Sunday, June 29, 2008

Desperated BN counting on Dr. M's Old Trick to Fix Anwar

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We shall see from these news that Malaysian BN Regime is in very desperate state of emergency to this old move against Mr. Anwar, that the regime's self-confident is at rock bottom, and struggling to remain in power with their last straws. Abdullah Badawi is now at worst condition than Tun Dr. Mahatir was, during the peak of Asian Financial Crisis when Mr. Anwar was poised to over-throw Dr. M.

Abdullah Badawi however, is not only in worse condition than that after losing so many seats and states in March 2008's election, he is proven to be NOT CREATIVE at all to attempt fixing Mr. Anwar by following Tun Dr. M's oldest trick.

I am quite sure that Badawi will not be able to achieve the same result as Tun Dr. M by pulling the same trick, not only that time had changed, Malaysian people had changed, not only that trick is EXPIRED LAME OLD TRICK, but most importantly - he is not even half as capable as Tun Dr. M to copycat this old trick.

Whatever is the final outcome, it would be one that reeducate famiLEE LEEgime's old dog thief LKy, that lame dirty trick like framing the opposition does NOT sustain any old rotten regime, pulling these tricks will only prove that the lame totalitarian bastards are getting desperate.


For rotten regimes that are already long sustaining on owed time, such kind of dire and despairing last-ditch struggle will only accelerate their own final ending sequence to reach conclusive regime change.

Originally Abdullah Badawi's time-buying measure of announcing his own resignation to be in the year end could have worked well to prevent abrupt rough change of power. However, with this sort of lame copycat old trick moves being done, lots of massive political energies had been triggered into fast actions. I foresee result of regime change to be brought forward naturally, transition of change would become more volatile instead of smooth.

The political dynamics of decades old BN regime will still remain in self-disintegration mode, the new emerged alternative is still gaining strength and advantage. Sodomy charge against Mr. Anwar is NOT going to change any of these strong fundamentals, it isn't going to heal BN nor disable Malaysian Reformasi.

The assassination of Mahatma Gandhi did not returned India back as a British colony, what is expired will still continue it's way out, this will be the same for British rule of India as well as BN rule of Malaysia. Similar for old dog thief LKy's famiLEE LEEgime, the inevitable change can not be prevented, even if they could assassinate e.g. Dr. CSJ. :-)

However, just uniquely Singapore, if old dog thief LKy kicked the bucket, the ending sequence of famiLEE LEEgime will surely take a short-cut, and this is not applicable to elsewhere outside the red dot e.g. Malaysia.

I will not anticipate Malaysian people's focus to be shifted from the prominent case of Mongolian Model Blasting Murder to a stale old petty sodomy accusation.

Try harder Badawi! Even your MCA ex-minister Chua's SEX VCD is more interesting than this sodomy charge, this isn't working! This round the BLACK-EYE is yours. I am sorry. :-)

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Khaw Boon Wan better take another look at HOTA

Is the famiLEE LEEgime's red dot becoming Asia's Human Organ Trade HUB?

Singapore's Organ Sales News

I had on many occasions called to boycott against HOTA by opting out, and published manifesto to amend this rotten immoral act.
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The abuse of HOTA is still continuing although the famiLEE LEEgime did some very minor amendment to HOTA which is only the portion concerning Racial & Religious Inequality of HOTA. This is far less than sufficient.

I call on Singaporean Reformists to pay attention on HOTA again, please do not neglect this issue.

I call on famiLEE LEEgime's minister of health Khaw Boon Wan to reexamine HOTA once more. Please don't give us lame excuses or Appalling Comments or blame it on Complacency. Do something useful to further amend HOTA, and prevent further abuses against human organs and tradings.

Singapore's HOTA is still very unacceptable.

Medical sector must not see this just as another avenue for profits, neglecting morality and values. Human organs are not machinery spare parts but are the priceless appendage to human lives, which trading involving money are unacceptable abuses; insulting; degrading and humiliating human lives.

What happened in Singaporean hospital to trade human kidney is a proof that Singapore is a society of GREED; COWARDICE & SELFISHNESS, instead of a First World Medical HUB. As a result of GREED and COWARD, the values of human lives had been Brutally Abused and Trashed.

