Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anti-Death Penalty Protesters HungerStrike Against Execution

Activists Charles Tan; M Ravi & Chee Siok Chin and possibily others are currently on HungerStrike against pending excution of young African footballer Tochi who is convicted of drug offence. The HungerStrike began as early as Tuesday night 23.Jan.2007. Tochi had been scheduled for execution dawn tomorrow 26.Jan.2007. President Nathan refused to grant amanesty to Tochi who had been convicted with the court finding that he had no knowledge of the drug carried in his baggage at Changi Airport.

Beginning this morning 25.Jan.2007, in light rain a dozen of activists gathered at Speaker's Corner of Hong Lim Park for a protest against the scheduled execution. Dr Chee Soon Juan & Chee Siok Chin are at the scene.

International medias including Reuters AP etc were covering the protest at Hong Lim Park, the protesters occupied the stage area during the light rain.

A candle light vigil had been setup on the stage of Hong Lim Park. With football atire used by Tochi and a letter he wrote to M Ravi received yesterday.

This set of Tochi's red football suit was brought back to Singapore by M Ravi when he visited Nigeria to campaign for Tochi.

Tonight the vigil will be shifted to area just outiside of Changi Prison where Tochi will be executed by hanging by 0600hr next dawn 26.Jan.2007. The protesters and activists will gether outside the prison in protest.

I am calling members of public and those concerned about Injustice in Singapore to attend these events outside Changi Prison tonight and stay in solidality together for better Justice in Singapore.