Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thug-Sin's Politically Related Personal Gains a useful reference to Liquidate famiLEE LEEgime

URL to Thug-Sin's asset verdict news today

The Thais had done the right things I must applaud this good example set.

I urge Singaporeans to take this as an important reference when dealing with Liquidation of famiLEE LEEgime.

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime had been in must worst political monopoly rule than Thug-Sin, not only in terms of number of years, also in terms of famiLEE Generation, as well as proportion of parliamentary seats occupation in the one party rule. The other aspects that made famiLEE LEEgime worst include the un-proportional lack of check and balance; media; union; election (GRC) system; oppressive legislations; oppressive defamation suit abuses; imprisoning of opposition; ISA; and placement of cronies & famiLEE members in the SAF as generals etc. The size of GDP and huge amounts of funds in GRCs GLCs controlled by famiLEE members (e.g. Ho Jinx) and cronies as directors & chairman etc is much worst in LEEgime than Thug-Sin by 20 times. Not to mention UNIQUELY famiLEE LEEgime the Out Of The World SALARIES which LEEgalized Corruption is something that Thug-Sin's salaries will never never be able to compare.

Taiwanese president Ma Ying Jiu's way of cleansing corrupt Chen Shui Bian family and Thai way of cleaning Thug-Sin family are the key references Singaporean must refer to when dealing with Liquidation of famiLEE LEEgime, we have to make it squeaky clean just like how LKy claimed that he is.


In the opposite I must point out that Indonesian Suharto & Philippine's Marcos are NEGATIVE EXAMPLES, as they had been largely let off, leaving huge politically plundered assets with the families of these corrupts & their cronies.

I must again highlight and recommend that Death Penalty is the ideal way to deal with the worst of corruption. I commend that Chinese Communist Party executes many of their own corrupted officials all these years and is continuing to execute more. Only a persistent effort and proportional amount of cleansing function maintained can balance the nation in healthy state, unfortunately you can not clean up a country once and for all. You can not dream like Childish Lee Kuan Yew to have an Ah Beng Clean System, under which greed fulfillment became LEEgalized and no longer punishable, and self-serving bastards are protected by state machineries.

Greed is never ending sin, spreading fast and no human is naturally immunized. For those in power especially LONG RULING POWER, LEEgalization of corruption is the worst possible solution, it only solved the superficial egoistic needs of famiLEE & Old Dog LKy, and spare him from facing and cleaning up political scandals such as Teh Chaing Wan & many others. The poison of greed and plundering still hurts the nation & it's people just like in anywhere else if not WORST.

Graft & Plundering are symptoms of greed which only worsen and multiplied by Incompetence.

Lee Kuan Yew Old Dog Thief's LEEgalization of Corruption by World's Highest Salaries is the worst example of Incompetence in dealing with Corruption. Basically he kept the corrupts fulfilled in GREED and LEEgally enriched them up front to eliminate self-enrichment UNAUTHORIZED by his LEEgime. There is foolishness and naive on top of incompetence reflected in this childish idea.

Not Thug-Sin nor Chen Shui Bian had legalized their own graft / plundering. Therefore the punishment needed for famiLEE LEEgime have to be proportionally increased.

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