riser to accept the honor of her life. Her comments emphasized a career built on teaching and arguing the law, not the judicial beliefs that she will be closely questioned about by senators.

She said the court allows "all Americans, regardless of their background or their beliefs, to get a fair hearing and an equal chance at justice." That seemingly straightforward line of thinking has enormous weight with Obama, who has grown frustrated with a Supreme Court he says is tilting away from average Americans.

The White House immediately launched a political and communications campaign to define Kagan's nomination in its terms. She is expected to start making courtesy visits on Capitol Hill this week. Obama himself started calling lawmakers of both parties on her behalf on Monday.

Because she has spent little time as a litigator and has not served as a judge, Kagan does not come with the usual trove of legal briefs or court opinions reflecting a judicial or legal style. But there are still subjects for potential Senate foes to explore.

For example, at Harvard, Kagan strongly criticized the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding gay service members as discriminatory; she joined a Supreme Court case seeking to invalidate the law that put colleges at risk for losing federal money if they banned military recruiters. But the Supreme Court upheld the law unanimously.

If confirmed, Kagan would not be expected to alter the balance of power on the court. While she might vote the same way as Stevens on a range of issues and has a reputation of bridging divides, she can't be expected immediately to fill Stevens' role as chief emissary to the justice who often is the swing vote needed for a majority, Anthony Kennedy.

Unlike last year, when the White House emphasized Sotomayor's compelling life story, this time the selling point is Kagan's career path. She was a Supreme Court clerk, a law professor at the University of Chicago — along with Obama — and later a lawyer and domestic policy aide in Bill Clinton's White House and the dean of Harvard Law.

Kagan was nominated to a federal appeals court post by Clinton but was never voted on by the Senate.

Inside the shimmering East Room of the White House, there was more a feeling of completion than drama. Kagan was a finalist for a Supreme Court opening last year and was seen as a likely choice this time, even as Obama went through a methodical review, including formal interviews of three other candidates.

One of the most notable parts of Monday's ceremony was what Obama did not say.

There was no mention that Kagan had never served as a judge. By contrast, last year the president introduced Sotomayor, a federal judge, by trumpeting that she had more experience on the bench than any of the sitting justices had had when nominated.

"Ms. Kagan's lack of judicial experience and short time as solicitor general, arguing just six cases before the court, is troubling," said Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, which will hold Kagan's confirmation hearings.

Kagan was confirmed as solicitor general last year with the help of seven Republicans, but some of those same lawmakers warned that they would be starting over now. "A temporary political appointment is far different than a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court," said Jon Kyl of Arizona.

Democrats hold 59 votes in the Senate, more than enough to confirm Kagan, but one shy of the 60 needed to prevent a vote-blocking delay maneuver.

With midterm elections as a backdrop, both parties are likely to tangle over her qualifications and the timing of a final vote. Those debates have the potential to devolve into partisan proxy fights about the role of a Supreme Court justice and about divisive issues ranging from abortion to political speech.

Democrats are pressing for a vote by early August, and Sessions said that timetable "should be doable," although unexpected circumstances could develop to slow it down.

Sen. James M. Inhofe, R-Okla., said flatly that he would oppose Kagan. He said she had shown "seeming contempt" for the Senate confirmation process and a "lack of impartiality when it comes to those who disagree with her position."

If confirmed, Kagan would have to step aside from any case that passed through the solicitor general's office during her time there. That could be a dozen to several dozen cases that actually are heard by the court, and many more that the justices dispose of without a hearing.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Kagan would continue to work on cases as solicitor general but would not take on any new ones. The solicitor general represents the U.S. government and defends acts of Congress in relevant matters before the Supreme Court.

If she wins confirmation, women would make up one-third of the court. They account for more than half the U.S. population and about one in three lawyers. She would be the third Jewish justice along with six Catholics. With Stevens' retirement, the court would have no Protestants, the most prevalent denomination in the United States.

Kagan, who is unmarried, was born in New York City and holds degrees from Princeton, Oxford and Harvard.

She would succeed Stevens, who became a leader of the court's liberals. He will soon leave the court at age 90 after nearly 35 years. Obama called Stevens a giant in the law and then passed the responsibility onto his friend Kagan to "ultimately provide the same kind of leadership."


Associated Press writers Mark Sherman, Matt Apuzzo, Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Julie Pace, Darlene Superville, Natasha T. Metzler, Tom Raum and David Espo contributed to this story.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Abhisit risk making himself a Multi-Colored punching-bag

Thailand's prime minister has announced he will dissolve parliament in September, but anti-government protesters have yet to agree to end their rally in central Bangkok.

Pro-establishment Yellow Shirts have also called on prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to stand down, criticising his reconciliation roadmap which envisages fresh elections in November.

From the way things are going right now, I see Abhisit approaching toward a risky position for himself to be trapped between Red + Yellow + Pink / mulit-colored shirts to be a common punching-bag for all. Whatever he compromise or proposed will not be able to please the conflicting camps, and he risk himself to be trapped in between and got hit from all sides.

