Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scandal Broke! Richard Lee's home searched by police for SG Listed Firm Poll-Fraud

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3 of Richard Lee's private residences plus some offices were searched during Chinese New Year by HK police for evidence related to criminal frauds regarding privatization of his firm previously listed in Singapore Exchange. There was serious dispute by large group of shareholders who hold tiny amount in comparison to Richard the second son of Lee Ka Shing.

「明顯操縱投票」 私有遭否決

(明報)2010年2月21日 星期日 05:10

【明報專訊】鬧得沸騰的電盈私有化「種票疑雲」,早期經證監會 介入後,現由警方商罪科接手調查,令事件再受關注。事件源於去年電盈私有化前夕,電盈「一手股東」突然湧現而曝光,最終由上訴法庭一錘定音,裁定為「有明顯操縱投票」行為,其後在證監和傳媒的抽絲剝繭追查下,令眾多涉案的財金要人逐一曝光。

一手股東突現 Webb廉署舉報

2008年12月起,註冊在電盈股東名冊「一手股東」突然大量出現,奇怪的是,這批涉及數百人的股東,均是直接持有一手(即1000股)電盈股份, 而非透過銀行或證券行持有,情况未免過於巧合。及後獨立股評人David Webb向證監會及廉署舉報,懷疑有人派發電盈股份「種票」,意圖令私有化建議獲得通過,「種票疑雲」正式曝光。

This involved the issue of integrity and administrative responsibilities of MAS, which Goh Choke Dong is the chairman. Privatization of a SGX listed firm is a process controlled and monitored by MAS under it's responsibility. There is a polling fraud exposed in this process, that is a criminal investigation going on in Hong Kong, and MAS & SGX are still keeping mum about. This is a Major Scandal!

Foul Kay-Loong public listing and privatization process had been going on in SGX in famiLEE LEEgime's Tiny Red Dot, exploiting investors and they turn blind eyes as the Big Fish swallows the Small Fish, and they claimed to be the CLEANEST 1st world responsible governance deserving world's highest salaries. Not to forget to consider this together with the saga of Lehman Brother's Bonds also under MAS's charge.

盈科拓展 (SGXP15 ),全名盈科亞洲拓展有限公司,是香港商人李嘉誠次子李澤楷旗下的公司,於新加坡上市。公司分別持有電訊盈科盈科保險兩間在香港上市公司的股權。2006年美資的新橋資本提出以每股0.305坡元私有化盈科拓展。

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