Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Russian Leaders published family assets list

Putin, Medvedev Reveal Income

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The Russian PM & President had publicly revealed their family revenues and assets recently.

Singaporean voters should get Lee Kuan Yew and his famiLEE LEEgime's world richest minister to openly publish their family revenues and assets, especially that famiLEE!

When? This GE!

Why? Since they were the ones who self-claimed to be the worlds' CLEANEST & UNCORRUPTED! Show us the the prove! Show us your monies then!

Putin, Medvedev Reveal Income


MOSCOW — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made 3.9 million rubles ($134,000) last year, a drop of 15 percent from 2008, though he still eclipsed the earning power of his protege, President Dmitry Medvedev, the government said.

Medvedev, 44, declared an income of 3.3 million rubles in 2009, down from 4.1 million rubles a year earlier, and had 3.6 million rubles in 12 Russian bank accounts, the Kremlin said in a statement Monday. While the president’s wife, Svetlana, had no income, Lyudmila Putina made 582 rubles and had no assets, according to the statement.

Medvedev, handpicked by the 57-year-old Putin to succeed him as president, signed a law in December 2008 requiring the prime minister, his deputies and Cabinet members to file income declarations for themselves and family members. In March 2009, he said the rule should apply to the president. Russia convicted 3,512 officials on corruption charges last year.

Natural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev made 155 million rubles last year, more than any other Cabinet member, compared with the 369.9 million rubles he earned in 2008. Trutnev was trailed by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin, Medvedev’s representative to southern Russia’s mostly Muslim republics, with an income of 68 million rubles.

The declarations don’t say how the income was earned. Russia’s average monthly wage was 19,128 rubles in February, according to the Federal Statistics Service in Moscow.

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov earned 6.5 million rubles and his wife made 641.9 million rubles, the single highest income of any government member or spouse. Shuvalov owned or rented 10 properties, including a house in Austria and an apartment in the U.K., and seven vehicles, including a Jaguar and three Mercedes-Benz cars.

Putin owns two GAZ passenger cars, a Niva sports utility vehicle and a trailer. Medvedev owns a 1948 GAZ Pobeda, while his wife has a Volkswagen Golf.

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