I can only see at this time one less bloody way out for Abhisit without getting himself trapped to be hit from all sides by all the different colored shirts. That is to have these conflicting camps take their own cases to the Judges of Thai Courts and had judgment done, this way the PM don't have to become punching-bag and the streets should see less blood.


The judiciary should hear the different camps neutrally and perform their function of arbitrage for the Thai people. If Abhisit can get the judges to do their jobs correctly, he will save himself from some extra bruises.

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Bravo Ma Ying Jiu told CNN, NEVER Ask USA to Fight for Taiwan

China Post News URL
Radio Taiwan News URL
Yahoo Taiwan News URL

Bravo for President Ma!

It had been a very classic strategy for US to divide and conquer this world, inducing brothers to war and slaughter each other and fell to control of US superpower. I am glad this is not going to work any much further. Stupid dumb Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew also fell for this filthy trick that he kept spending Singaporean tax dollar to buy US weapons trying to fight against Malaysia in his famiLEE LEEgime's defense policy all these decades since separation from Malaysian federation.

In the past since WW2 until today, US caused the world to be very divided to it's own strategic advantage, they ploys are very simple and obvious, and there are too many examples besides this on across the straits of Taiwan. The entire Europe was divided in East & West during Cold War; it stopped only after the fall of Berlin Walls; The entire Germany was divided into East & West and West Germans spent tax dollars in huge amounts on USA's weapons to prepare to fight with their own brothers in East Germany; Koreans are divided into North & South killing millions of their own brothers at the ploys of US; Vietnam was divided into North & South waring for 11 years under the manipulations and ploys of the USA, killing millions of their own brothers.

During all these wars, US earned huge profits via arms and ammunition sales, and they gain global strategic controls in these bloody process.

At this moment, Obama govt is still in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it is not different in middle east, Arab brothers such as Iraqis Iranians Kuwaitis Afghans etc are killing their own Arabian brothers buying the weapons from US using their oil wealth. Bloodbath does not stop for past decades. Iran-Iraq wars went on for 8 years from 1980-1988, it was Arab brothers killing each other for the sake for USA and spending oil wealth on US weapons, Saddam was sadly acting as the dog for Washington, to war Khomeini's soldiers.

I am very happy to see Asian leaders learning smart and avoiding to fall for the lame ploy and strategy of USA in Pacific Region. Bravo to Ma Ying Jiu!

AIT welcomes President Ma's comments in CNN interview

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) said that the US welcomes the recent reductions of cross-strait tensions that President Ma Ying-jeou referred to in a recent CNN interview. The AIT is the de facto US embassy in Taiwan.

The AIT made the statement through an e-mail by its spokesman Chris Kavanugh. He was responding to a question on how the US interpreted Ma's most controversial comment. Ma had said that "we will never ask the American[s] to fight for Taiwan". Ma made the comment in the interview with CNN host Christiane Amanpour which was broadcast on April 30.

The AIT said that there has been no change to US policy towards Taiwan. The US has a One China policy and is also obligated to provide Taiwan with defensive weapons in the Taiwan Relations Act.

Meanwhile, the Beijing-based newspaper China Daily quoted Chinese experts as saying that Ma's remark shows his determination to push for better ties across the Taiwan Strait.

But there have been differing views over the president's remarks in Taiwan. The Government Information Office Minister said on Monday that Ma's remarks did not preclude Washington from helping Taiwan defend itself. He said the United States could decide on its own whether to come to Taiwan's defense.

But opposition politician Hsiao Bi-khim on Sunday accused Ma of undermining national security. She said Ma eliminated the vagueness Washington has deliberately maintained on how it would respond to a possible Chinese attack against Taiwan.

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

COW should bypass his own heart in Malaysia

Not only that he is a famiLEE LEEgime minister from Malaysia Penang, his policies are always skewed towards Malaysia:

  1. In 2006 he wanted to shift elderly citizens' nursing homes to Malaysia
  2. In 2010 he wanted to spend our CPF Medi-Save in Malaysian Hospitals
Now he have his own heart by-pass in Singapore? Why?

Take his own CPF Medi-Save and spend in his own hometown in Malaysia & go bypass his own heart there! Why not?

Why is he here spending our tax payers money on his own Malaysian Heart while he made all these Malaysian skewed policies to impose on us Singaporean citizens?

Rep of Singapore belongs to us Singaporeans, so is our CPF funds. The Republic & our land & CPF don't belong to Malaysia nor famiLEE LEEgime nor PAp. Does COW know this within his heart? Isn't that the problem? Is by-pass able to fix this problem?

Is he by-passing our CPF funds into Malaysia with his policy as famiLEE LEEgime HELL Minister?

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Health Minister has heart bypass surgery

Singapore's Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan had heart bypass surgery on Tuesday, reported The New Paper.

The coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) was performed at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) following advice from Mr Khaw's doctors after a health check-up last week.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MOH) said that Mr Khaw is recovering well, and had been feeling fine before his routine check-up. The surgery was an elective one, meaning that the procedure was not an emergency.

She added that the 57-year-old Health Minister has been taking medication for high cholesterol.

Mr Khaw had previously told reporters that his father also had high cholesterol, according to The New Paper report. High levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol can clog up arteries and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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