Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ah Seng DEFEATED by Ah Long (Loan Sharks) turned to Criminalizing Desperate Peasants

Lame famiLEE LEEgime's DMP Wong Ah Seng created yet another laughingstock today.

The Ah Longs have more brains than $$$$ Million $$$$$ Ministers of famiLEE LEEgime.

The run their Call Centers and Business Offices outside Singapore, e.g. in China, and they are safe from famiLEE LEEgime matas. They also use their debtors to work as runners. With that, the Ah Longs simply OUT-WIT Ah Seng because Ah Seng's mata can not find nor arrest Ah Longs not to mention Mas Selamat Ke-Lari. :-)

Instead of arresting Ah Longs, now Ah Seng is resorting to arrest those debtors on Ah Long's behalf. :-Z

What a 1st world Home Team! Mata & Ah Long now in same team?

One Slightly Constructive Suggestion for Ah Seng: Send your detectives under-cover posing as Desperate Singaporean Peasants to borrow $$$$$ from Ah Longs. Arrest them after loans are made. Moron Ah Seng?

Yahoo's News URL

Borrowing from loansharks may become an offence
Channel NewsAsia
Channel NewsAsia - Friday, April 17

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans who borrow from loansharks have been put on notice and the Home Affairs Ministry (MHA) is considering making such acts an offence in the country.

Speaking at the annual Police Workplan seminar on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said unlicensed moneylending harassment cases have almost doubled from 2,066 to 3,993.

To counter this rise, the police have installed more CCTVs at harassment—prone sites like lift landings in housing estates.

"From the arrests made, we know that many borrowers eventually join the loanshark criminal organisation as runners to carry out harassment and vandalism. We, therefore, need to stem the problem decisively," said Mr Wong.

Community leaders welcomed the move as neighbours of those who borrow from loansharks end up being harassed as well.

Teo Ho Pin, GPC chair for law and home affairs & MP for Bukit Panjang, said: "The town councils have also been doing a lot of goodwill painting and repair work to all the common property damaged by the loansharks and their assistants. So we need to come out with a holistic approach to resolve this problem."

One such approach is for the police to tap on new technologies to reach out to the community.

After its success with YouTube, the police force is now on Facebook. Since January this year, it has garnered some 3,600 fans on the social networking website.

On top of that, another 200 frontline posts will be created at the neighbourhood police centres to help ease the workload of police officers, who will also be acquiring new skills to deal with different terrorist scenarios.

A new programme has been launched to train the Police Tactical Team troops in close quarter combat skills and ballistic shield skills to neutralise a rampaging gunman.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Why famiLEE LEEgime said NO FILMING on their mata?

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In comparison Wong Kan Seng's policies which protest himself and his matas, contrasted out clearly against the British polices policies which protects THE PEOPLE showed out clearly here.

famiLEE LEEgime's cowards fear the people who they oppressed via their matas. They fear the embarassments when the actions of their matas got filmed and posted on the Internet. So all the more it is necessary for them to be exposed this way. Their recent NEW LAW bannig the filming of famiLEE LEEgime mata is only a joke - a self-defeating measure, which I will soon show the reason and counter-measures against.

famiLEE LEEgime sent Riot Squard to CPFB during our 4 person protest, they got filmed & exposed on Internet, following that in many many other occassions e.g. Speakers Cornered; Tak Boleh Tahan @ Parliament etc. They got filmed and exposed. Even in 2003 when arresting Dr CSJ & Mr Gandhi at enterence of Istana also filmed and exposed. They are so demaged by these exposure now they think their stupid NEW LAWS could safe their ass... SAD but IRONICAL!


British police had been filmed hitting a female protester during G20 meetings protests this month, the police department acted against their own mata:

UK G20 Police Brutality Case URL

G20 policing under investigation

A police sergeant filmed hitting out at a woman during the G20 protests has been suspended while the incident is investigated.

