Friday, January 29, 2010

Tak Boleh Tahan trial verdict date fixed 8-Mar-2010

8th of March 2010 court 24 0930Hr.

Yesterday the defense cases was finally closed, as I was the final witness of the case.

The prosecution and defense will prepare final submissions (written) over Chinese New Year.

The case is so broken, starting right from the famiLEE LEEgime's imbecilic legislation of Parliament & Supreme Court Order (schedule description of area).

One of the defense lawyers at the very beginning of trial (around Aug 2008) discovered that the Parliament Lane no longer exist, I followed up by pointing out that LEFT BANK of Singapore River is similarly invalid. In Nov.2008 the famiLEE LEEgime corrected this 2 points in their own imbecilic legislation. The Parliament Lane was changed to Old Parliament Lane, Left Bank of Singapore River changed to EAST Bank of Singapore River.

I then pointed out last December (2009) that even after fixing their own Imbecilic Legislation, IT STILL REMAINED BROKEN, because even the Old Parliament Lane no longer reach East Bank of Singapore River.

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The new legislation made in Nov.2008 after the discovery is none other than a correction since the Intended Definition of Area is not new but identical with the old one.

This CORRECTION by the legislator is a clear acknowledgement of Error & Invalidity, and as it came from the legislator, it binds the judge to recognize this invalidity that the Gazetted Area which all the charges relied on is NULL & VOID as the text description of it is invalid. There is neither any Map nor Diagram nor Drawing nor Geographical Coordinates within the legislated schedule, nor there is any additional notes nor instructions regarding how to interpret it's text when the text is unclear. The text then had to be read in the same way as plain statutes.


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dr Chee Soon Juan & Mr. Gandhi Ambalam Released From Changi Prison This Morning

At 0845hr I recorded video at bus stop at Upper Changi Road North, showing both Dr. Chee Soon Juan & Mr. Gandhi Ambalam together walking out of Changi Prison after completing their 1 week sentence for the charges of distributing of flyers at Raffles City for WB-IMF Protest in Sept.2006.

Together with Miss Chee Siok Chin they had been given the MAXIMUM SENTENCE for this charge and Miss Chee went to Changi Women's Prison & completed her identical sentence a week before the 2 men.

All these imprisonment had occurred during the currently on going trial at court 24, for Tak Boleh Tahan Protest at the Parliament which I am one of the defendants. They imprisoned defendants had been fetched to court on each day of the trial from prisons. There had been 2 prison guards for each of them to stay with them throughout the entire day of trial.

The release of both of them is exactly 1 day after famiLEE LEEgime's Wong Kan Seng officially opened the prison (yesterday), they are the 2nd and 3rd activists that I know who had been to this new famiLEE LEEgime prison, I was the 1st, and I was there for 15 days at the September of last year before the prison was officially opened.

I had also set the new example of from since before 2008 to be fighting court cases while serving other sentence :-) and that was from the old Queens Town Prison. This is the my way of serving time OUTSIDE PRISON = in court, beside the famiLEE LEEgime's similar and stale invention.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama found a better use of for US Military Forces and Resources

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But I am not about to congratulate Obama still because this use of US military is indeed unfortunate.

In comparison against inheriting Afghanistan & Iraq Wars from War Criminal G W Bush, this deployment of rescue and relief in Haiti is a much more meaningful and agreeable use of the US military. This move will be helpful in restoring the bad images of USA and it military.

Only righteous and well justified use of military forces can win respect. For a US Commander in Chief who hold the Nobel Peace Prize, ordering this Haitian Relief in comparison of Afghanistan & Iraq Wars.


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Golden Opportunity for Malaysian Opposition to TURN TABLE AROUND

Particularly this is for Pakatan Rakyat & PAS to turn the table around against UMNO.

At this moment the PAS is seen doing the right thing to denounce the Church & Sikh Temple Attacks, Muslim NGOs are doing night patrols to defend churches. This is excellent but can be better, if PAS organize it's Muslim supporters to join with volunteers from other religions and ethnics to perform Watch & Sentry for security of churches & temples, while calling for peace and mutual understanding.

This way the image of PAS will be highly enhanced towards positive in the public view. It will rather make UMNO look like the Radical Party DESPERATELY playing Ethnic & Religious Cards, which is the exact sign of and sunset regime.

