Sunday, April 04, 2010

Singaporeans MUST Remeber their POST GE LESSONS

The famiLEE LEEgime always seemed to listen to the Singaporean people BEFORE THE BALLOTS. Seemed even to had regretted their ill treatments to Singaporeans, and seemed to before VERY REASONABLE. But that had been and will still be JUST VERY DECEIVING.

It is a shame if you still have not learn this lesson if you had been here all your life, and still haven't learned this. You have repeatedly regretted after the GE, when the famiLEE LEEgime's nice policies REVERSED and you are again plundered in great pains for another 5-6 years! If you did not learn, then you deserve it.

You most important duty however is not to just remember this lesson, but to TEACH THE NEW CITIZENS & VOTERS all about this. :-) Yes! Your duty! It is my duty as a blogger that I am reminding you by writing here, and it will be then your duties to inform as many as possible, around yourself and especially NEW VOTERS.

Stand up for Singapore? Surely!

famiLEE LEEgime will increase GST and Rents and Transport and Fuel and Water and Electricity and EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, including $$$$FINES$$$$$ - but only after the GE. Remember as a Singaporean, write this note on your NRIC card & passport!

Plunder to Squander, nothing less than that.

If you are unfamiliar and assumed it to be not the case, then you are naive and you will regret that. Peasants who lived here for 15 years or more will be dead sure about this. Peasants who had not learned are fit to jump HDB flats. No hard feelings.

The entire attitude of famiLEE LEEgime will change after your ballots. Their faces 镭面 will also drastically change. Their policies will be come harsh and heartless, they will become very arrogant, their greed & ego will multiply and their salaries will increase at your expense. Your hope to have them listen to your concerns will become ironically naive. Only after your ballots.

They will increase school fees; cigarette & liqueur duties; medical fees; ERP; COE; everything, they will sue you for owing Town Council; TV License; Repossess your HDB flats; Take back your taxi; They will turn-off your water and electricity; They will retrench you from jobs; They will hire FTs to replace you; They will let you wait long for medical emergencies; They will let you die; and plunder your human organs. They will just PAP you! You know what PAP is?

Of course not before the GE2010 (or any GE) you idiots! Only after! Why can not remember this simple rule?


Now you will remember, right?

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