Friday, May 07, 2010

Bravo Ma Ying Jiu told CNN, NEVER Ask USA to Fight for Taiwan

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Bravo for President Ma!

It had been a very classic strategy for US to divide and conquer this world, inducing brothers to war and slaughter each other and fell to control of US superpower. I am glad this is not going to work any much further. Stupid dumb Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew also fell for this filthy trick that he kept spending Singaporean tax dollar to buy US weapons trying to fight against Malaysia in his famiLEE LEEgime's defense policy all these decades since separation from Malaysian federation.

In the past since WW2 until today, US caused the world to be very divided to it's own strategic advantage, they ploys are very simple and obvious, and there are too many examples besides this on across the straits of Taiwan. The entire Europe was divided in East & West during Cold War; it stopped only after the fall of Berlin Walls; The entire Germany was divided into East & West and West Germans spent tax dollars in huge amounts on USA's weapons to prepare to fight with their own brothers in East Germany; Koreans are divided into North & South killing millions of their own brothers at the ploys of US; Vietnam was divided into North & South waring for 11 years under the manipulations and ploys of the USA, killing millions of their own brothers.

During all these wars, US earned huge profits via arms and ammunition sales, and they gain global strategic controls in these bloody process.

At this moment, Obama govt is still in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, it is not different in middle east, Arab brothers such as Iraqis Iranians Kuwaitis Afghans etc are killing their own Arabian brothers buying the weapons from US using their oil wealth. Bloodbath does not stop for past decades. Iran-Iraq wars went on for 8 years from 1980-1988, it was Arab brothers killing each other for the sake for USA and spending oil wealth on US weapons, Saddam was sadly acting as the dog for Washington, to war Khomeini's soldiers.

I am very happy to see Asian leaders learning smart and avoiding to fall for the lame ploy and strategy of USA in Pacific Region. Bravo to Ma Ying Jiu!

AIT welcomes President Ma's comments in CNN interview

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) said that the US welcomes the recent reductions of cross-strait tensions that President Ma Ying-jeou referred to in a recent CNN interview. The AIT is the de facto US embassy in Taiwan.

The AIT made the statement through an e-mail by its spokesman Chris Kavanugh. He was responding to a question on how the US interpreted Ma's most controversial comment. Ma had said that "we will never ask the American[s] to fight for Taiwan". Ma made the comment in the interview with CNN host Christiane Amanpour which was broadcast on April 30.

The AIT said that there has been no change to US policy towards Taiwan. The US has a One China policy and is also obligated to provide Taiwan with defensive weapons in the Taiwan Relations Act.

Meanwhile, the Beijing-based newspaper China Daily quoted Chinese experts as saying that Ma's remark shows his determination to push for better ties across the Taiwan Strait.

But there have been differing views over the president's remarks in Taiwan. The Government Information Office Minister said on Monday that Ma's remarks did not preclude Washington from helping Taiwan defend itself. He said the United States could decide on its own whether to come to Taiwan's defense.

But opposition politician Hsiao Bi-khim on Sunday accused Ma of undermining national security. She said Ma eliminated the vagueness Washington has deliberately maintained on how it would respond to a possible Chinese attack against Taiwan.

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