Thursday, March 11, 2010

Death Penalty: Taiwan totally opposite of Singapore's situation

I must highlight this irony. Taiwanese Minister of Law aka 法务部长 王清风, is currently willing to take herself to hell 下地狱, so to speak, to fight for Abolishment of Death Penalty, as the angry peasants and policemen are protesting against him, and they really want their Minister of Law to be in hell. These roles are entirely switched in Singapore as famiLEE LEEgime ministers are the ones wanting to impose Death Penalty, and there are groups of peasants protesting and seeking the abolishment of it.

There is now a petitioning campaign against Taiwanese Minister of Law by Taiwanese Peasants, and Netizens, they want to each write in a letter against this minister, to have to removed from office. The policemen demanded minister Wang to donate her SALARIES to feed those convicts on the death row.

There is also a group of families of victims of crimes, who suffered from the crimes committed by the convicts on death row. They are outraged by the minister. They are also campaigning against the minister who wants to abolish death penalty.

Currently there are some notorious convicts awaiting to be executed, and by Taiwanese law that meant Firing Squad or Gun Shot Executions. This is the reason that sparked on this conflict.

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堅持廢除死刑 網友:1人1信送王清峰下地獄

更新日期:2010/03/11 00:07 政治中心/綜合報導

法務部長王清峰發 表一篇名為《理性與寬恕》的文章,強調為了確保生命權,任內絕對不會執行死刑,甚至「願意為死刑犯下地獄」。不過,這番看似充滿「人道理念」的言論,卻讓 不少網友感到相當憤怒,痛批王清峰保障死囚的生命權,「卻枉顧被害人的生命」,要大家發起「一人一信送王清峰下地獄」的活動,叫王清峰趕快「下台」。





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