In the history of China during the sunset days of Manchurian Qing Dynasty, there were similar attacks and burning of churches and violence by the YiHe (义和团)Boxers, this is not coincidental but comes with natural and similar reasons within the atmosphere of a desperate sunset regime.

The signs have shown up, and it is good sign for the Pakatan, so Pakatan should seize this golden opportunity and play out the right cards right at this moment. The table should turn rapidly!


I urge fellow Singaporeans to watch these developments of politics in Malaysia closely and learn from the experience of Malaysians who shared the same history and background with us. The experience from Malaysia and many other countries are helpful to the Singaporean reform.

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  2. A night out with the church patrol
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mata shot & kill peasant at close range an abuse of power


Please remember how the famiLEE LEEgime mata had frequently demonstrated during their shows @ e.g. Police Weeks of their HIGH SKILL of Judo, that they could easily throw aggressors carrying knifes to the ground and then bend-lock their arms to subdue them.

Wong Kan Seng's mata could demonstrate that they can Singly & with Bare Hands subdue aggressors so professionally during their propaganda shows.

Comparing with the reality, when they cowardly shot a man dead in his neck at close range, when at least 3 overly armed mata cornered that man at Outram MRT Station. They have batons made of steel and electric stunt guns that can put down a man from meters away.

But they had to use gun instead.
And they had to aim at the man's head (and missed and shot his neck instead).

And their Superintendent had to go and tell the court how their expensive high tech toy X-26 Taser guns purchased with millions of tax dollars are actually useless, in the hope to cover his own mata.

I like to point out that SSG Azli had OBVIOUSLY AIMED TO KILL at close range, because the shot wasn't on the leg nor lower body of the killed man Tan Bock Song. When aiming at such close range if he had aimed the gun at lower body or lower limbs of Tan, the shot will never land on Tan's neck.

No warning shot was fired.

NONE of the 3 LEEgime matas suffered any injuries, not even a single scratch before they pulled out their guns to had a peasant shot dead.

It does not 3 well trained matas to even draw batons to over-power a man with just a short knife, if they had necessary skill and courage. Wong Kan Seng should reward his men who demonstrated skill and courage and those who bravely got injured in the line of duty, but obviously there is just none or too few of these men within his World Class Home Team.

I remind the readers of other cases in Singapore, that clearly showed the incompetency and cowardliness of famiLEE LEEgime matas:

  1. Geylang Serai, a man took knife from coffeeshop to stand-off against 5 matas after coffeeshop called police that he made troubles and refusing to pay for meal. The man managed to grab a gun from one mata in the struggle and shot dead an innocent old man at the coffeeshop.
  2. Fook Hai Building North Bridge Road, a man killed a mata and seriously injured another, when he was stopped by mata. He was one failed to report to police station for urine test, and armed in preparation to commit crime. The injured mata shot the man, and also accidentally shot another innocent by-stander.

I had seen very efficient and high skilled police works in more than one other countries that their governments did not brag about being World Class Police. In California I had seen a solo policeman intercepted a car and singly conducted body search and hand-cuffed 3 men from that car. Guns were later found in that car. Not a single shot was fired.

There had never been any justice for persons killed by famiLEE LEEgime matas all these decades, and Abuse of Police Power had never been addressed properly.
Senior officer says policeman who shot Lim Bock Song acted appropriately
By Leong Wee Keat, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 11 January 2010 2331 hrs

SINGAPORE: When the shooting occurred almost two years ago, talk on the Internet and letters to the media centred on whether the police needed to kill Lim Bock Song.

In the inquiry of his death on Sunday, a senior police officer testified why Staff Sergeant Azli Othman, who shot Lim, had acted appropriately.

Superintendent Lu Yeow Lim testified that the X-26 taser gun, which Staff Sergeant Azli was carrying, was "not designed" for the particular incident.

First, in order for the stun gun to overwhelm a human's electrical sensory system, two probes fired from the gun must hit the target, explained Supt Lu, who is assistant director of operations for the police.

The possibility of a positive hit would be lower because these two probes must hit the target in order for an electric shock to be administered, he added.

