Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mr Gopalan Nair Released On Bail

I will not be at Istana Park for half of today. Left at 0830hr to sub-courts because I was informed that Mr. Gopalan Nair is appearing in court today. We received Mr. Gopalan Nair out on bail. And I am posting this news now at noon, after leaving court with our released blogger. I will be back to Istana Park by 1300hr for continued protest and hunger strike.

Although Mr. Nair is released. I have not taken the 100 Plus soft drink as was planned for Monday. I will decide later what to do and post on either this blog or the protest blog:

1st Day's Photos:

2nd Day - with just released Mr. Gopalan Nair (at People's Park opposite Sub-Court):

In court today, Mr. Nair was NOT charged any additional charges, I think the Sedition Charge is what the Mata ABUSED to HOAX him hoping to intimidate him into submission. 2 female diplomatic officers from USA Embassy were at court today.

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