Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kyrgyzstan example, Tiny Price Paid; Result Secured Rapidly

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It was swift and with relatively tiny price for a country of that size, within a day to one and a half day, the opposition with support of people fought out the corrupted and incompetent regime in Kyrgyzstan. I must congratulate them!

The ouster of the fled president Bakiyev was not peaceful but deadly, with relatively small death toll and minor damages, in my opinion very affordable. :-)

The population level of Kyrgyzstan is not far from Singapore, less than famiLEE LEEgime's target of 6.5M, they have 5+million. But their land is roughly the size of West Malaysia.

The opposition were initially unarmed and peacefully protesting, but the clashes with police broke out, they managed to overcome the police and took over their arms. The violence spread swiftly nation wide. But I expect the peace to be restored by tomorrow (Thursday) as opposition firmly seized power and formed provisional government with capable leadership. The PM had resigned and DPM is captured and the corrupted president Bakiyev had fled, his loyalists won't stand any more chance.

I hope Bakiyev can be also captured, then there will be no copycat Thug-Sin. :-D

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