Sunday, March 14, 2010

Small Matters Exposed Huge Incompetence

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Mar 13, 2010

Passport service on hold

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority has suspended over-the-counter passport applications for a week due to an overwhelming surge in customers. -- ST PHOTO: MALCOLM MCLEOD

IN AN unprecedented move, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has suspended over-the-counter passport applications.

There will be no walk-in passport applications from now until next Saturday. This also includes passport renewals.

Instead, the ICA is asking Singaporeans to apply by post, drop their passports off at a box outside the ICA building or to apply online.

Passport collection today is also strictly by appointment and no walk-in customers will be accepted.

Singapore citizens can make such appointments at the ICA website.

The move is due to an overwhelming surge in customers.

Wong Kan Seng does not need Mas Selamat's escape to prove his HOME TEAM's INCOMPETENCE. All it takes is this simple Singapore passport.

Ministry of Home Affairs can put our rights and needs ON HOLD? Passport is our rights and needs, and the bloody famiLEE LEEgime had been notoriously abusive in depriving citizens to get replacement passport when their passport got either stolen, robbed, or ruined on a trip or at home. This abuse is in addition to the high amount of fees.

Now it come to the extend of unable to cope with Counter Service, and then they can CONVENIENTLY SHUT DOWN THEIR COUNTERS!

Can Singaporean peasants also continently put LEEgime ON HOLD when they extort fees; levies; tax; CPF contributions; $$$fines$$$; $$$GST$$$ etc?

Their excuse is so absurd! How can they be not paying back for this at the ballot boxes?

Peasants better know what to do!

The ICA had an brunch passport office at Joo Chiat Complex a long time ago, when they were still called the Immigration Department. And Ah Seng closed it down to save cost. This is the first world govt you had paid the world's highest salaries for!

Ah Seng better jolly well open as many brunch offices and passport counters as Singaporeans need it. This is a Duty and Obligation that he can not be allowed to fail to fulfill. The thick sink refused to resign despite being called by highest record number of Singaporeans. Therefore he must be ousted by votes this GE, there is no 2 ways about it.

Further forgiveness will be deemed as stupidity in this case. Meanwhile Ah Seng's salaries must also be put ON HOLD just like Singaporean's passports.

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