Saturday, May 08, 2010

Abhisit risk making himself a Multi-Colored punching-bag

Thailand's prime minister has announced he will dissolve parliament in September, but anti-government protesters have yet to agree to end their rally in central Bangkok.

Pro-establishment Yellow Shirts have also called on prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to stand down, criticising his reconciliation roadmap which envisages fresh elections in November.

From the way things are going right now, I see Abhisit approaching toward a risky position for himself to be trapped between Red + Yellow + Pink / mulit-colored shirts to be a common punching-bag for all. Whatever he compromise or proposed will not be able to please the conflicting camps, and he risk himself to be trapped in between and got hit from all sides.

I can only see at this time one less bloody way out for Abhisit without getting himself trapped to be hit from all sides by all the different colored shirts. That is to have these conflicting camps take their own cases to the Judges of Thai Courts and had judgment done, this way the PM don't have to become punching-bag and the streets should see less blood.


The judiciary should hear the different camps neutrally and perform their function of arbitrage for the Thai people. If Abhisit can get the judges to do their jobs correctly, he will save himself from some extra bruises.

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