Friday, May 23, 2008

Above 50% of DVD/VCD videos in Singapore are Un-Licensed

The next time when you checkout the DVDs & VCDs on display either for sale or for FOC or for donations, try to find these postal stamp sized MDA Board of Film Censorship stickers, you will find many ilLEEgal and Un-Licensed one to your surprise in this so call Law-Enforcement-Efficient Singapore. :-)

The above Macro Views are showing different forms of the MDA Board of Film Censorship's License Stickers that are found on some VCD/DVD's in Singapore. Without these 1 inch sized stickers any VCD/DVD are deemed ilLEEgal to be in Procession; Exhibition; Distribution under famiLEE LEEgime's Films Act. Chapter Section 21:

Penalty for possession, exhibition or distribution of uncensored films
21. —(1) Any person who —
(a) has in his possession;
(b) exhibits or distributes; or
(c) reproduces,
any film without a valid certificate, approving the exhibition of the film, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction —
(i) in respect of an offence under paragraph (a), to a fine of not less than $100 for each such film that he had in his possession (but not to exceed in the aggregate $20,000); and
(ii) in respect of an offence under paragraph (b) or (c), to a fine of not less than $500 for each such film he had exhibited, distributed or reproduced, as the case may be (but not to exceed in the aggregate $40,000) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.
(2) Any Censor and any Deputy or Assistant Censor and any Inspector of Films may at all reasonable times enter any place in which any film is kept or is being or is about to be exhibited and may examine the film, and if on such examination he has reasonable grounds for believing that an offence under this section has been or is about to be committed in respect of the film he may seize the film and any equipment used in the commission of the offence. (3) Any film and equipment seized under subsection (2) in respect of which any person has been convicted under this section shall be forfeited and shall be destroyed or otherwise disposed of in such manner as the Minister may direct. (4) For the purposes of this section if any film is altered in any way after it has been approved for exhibition under this Act, the film shall be deemed not to have been so approved.
I checked around and proved on video that in religious places as well as retail shops there are countless amount of un-licensed and thus ilLEEgal disc for distribution Free Of Charge; for Soliciting Donations as well as For Sale. In some places, ALL discs are un-licensed, in some shops over 50% of discs are un-licensed.

This is the evidence that famiLEE LEEgime is very slack in dealing with Films Act normally but had been very Politically Biased and Selective when it raided and intimidated opposition's films in such incident as their seizure and interruption of screening of One Nation Under LEE, Singapore Rebels etc.

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