The actions of the territorial support group sergeant outside the Bank of England will be examined by officials at the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

But a spokesman said the woman from Brighton, known only as Nicky, has not yet come forward to make a formal complaint about the alleged assault on April 2.

Deborah Glass, of the IPCC, said the watchdog would investigate after the matter was referred to them by senior officers at the Metropolitan Police.

She said: "It is appropriate to use our own investigators to deal with this latest incident arising from the policing operation relating to the G20 Summit.

"I have taken this decision bearing in mind the death of Ian Tomlinson and the volume of complaints made by the public about the actions and tactics of the police service during the policing of the G20 demonstrations."

In a wider move, the police tactics used at the G20 demonstrations will also come under scrutiny, including the 'kettling' technique of holding demonstrators together in an enclosed area.

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary Denis O'Connor will lead the review of strategies.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said: "G20 was a complex policing operation, managing the movement and protection of many heads of state across the capital while balancing the right to lawful protest and maintaining public order for many thousands of people.

"It is also the case that a number of complaints have been raised in relation to the tactic of containment and as to whether this achieves that balance. I want to be reassured that the use of this tactic remains appropriate and proportionate.

"Separately, I have already expressed my concern that the video footage of some police actions are clearly disturbing and should be thoroughly investigated.

"As well as the post-event investigation into those responsible for violence and disorder, I have also ensured that footage in police possession is reviewed to identify any other matters of individual police conduct that may warrant investigation.

"One matter that I also want to make clear is that uniformed police officers should be identifiable at all times by their shoulder identification numbers.

"The public has a right to be able to identify any uniformed officer whilst performing their duty. We must ensure this is always the case."

Desperate Thug-Sin lost hope - began to shoot his old buddy Sondhi


This should be read as a sign of Thug-Sin losing up his hope after failing in his final push.

His old buddy turned rival Sondhi Limthongkul was shot with his driver in his car today, no in hospital stable but with a bullet in his skull.

This indicated that Thug-Sin himself not longer count on returning to Bangkok safely - without also being shot in similar way.

The Nation New URL


Sondhi in safe condition now: doctor

Sondhi in safe condition now: doctor

Sondhi Limthongkul has been declared to be in safe condition after being shot by heavily-armed gunmen.

The gangland-style shooting is expected to prolong the state of emergency in Bangkok and suburbs, government leader said.

There had been serious concerns for Sondhi's life as a bullet lodged in his skull, causing bleeding inside his brain. Vajira Hospital doctors conducted an urgent operation on Sondhi which completed before noon.

Sondhi is now safe and even able to speak, medical sources said.

Sondhi, a core leader of yellow shirts, known also as People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), who seized Bankok airports late last year, has no wounds on his body.

His driver, Vayupak Mussi, was also seriously wounded from the attack. Doctors said later that he survived and was now in stable condition.

PAD's spokesman Parnthep Pualpongpan said at least two attackers riding on a pickup blocked Sondhi's vehicle who was on Samsen Road, heading to Manager newspaper office in Banglampoo area early Friday morning.

The attackers then shot four tyres of Sondhi's vehicle before stepping out of their car and sprayed more bullets on the car. The attack lasted about five minutes and the attackers went back to their pickup which sped away along Tevet Road.

Police who rushed to the scene found Sondhi's car riddled with bullets and they could collect more than 100 cartridges of AK-16 and rifles from the scene.

Parnthep said Sondhi was informed of reports that he could possible a target of attack, but he simply ignored the warnings.

Meanwhile Chamnong Paokorn, 53, a bus driver, said that he was driving his bus past Iamworanut Temple when he saw a blue pickup truck which had no license plate blocked Sondhi's vehicle.

Then two men on the back of the pickup then opened fires on the vehicle. Then another vehicle sped to the scene and exchanged fires with the attackers who later escaped the scene.

The incident will surely renew political tension which seemed to subside over the past two days after the red-shirted protesters decided to end their Bangkok rally after three days of turmoil in Pattaya and the capital.

