Monday, February 15, 2010

BlueTooth Activism Also! Political Slogans in Devices' Names!

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Actually after posting the above blog msg yesterday I started to also conceive the idea of using Political Slogans as BlueTooth Device Names! :-)

What is BlueTooth Device Name?

Read about this! Bluetooth Users Against BUSH!

For BlueTooth Device Names the difference I think is you can even enter Chinese Language & other Asian Languages, like I did in my own handphone's BlueTooth.

That means you can enter 鸟死李耀老狗贼 as your Device Name by which people can exchange music or ring tones with your handphone!

It is going to be very effective if you turn on your BlueTooth and and carry your handphone around, you are broadcasting the political slogans to any viewing BlueTooth users within 10 meters or so. Why not? The Americans had been using this trick against G W Bush for long time already, we can use it against famiLEE LEEgime of Old Dog Thief LKY!


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