Second, Supt Lu explained that the X-26 taser is a single shot device, which needed time to re-load after being fired. This is unlike the police officer's service revolver, which had five rounds, he said.

On 6 March, 2008, Lim was seen on CCTV footage charging at Staff Sgt Azli at Outram Park MRT station with an object. Staff Sgt Azli, 30, drew his service revolver, but Lim continued to advance towards him.

Staff Sgt Azli retreated backwards until he reached the glass panel of the platform, where he fired at the man. Lim collapsed and died of a gunshot wound to his chest.

Staff Sgt Azli and a colleague were searching for the suspect, who was earlier reported to have fatally stabbed a man, Tan Ah Chang, at the Jalan Kukoh hawker centre, off Chin Swee Road.

Several witnesses testified earlier during the inquiry that they saw Lim stab Mr Tan, 52.

The Coroner's Inquiry, which was presided by District Judge Victor Yeo, concluded Monday after a three-day hearing. He will give his findings Tuesday afternoon.

- CNA/yb

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

famiLEE LEEgime's Imprisonment Strengthen Fighters

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I don't think the celebration is just about Miss Chee being released from famiLEE LEEgime's prison, but the more and the rather that at least a dozen fighters are now very capable to handle the battles very well in courts and prisons of famiLEE LEEgime. Dozens more are very capable to handle matas at stations as well as streets. The upper hand is clearly no longer with famiLEE LEEgime. A week in jail is now nothing to these strengthened fighters.

Miss Chee being only a 1st offender in law for Misc Offenses Act's Maximum S$1000 fine to be sentenced on her most ridiculously, with about half a dozen other fighters. She is not only appealing the case in high court, refusing to pay the fine and don't mind to goto jail while appeal is awaiting to be heard. She had asked the famiLEE LEEgime's judge to put her in prison immediately and the judge initially refused, but just like how I repeatedly did before, she insisted persistently to had her own personal bond canceled and told court that she does not mind to have her appeal only serving the academic purpose if she won. The judge had no choice put to sign warrant to commit her to prison for a week after, she canceled her personal bail bond.

This were the same procedures as how I did it twice in the past few years.

Mr Gandhi and myself accompanied Miss Chee to complete these procedures, and believe it or not, it took half a day to convince LEEgime to take her into jail!

She attended trial with us daily while serving sentence this entire week, and like myself, the LEEgime prison had to fetch her back and forth to court daily, until this morning, they released her at earliest possible time @0830hr - earlier by one hour as prison had previously indicated to be 0930hr, and no of the dozens of friends; families and activists had reached even Changi Prison to welcome her.

When I arrived, she was sitting at the coffee shop alone reading books opposite the prison complex. She lost weight while in jail, but looks very healthy and cheerful. I tried to be at least 45 mins early knowing the extra early style of LEEgime prison release applicable to anti-LEEgime fighters all the time. But the LEEgime's jail still beat me by 15 mins earlier then I could arrive.

Later the arrival of others eventually filled 5 to 6 tables or half the coffee shop, a group picture was later taken, but not showing all those who were present to offer support.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Appreciation To Romanian Government

I have learned via the Internet that The Romanian Government had began to react in the direction towards seeking justice for the case of Hit and Run Accident in Singapore involving fatality and injury with the Diplomatic Car belonging to Romanian Embassy in Singapore. I learn via Internet that investigation and procedure for justices had been taken during this week for this matter which the Singaporean law enforcement can do nothing much due to Diplomatic Immunity Convention.

As a Citizen and Blogger from Singapore, I read this as a very kind and righteous gesture from the Romanian Government, which will be highly appreciated by my fellow Singaporeans. I thank the Government of Romania for this move which is very helpful for enhancing the relations between Singaporean and Romanian people, especially in the mutual trust and respect in addition to friendship.

I urge Singaporeans to remember what the Romanian had done to uphold justice, and further we must remember to return the same good faith and spirit in future.

I urge the government of Singapore to treat our Singaporean diplomats deployed on foreign soil with the same high discipline as Romanian Government had exhibited, had our Singaporean diplomatic officials committed anything irresponsible in foreign nations, our government must uphold justice, and exhibit integrity as well as righteousness for the honor for Republic of Singapore.

