Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hunger-Strike at Istana Park begins tonight 4.Jun.2008

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I hereby announce that I will conduct round the clock Hunger-Strike Protest at Istana Park same as previously taken video at above, without drinking and food, to show resolve and solidarity with Mr. Gopalan Nair, Miss Chee Siok Chin & Dr Chee Soon Juan, who are now imprisoned by famiLEE LEEgime at Cantonment Police Complex; Changi Women's Prison & Queenstown Remand Prison respectively. This is another additional civil action beside what was done last night outside Cantonment Police Complex and the online protest.

I had no breakfast today, but a lunch (noodle at about 1400hr) and that will be the only meal today and I will now fast with NO FOOD NOR WATER in following schedule until the last imprisoned fighter is released from famiLEE LEEgime's prison:

  • When Mr. Gopalan Nair is released (estimated Monday 9.Jun.2008) I will break fast drinking only one single can of 100-Plus soft drink, without any food then immediately resume fasting without food nor water. If Mr. Nair is not release I will skip that soft drink, and remain fasting.
  • When Miss Chee Siok Chin is release [estimated Friday the 13th of June 2008 :-) ] I will break fast drinking only a single paper packed box of fruit juice 1000c.c. without any food then immediately resume fasting without food nor water.
  • When Dr. CSJ is is release [estimated Sunday, 15.Jun.2008] I will completely break fasting, and end this protest.

I will station at the pavilion within Istana Protest Park from 1800hr tonight except bathroom breaks and occasional visit to shops or Cyber-Cafe. I will attend court on the morning of 6.Jun.2008 at Court 24 of Subordinate Courts which is a Pre-Trial Conference with Dr. CSJ for the reminding 6 charges of Speeches.

Activists and supporters are welcomed to conduct their related activities with me at Istana Protest Park. :-) Help me to put photos & news online. You may also post messages and photos to the online protest.

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