The poor people are now unable to afford to even keep their own organs, and have to sell organs to pay debt now. Among those indirectly enriched via this brutal inhuman acts includes famiLEE LEEgime's million dollar cabinet ministers.

Reformists must see to a stop and reversal of all these darkness.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Lee Kuan Yew & New Singapore is born

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Tiny Shetland island declares independence

By Kate Kelland Sat Jun 21, 12:19 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - The owner of a tiny island in off Scotland declared its independence from the United Kingdom on Saturday, saying he wanted the territory, population one, to be a crown dependency like the Channel Islands.

In a declaration on his Web site, Stuart Hill, who owns the 2.5 acre island of Forvik in the Shetland Islands in the North Sea, said he no longer recognised the authority of the government or the European Union, and cited a centuries-old royal marriage dowry deal as the basis for his claim.

"Forvik owes no allegiance to any United Kingdom government, central or local, and is not bound by any of its statutes," Hill wrote.

Hill, 65, has lived in the Shetland Islands on the edge of the Atlantic since 2001, when his boat capsized there during an unsuccessful attempted to circumnavigate Britain.

He is Forvik's only resident, and his home is a tent on the storm-battered island. He says on his website that he plans to create Forvik's own currency -- the "gulde" -- print his own stamps and raise his own flag.

"There will be no income tax, VAT (value added tax), council tax, corporation tax, or any of the other taxes instituted by the British government," Hill wrote.

Hill's claim dates back to a 15th century arrangement between the Norwegian King Christian and King James III of Scotland when the Shetland Islands were effectively pawned to King James in lieu of a marriage dowry.

According to Hill's studies of the history of the island, in 1669 King Charles II re-confirmed Shetland's status at the time of the pawning, meaning the islands remained directly answerable to the crown -- represented today by the Queen.

"The monarchs and governments of Scotland, and Great Britain and the United Kingdom have for many years assumed powers over these islands of Shetland to which they were not entitled," he wrote.

"By declaring Forvik a crown dependency I am simply re-establishing the correct legal relationship between this part of Shetland and the crown.

Hill said he had written to the Queen offering his services as "steward" and recognising her as head of state.

"I also invite anyone from any country in the world, who supports these aims, namely to become free of liars, thieves and tyrants in government, to become a citizen of Forvik," he added.

Majulah Forvik! :-) No Man Is An Island

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Reform Party Inauguration Dinner Booking info

Come and launch the party that is set to change Singapore!

Date : 11.July.2008 Friday, 1900Hr. at

The Reform Party Inauguration Dinner

The Fortunate Restaurant
Blk 181, Toa Payoh Centeral
2nd Level (Near National Library)

@S$30 per person or @S$300 per table of 10

For bookings please contact party treasurer:

M/S Amy Lui h/p 83517336

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I had just been informed by Party Chairman Mr. Ng Teck Siong that REFORM PARTY is approved by Registrar of Society.

The party's dinner is fixed on 11.July.2008. Restaurant is still being booked, and will confirm later.

Mr. JBJ will pay the $450 one-time registration fees on this Saturday.

I ask supporters to congratulate Mr. JBJ & all the REFORM PARTY folks!

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NEA's Hawker License Reply (Tee Guh =地牛)

I just got this reply from famiLEE LEEgime's Tee Guh = NEA an hour ago regarding the street hawking license I asked for, when they accused me of selling political books without a license. This is obvious to everyone that they DON'T even have any appropriate category of license to be issue for sales of political merchandises such as books / T-shirts etc. The famiLEE LEEgime wants to mis-fit their own political opponents under their NEEDY SCHEME?


fromChui Ping YAN
ccPoh Chuan LEOW ,
Subramaniam RAMASAMY ,
dateTue, Jun 17, 2008 at 10:11 AM

hide details 10:11 AM (1 hour ago)

EHD 024/20/001

DID: 67319746

Fax: 67319749

Mr Yap Keng Ho

Dear Sir

PIease refer to the email dated 11 May 2008, on the above-mentioned subject.