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A Thumb Up for CJ Chan's decision

I would like to express unreserved appreciation to the Court Of Appeal decision made this week, regarding cases can be re-opened to address miscarriage of justice. This is one rare but highly appreciated decision in law I had come across here, which I will never dream from the previous CJ Yong Pang How. This could indicate a change for the good, I believe Singaporeans will hope for more good decisions to come to serve justice for our people in the future.

There is no attempt to influence judiciary for any cases nor benefit any particular party here in my post. As bloggers and citizens of Singapore, we should exercise our expressions and comments in the hope for improvements in future Singapore.

URL of my related blog post

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Bravo Ravi! Advances made in fight for justice!

Well Done! My friend I am proud of you Ravi!


I was in sub court 19 today for WB-IMF Speakers Cornered case when I saw Mr M. Ravi happily walking up the stairs with his Death Penalty Case File. I think he just returned from High Court.

I quickly called him and led him to court 19 where Miss Chee who is brought from jail to attend the WB-IMF Speakers Cornered case. I was the first opposition activist that was simultaneously fighting cases, doing jail time and staging hunger-strike all at the same time, now these other fighters can also apply my strategy. I am proud that anti-famiLEE LEEgime fighters are getting not only numbers, but also strength and skills. They can handle famiLEE LEEgime in court in jail on street as well as on election rallies. In every segment of the fight from facing LEEgime's judges; prosecutors; matas; prison wardens; candiates; 154th; minions; cyber-dogs etc, there is upper hand on our side all the way.

LEEgime's days are numbered. We gained ground at much better speed than expected.

There is very effective cross learning and exchange of experience + expertise besides development in the necessary strength to remove famiLEE LEEgime, we are now at a great magnitude apart from those old days, comparing Barisan Socialists' and late Mr JBJ's Anson days. LEEgime is hopeless in regaining their past advantages. They are deadmeat.

Case can be reopened

Jan 6, 2010

A photograph of the High Court. Singapore's highest court has made clear that it has a duty to correct miscarriages of justice and to hear new evidence or new legal arguments even after a criminal trial has closed. -- ST PHOTO

SINGAPORE'S highest court has made clear that it has a duty to correct miscarriages of justice and to hear new evidence or new legal arguments even after a criminal trial has closed.

In fact, the 'finality principle' should not be applied strictly to cases which involve the death penalty as 'it would subvert the true value of the judicial process'.

Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Judges of Appeal Andrew Phang and V K Rajah, said this when spelling out the court's reasons for granting convicted Malaysian drug-trafficker Yong Vui Kong a stay of execution. A March date has been set for his appeal.

As is the practice with death penalty cases, Yong, 21, was allowed to appeal against his sentence handed down in November 2008. However, he chose to withdraw his appeal before the scheduled April hearing last year.

In November, his request for presidential clemency was turned down and he was supposed to have been executed last month.

Ten days later, his lawyer M Ravi petitioned the Court of Appeal for more time to appeal, among other things, asking that it consider new developments questioning the constitutionality of the death penalty.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Singaporeans Remembers Late Mr. JBJ tonight

It is printed on the Commemoration T-Shirts of my late friend Mr. JBJ that he was born on this day Jan 5th in 1926, and he deceased on 30.Sept.2008

This evening 4 days from New Year 2010 we held a candle light vigil at the Hong Lim Park Speakers Corner once more to remember our beloved great political leader and Member Of Parliament from Anson.

Coincidentally once again, another earthquake and Tsunami just happened as we remember late Mr. JBJ, the previous time it was on the first anniversary of his passing, while I was also remembering him at the same Speakers Corner Hong Lim Park.

Tonight I met several members and ex-candidates from Workers Party where late Mr. JBJ was Secretary General for a very long time. I saw Mr. Rizal, Mr. James Gomez, Mr. Goh Meng Seng who came from WP.

I spoke with Mr. Kenneth Jeyaretnam the son of JBJ, who is currently leading Reform Party after his late father. When I got home to post this blog I saw the news of Solomon Island quake and Tsunami which immediately struck my memory of Mr. JBJ's 1st anniversary on 20.Sept.2009 which the huge Indonesian Quake & Samoa Tsunami took place.

Is this not an omen again? I let the readers decide.

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