Saturday, March 20, 2010

Video Interview: HDB Repossession Woe - you jump is your own business

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I interviewed on video a Mr. Lee, who I had met more than a decade ago at work. We met again recently, after not seeing each other for this long time. I found out that his 4 room flat in Yishun Ring Road is repossessed by HDB, and he suffer a huge painful and unfordable loss over S$100K.

He bought his flat in 1997 at about S$275K, and according to housing agents, the market price is above S$300K currently. The HDB of famiLEE LEEgime repossessed it in 2008 at only S$182K, that means HDB could sell it with over S$100K profits after Mr. Lee's family is evicted.

He had seen famiLEE LEEgime's MP Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee 4 to 5 times, asking help over a period of more than a year fruitlessly. LEEgime basically will still eat Mr. Lee alive, and had him kicked out of his home.

No financial assistance schemes nor employment assistance were offered by Ho Peng Kee.

No HDB Rental Scheme was offered. Basically Ho Peng Kee had kept offering Mr. Lee SG citizenship. His terms are unless you converted to pink NRIC, I am not able to help you. I did not asked but I believe that Mr. Lee does not want SG citizenship, and despite his plight, LEEgime's citizenship mongering did not work on him. :-)

I think what LEEgime want is Mr. Lee's vote, because PR can not vote, therefore he must be converted 1st to SG citizen, then after Ho Peng Kee can demand his vote.

Mr. Lee is Malaysian citizen, but his sons are studying in SG and the elder son is already serving NSF in the SAF. Mrs Lee washes dishes and is paid about S$1000, Mr. Lee at his age of 50, has no stable income job for the past years. But he did quite well during those years when I met him, and not long after that he bought this flat, and then later things turned very bad and life became hard for him. He did not expect this. He realized that he will make huge loss that his family can not absorb, if he sold that flat in order to stop owing mortgage installment arrears.

He let that dragged on and now he is in very deep troubles.

HDB is frequently hounding his family like debt collectors, and they seek only to evict him ASAP.

When he was so depressed, he came closing to jumping off the building, the officers from HDB didn't sympathize his hardship, nor live and death, they just want to get their jobs done, by having Mr. Lee's family evicted.

As a result of these eviction harassments, Mr. Lee's 2 sons no longer dare to live there, and moved to live with relatives.

I see Mr. Lee struggling on the edge of becoming another homeless in Singapore. I think the only thing I can do to be of help to him is to do this interview, and put on YouTube & on my blog.

I will offer to do similar interview to any Singaporean peasants, suffering oppression and hardship. Email me for arrangement, the only condition is they must speak the truth on the video.

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