Friday, June 06, 2008

Day 2 & Changi Womens' Prison Vigil & Day 3 morning

Day 2 day time:

Night 2, Changi Womens' Prison Vigil

Late Night 2 photos:

Night 2 videos:

Day 3 early morning:

I took this drink on early morning of Day 3 before I go to court. 250ml Mango Juice. This is the only drink so far since beginning Day 1. I did not drink any 100 Plus soft drink yesterday although Mr. Gopalan Nair was released. I will forgo the fruit juice planned originally upon the release of Miss Chee Siok Chin, but I will break fast on Sunday upon Dr CSJ's release.

There is a Pre-Trial-Conference for 6 remaining charges faced by Dr CSJ & myself. I informed Mr. M Ravi to withdraw appeal for my 2nd conviction last night at vigil outside Changi Womens' Prison. The reason is I can continue to Hunger-Strike the rest of 10 days in prison; the pavilion at Istana Park is too full of school holiday students day and night (2nd night was quieter), and that after the defamation suits, contempt charges etc, Mr. Ravi had not rest well for too long. I should not trouble him for my cases any more, he have other clients cases to take care also.

As it is now, I am feeling hungry and thirsty, weaker like fallen sick, and movement is slow. But without water for 2 and a half days is relatively easy, considering all the courts and vigil etc I am moving restlessly around.

In prison for 10 days I will continue Hunger-Strike as follows:

  • I will take a few spoon of food into my mouth but spit all of them out, just like my previous hunger-strike in prison - this avoid to averts the violation of prison's rules :-)
  • I will take small amount of drink / water but spit them all out also for the same reason.
  • I will co-operate with prison's medical center if they want to put me on IV drip, same as the previous hunger-strike I did previously in 2006. Same prison; same sentence; same hunger-strike = old drill :-)

This will continue for my 10 days sentence.

Unless they will take me to my regular Queenstown Resort, you won't be able to find me at Istana Park in the next 10 days. I will tell the court today that I wish to serve my sentence now, and withdraw appeal if necessary. If I still proceed with appeal I will not trouble Mr. Ravi and will represent myself in appeal.

Sammyboy Thead