Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BerLEEnda Ang vs LKy vs TT Durex

I will draw parallels here.

When old dog thief LKy's foul reputation got highlighted by oppositions, he try to dignify his own filthy image by suing opposition with his own notorious defamation Political Masturbation suits in his own bloody Kangaroo Court. It only show that he is naive and helpless, and it does not even work any more. Mr Gopalan Nair challenged the old dog thief to sue him, but instead the old dog thief hide behind BerLEEnda Ang to arrest Mr Gopalan Nair.

BerLEEnda Ang is identical with old dog thief LKy, in that she also childishly believed that the rotten Kangaroo's image could be salvaged by citing contempt against opposition fighters.

I wish to tell Singaporeans that Respect can only be Earned. One don't simply get respect or reputations just via the appointments held, or assigned. Especially when in the office appointed one had conducted unfairly, abusively, and performed with malfeasance; corruption; or incompetence, any respect from any body will be gone and can never be restored via law or punishment or court ruling nor via fear. These cowardly measure only made their reputations worst foul and status more hopelessly corrupt.

TT Durex of NKF is another moron who abused Defamation suits just trying to copycat his master old dog thief LKy, then what happened after he sued SPH for defemation? He went beyond Political Masturbation! He indeed made famiLEE LEEgime pregnant by spilling the scandal of NKF out.

Old dog thief LKy & BerLEEnda Ang will soon end up similar with TT Durex, with much worst consequences to face.

I am launching an online protest via a new blog of mine: BLOG URL IS MODIFIED


You are free to take part in this online protest via email, sent to kangarooprotest@movie.uncleyap.name with the subject in upper case letters "POST FOR PROTEST AGAINST KANGAROO COURT". You may attach images, which will also be posted along with your message. It will appear automatically on this protest blog.

If you are kiasu you may use Anonymous Email methods. However I don't think you need to be so paranoid. :-)

Let your fiends know, inform mailing lists and post this on your blog / web / forums, ask people to take part, just post your protest messages & images online. Show color to famiLEE LEEgime and stand up for Singapore, stand up for justice, stand up for you own civil rights!

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