Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ah Seng finally learned that bombers does not leave their bombs

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Russian blast accomplices caught on camera

Security officials in Russia say they have made important breakthroughs in the investigation into the fatal bombing of the Moscow metro.

Russian police say video surveillance has revealed the two suspected suicide bombers had accomplices.

They are searching for two women and a man seen with the suspected bombers at a metro station outside central Moscow on the morning of the attack.

Moscow's Echo radio is also reporting there is new evidence that links the suspects to Chechnya.

The station says a private bus driver has confirmed he drove the suspected bombers and a man from the Chechen capital, Grozny, to Moscow.

Last month a Chechen militant leader warned that war would be coming to Russian cities.

The developments come as Russians observe a day of mourning for the 39 people killed in the twin suicide bombings.

People have been lighting candles and laying flowers in memory of the victims of Monday's peak-hour attacks.

President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered increased security and suggested anti-terrorism laws could be reformed.

Prime minister Vladimir Putin has visited the injured at a hospital in Moscow and says law enforcement agencies will do everything to find and punish the criminals.

He ordered security forces to find the organisers, saying they should be "scraped out from the bottom of the sewers".

"We know that they [the organisers] are lying low," he said, quoted by the ITAR-TASS and RIA-Novosti state news agencies.

"But it is now a matter of honour for the security forces to scrape them out from the bottom of the sewers and bring them out into the light of day.

"This will be done."

His language was strikingly reminiscent of his famous promise in 1999 to strike at rebels in the "outhouse" which heralded the adoption of tougher tactics by the authorities against Chechen militants.

- ABC/BBC/Reuters

Singaporean MRTs had hourly repeated their train bombing video clips for years, showing how they are on alert of bombs left on their trains. But we all knew that their lame security measures are just poor propaganda shows, totally naive and impractical. The real terrorists would be willing to kill themselves on their missions, far from the childish version as shown on MRTs' boring lame video clips, which is very disconnected from the reality.

These video clips indicated that famiLEE LEEgime is really out of touch with real security treats and they are unable to deal with the real business of terrorism. If they got hit, they are far from knowing what to do. Their poor idea of how terrorist may actually carry out their attacks proved it. Their assumptions are totally wrong that terrorists are themselves afraid to die in their attacks is now proven wrong in Moscow.

I would like to point out that famiLEE LEEgime / Ah Seng WKS's whole strategy of defense against terrorist attacks mainly depending on surveillance and scarecrow security petrols etc is wrong and ineffective. Naive and unsafe. The real terrorist are prepared to die on their missions, they have nothing to fear, cameras or bag checking or petrol teams have no real effect of deterrence, if these real terrorists got stopped withing the same crowded MRT stations, the end result is not much different from what the attackers' intention would be. Just loud bang and lots of corpses all over the MRT station as well.

So what do you do now Ah Seng? GE2010 is coming!

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