Sondhi is the leader of the anti-Thaksin movement, but those close to him said he had too many enemies to pinpoint who could have masterminded the assassination attempt. He has heavily criticized the police and the military over their handling of the pro-Thaksin red-shirted protests and called for removal of police and military leaders.

Discuss this topic in Thaivisa forum

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Congratulations to Malaysian Reformasi for By Election Victory

My sincere Congratulations to Malaysians & their Reformasi movement. This by-election victory last night is an excellent sign. Malaysian success in Reform will inspire Singaporeans and indirectly induce Reform and Change to take place faster and smoother in Singapore.

I urge fellow Singaporeans to take reference of Malaysian Reformasi and result in moving forward to a new political future for Rep Of Singapore.


URL Yahoo News

Slideshow:Rescue workers in Italy search for survivors after deadly quake
Malaysia's opposition hails election victories

Malaysia's opposition hails election victories AFP – Supporters of religious Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) wait for the by-election result at an election …
by Romen Bose Romen Bose – Wed Apr 8, 1:58 am ET

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysia's opposition celebrated Wednesday after big wins in by-elections seen as a rebuke to Prime Minister Najib Razak less than a week after he was sworn into office.

The votes were the first test for Najib and his ambitious agenda to reform the ruling party UMNO -- which represents majority Muslim Malays -- and repair ties with the nation's ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities.

Analysts said it provided a snapshot of the public mood one year after the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional coalition was humbled in general elections that saw the opposition gain unprecedented ground.

"It is a referendum on the Barisan Nasional government, on its inability to carry out promises and reforms since the March 8 elections," opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told a press conference.

"Our support among the people is clearly increasing," he said of progress made since the 2008 elections, when the opposition won five of Malaysia's 13 states and a third of seats in parliament.

The Barisan Nasional lost two of three by-elections held Tuesday, including a high-profile ballot in northern Perak state for a seat in the national parliament, which the opposition won in a landslide.

The opposition also won a hotly contested vote for a seat in the state parliament of northern Kedah.

In a consolation prize, the coalition won a seat in the state parliament in Sarawak on Borneo island, with a convincing majority that showed it remains the dominant political force in the under-developed region.

Anwar noted that the opposition has now won four of the five by-elections held since the landmark national polls a year ago.

"The results... demonstrate that the people of Malaysia remain committed to change," he said.

Najib's reform promises have been greeted with caution, as his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi failed to implement his own pledges to tackle corruption and repair race relations during his six years in power.

Analysts said the new leader must now quickly implement policy changes which will illustrate that he is serious about change, and win back voters before the next general elections due in 2013.

"He has to be able to tangibly make a difference before Malaysians will swing back support to the coalition," said Ibrahim Suffian from the Merdeka Centre polling firm.

"What it means is that there is no honeymoon, Malaysians want their changes to happen now, and he cannot expect that rhetoric alone will carry the day."

Koh Tsu Koon, president of the Chinese-based Gerakan party which is a member of the coalition, said the results should serve as a call to action for the Barisan Nasional, which has dominated Malaysian politics for half a century.

"Admittedly, the results showed BN has yet to turn the tide in regaining support from the people, especially the non-Malay voters," he said in a statement.

"We should look at the results as a reminder to BN to effect reform more concretely. If so, it might well be a blessing in disguise for BN in the long run."

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Now Tourist can buy beheaded-Merlion with A HOLE IN IT's HEAD!

Yes, watch this video! And better still it's head is beheaded!

A video is better than a million words. Watch this above.

I recorded it today when I visited the Tourists' Stalls at China Town, Pagoda Street, where these Stalls are being evicted. I went to see them for the very last time before they are gone for good.

Tourists can buy that for S$9.

It has a hole in the head right at where lighting hit the MAL-ion. After suffering this fatal hit, its head also dropped huh?


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