2. We would like to inform you that the street hawking scheme is meant to help the needy earn a living. As such, the scheme is opened only to applicants aged 45 years and above, unemployed for at least three months, and in financial difficulties. In addition, street hawkers selling goods, such as books, are allowed to operate their trade at a fixed site only after the National Environment Agency has sought the approval from the respective Town Councils and other relevant agencies.

3. We enclose with this letter, an application form for a street hawking licence. Please complete the form and return it to us, together with copies of your supporting documents (please see details in page 1 of application form), so that we may check on your eligibility and process the application.

4. Please feel free to contact Mr Leow Poh Chuan at telephone number 65509006 or Mr Subramaniam Ramasamy at telephone number 67319895 if you need further clarification. Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Yan Chui Ping
for Director
Environmental Health Department

National Environment Agency

:-) Wow! Now that the famiLEE LEEgime had just released me (on Saturday 14.June.200
:-) Wow! Now that the famiLEE LEEgime had just released me (on Saturday
8) from their Queenstown Remand Prison, they want to fit me under their NEEDY SCHEME to make me a street hawker? How caring and touching? I surely should apply for this license.

I am still in a few more days of transition from Hunger-Strike through liquid-diet towards normal diet. I am so starved, :-) I need a Street Hawking License ASAP! :-)

I have lost 6kg this time, still very busy catching up with works that I had left behind for the last 2 weeks, no time to post on blog. :-(

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Day 2 & Changi Womens' Prison Vigil & Day 3 morning

Day 2 day time:

Night 2, Changi Womens' Prison Vigil

Late Night 2 photos:

Night 2 videos:

Day 3 early morning:

I took this drink on early morning of Day 3 before I go to court. 250ml Mango Juice. This is the only drink so far since beginning Day 1. I did not drink any 100 Plus soft drink yesterday although Mr. Gopalan Nair was released. I will forgo the fruit juice planned originally upon the release of Miss Chee Siok Chin, but I will break fast on Sunday upon Dr CSJ's release.

There is a Pre-Trial-Conference for 6 remaining charges faced by Dr CSJ & myself. I informed Mr. M Ravi to withdraw appeal for my 2nd conviction last night at vigil outside Changi Womens' Prison. The reason is I can continue to Hunger-Strike the rest of 10 days in prison; the pavilion at Istana Park is too full of school holiday students day and night (2nd night was quieter), and that after the defamation suits, contempt charges etc, Mr. Ravi had not rest well for too long. I should not trouble him for my cases any more, he have other clients cases to take care also.

As it is now, I am feeling hungry and thirsty, weaker like fallen sick, and movement is slow. But without water for 2 and a half days is relatively easy, considering all the courts and vigil etc I am moving restlessly around.

In prison for 10 days I will continue Hunger-Strike as follows:

  • I will take a few spoon of food into my mouth but spit all of them out, just like my previous hunger-strike in prison - this avoid to averts the violation of prison's rules :-)
  • I will take small amount of drink / water but spit them all out also for the same reason.
  • I will co-operate with prison's medical center if they want to put me on IV drip, same as the previous hunger-strike I did previously in 2006. Same prison; same sentence; same hunger-strike = old drill :-)

This will continue for my 10 days sentence.

Unless they will take me to my regular Queenstown Resort, you won't be able to find me at Istana Park in the next 10 days. I will tell the court today that I wish to serve my sentence now, and withdraw appeal if necessary. If I still proceed with appeal I will not trouble Mr. Ravi and will represent myself in appeal.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mr Gopalan Nair Released On Bail

I will not be at Istana Park for half of today. Left at 0830hr to sub-courts because I was informed that Mr. Gopalan Nair is appearing in court today. We received Mr. Gopalan Nair out on bail. And I am posting this news now at noon, after leaving court with our released blogger. I will be back to Istana Park by 1300hr for continued protest and hunger strike.

Although Mr. Nair is released. I have not taken the 100 Plus soft drink as was planned for Monday. I will decide later what to do and post on either this blog or the protest blog:

1st Day's Photos:

2nd Day - with just released Mr. Gopalan Nair (at People's Park opposite Sub-Court):

In court today, Mr. Nair was NOT charged any additional charges, I think the Sedition Charge is what the Mata ABUSED to HOAX him hoping to intimidate him into submission. 2 female diplomatic officers from USA Embassy were at court today.

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