Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remedy to Somalian Piracy with a Russian Touch

The Somalian Pirates had been a global pain in the ass for years and so far nothing effective had been done about them except the Indian Navy had sunk one of their (captured fishing) boats.

Only occasionally just 1 or 2 of these pirates had been shot dead by navies in action, generally they had been very lucrative and safe as well as SUCCESSFUL - bastards!

I have totally no objection to this, it is proven that not only Joseph Stalin can do it with cold brute, Putin can do it too. And that served the pirates right!


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Death of Somali pirates captured by the Russian Navy

Moscow- Somali pirates arrested by the Russian Navy in the Gulf of Aden and released late last week on a small boat at sea, died after failing to reach the coast, said Tuesday a source from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

  • Russia announced Friday it had released the 10 Somali pirates captured the day before in an attack launched by one of its ships in the Russian oil tanker, Moscow University, deploring the "imperfections of international law," having failed to hold the suspects.

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(明報)2010年5月11日 星期二 23:30

俄羅斯 國防部消息人士稱,日前在亞丁灣騎劫俄羅斯油輪的索馬里海盜雖已獲釋,但最終未能上岸,可能已溺斃。

上周三,莫斯科 大學號油輪在亞丁灣東部海域被劫持。船上共有23名俄羅斯船員。俄方獲悉消息後,隨即派出大型反潛艦,前往解救油輪,艦載的直升機空降俄軍,在6日成功解救油輪,1名海盜在解救行動中被擊斃,另10名海盜被捕。



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