Monday, February 12, 2007

Calling for Human Rights Attention on Organ Plundering

I am calling for international human Rights watchers and medical ethic watchers to look into an incident of human organ removal for transplantation which occur ed at Singapore General Hospital, from a victim Mr. Sim Tee Hua age 43, on Tuesday, 6th February 2007. The removal of Mr. Sim's organ was done with strong objection of all the family members and relatives who put up a struggle physically at the hospital against the police and security guards enforcing a controversial organ transplantation law.

In the process of the enforcement physical force were used, and caused great distress and pain to to family members of Mr Sim, including his elderly relatives. This added unnecessarily to much to the family members who are already in deep grievances and pain.

I call for the matter to be investigated openly and made known globally via Internet. In Singapore unfortunately only international pressure can help to improve the human rights situation, as it has become increasingly aware that the regime is in such a brutal nature.

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