Saturday, March 13, 2010

100 FREE BUSSES vs S$2000 fines

I am still awaiting to read DJ Chia Wee Kiat's GD (grounds of decisions) after famiLEE LEEgime wanted me to pay S$2000 fines for Tak Boleh Tahan cases, which I am not even a part of that campaign. After reading the GD I will decide on what to do about it. On 11.Mar.2010 at court 24, I asked the judge to elaborate in his writings, about how he had decided that an erroneous legislation can be still useful for convicting 19 accused persons for 37 charges, when the subsequently corrected legislation does not effect retrospectively back to 15.Mar.2008 as prosecution and judge both agreed on this point of law, after the corrections were done by legislators and acknowledged in the trials some time in late 2008.

The legislation after it's corrections in it's definition of Boundary of Area, which corrected Old Parliament Lane plus East Bank of Singapore River, still contain an uncorrected 3rd mistake which I had discovered and pointed out in court. Which is the fact that Old Parliament Lane no longer reach East Bank of Singapore River and thus left a big opening in the boundary which they had intended to define.

What I want to highlight today is a comparison against what happened to the 18 TBT Red Shirts vs the fact that Thai PM Abhisit is Providing 100 Free Bus to transport the Red Shirt protesters who are ousting him from his office. He also promise police actions to be non-violence and that can be contrasted against the police brutality and abuses by famiLEE LEEgime on TBT in 15.Mar.2008
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Thai Protesters Converge on Bangkok in Bid to Oust Abhisit

March 13, 2010, 12:44 AM EST

By Anuchit Nguyen

March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Thousands of Thai protesters began converging on Bangkok today for a weekend rally that aims to topple Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s government.

About 20,000 people from 11 northern provinces began moving in a convoy of pickup trucks and motorcycles that stretched more than 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), the state-owned NBT television network reported from Nakhon Sawan, about 200 kilometers from the capital.

The United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship, which backs fugitive ex-leader Thaksin Shinawatra, aims to muster a million people to pressure Abhisit into calling an election. The protest is the latest in a power struggle mostly between the urban elite and rural poor that has been marked by airport blockades and rioting since the military ousted Thaksin in 2006.

“The government has no plan to use violence against the protesters,” Abhisit said today after meeting military and police commanders. “We will take all necessary actions to facilitate the rally in a peaceful way.”

Some 200,000 anti-government protesters across Thailand’s 76 provinces took part in local demonstrations yesterday before heading to the capital, said Sean Boonpracong, a spokesman for the demonstrators. Plans by the group to march on major traffic arteries in the city were “overhyped,” he said yesterday.

The government invoked the Internal Security Act for the sixth time since Abhisit took office, allowing the military to close roads and make arrests. Some 35,000 security officers and 46,000 civilian defense volunteers were ready to be deployed.

Smuggled Weapons

Checkpoints at the main entry points to Bangkok aim to ensure protesters don’t smuggle weapons into the capital, Abhisit said today. The government will provide about 100 buses to transport people to the protest sites, he said.

Thaksin has orchestrated protests from Dubai and other overseas locations since fleeing a Thai jail sentence in 2008. He and his allies have won the past four elections on votes from the northeast, Thailand’s poorest region and home to a third of its 66 million people.

Courts have disbanded the pro-Thaksin parties that won the past two elections, prompting his supporters to question the judicial system. Abhisit’s Democrat party hasn’t won the most seats in a nationwide vote since 1992. He must call an election by the end of next year.

In a post in Thai on his Twitter page early today, Thaksin said he was preparing to leave Dubai to join his two daughters in Europe.

--Editor: Tony Jordan, Malcolm Scott.

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