Monday, January 08, 2007

Official Assignee Misleading the Courts

OA's senior officer witness Johnathan Chua incinated himself and exposed how the OA state organ had misled the High Court in his own testimony today at Subordinate Court 15.

Johnathan Chua was the Official Assignee's Commissioner of Oath, and he testified on the witness stand today admitting to making a mistake with Dr Chee Soon Juan's Oath Statement of Affairs which I think is the legal equivalent of a Statutory Declaration of financial standings under Bankruptcy Act. Then his testimony and the the subsequent prosecution witness Jasmine Ang who is another OA Senior Officer revealed to court how the OA office covered up and made-good the blotched legal document and then filed it to the High Court to misled the High Court.

As far as I understand, an oath is very serious thing under the law. Commissioner of Oath as well as the person making the oath are both bearing serious liabilities to make disclose and uphold truth without hiding or misleading any facts in that legal document. The procedure is very strict and breeching that is an offense under law.

The OA's Commissioner of Oath
Johnathan Chua, blotched the Statement of Affairs which he conducted for Dr Chee Soon Juan, on that day 9th of March 2006 when he was assisted by Jasmine Ang, in that there were a few omissions of facts prepared on the legal document, very importantly that had included the signature of Dr. Chee on the page marked as Schedule A. These omissions were undetected by both the OA officers conducting their professional duties one being the Commissioner of Oath and both being Senior Officers. OA's Commissioner of Oath Johnathan Chua then proceeded to placing the official COMMISSIONER'S SEAL on the flawed legal document. Dr Chee being the layman of law and newly bankrupted by LKy and GCt, unaware of anything, and were blindly following the step by step instructions of the 2 senior officers.

After the official session at OA's office was over, Dr. Chee went back, and the OA officers discovered their mistakes. Witness Jasmine Ang then emailed Dr Chee for appointment near the weekend, trying to fix an appointment to FIX the mistakes her department had made. She tried to fix on a Friday but by her own mistake instead of 10AM, she emailed 10PM for the appointment! These emails were all admitted as case evidence in court today.

Instead of re-making a clean copy of Statement of Affairs, they asked Dr. Chee to supply the details that was originally missed, and then fill in the missing signature on Schedule A. I call this a fraud, covering up official mistakes. A completed Statutory Declaration must not be amended casually and then later filed in to High Court Registry to mislead the court. Is this not a violation by the famiLEE LEEgime's officials?

How come they can do this sort of things while it is a crime if we peasants were to do so? And they just openly tell the court this is how they go about fixing their own faults fraudulently?

Then they can still admit these frauds as evidence in another court later trying to use it to convict the victim of their own oppressive bullies?

Is the Tax Payer funded State Organ OA supposed to serve the people or the famiLEE LEEgime?

Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime is obviously abusing Defamation and Bankruptcy Laws as their corrupted political weapons, and the OA chooses to serve the famiLEE's function to act as the famiLEE's bulling thugs.

Hypocritical millionaires Lee Kuan Yew & Goh Chok Tong always claimed that they are not interested in monetary extortions and had always donated their loots from defamation proceedings to CHARITIES (such as those ran by their friend TT Durai?) They pretended to have absolutely no other intentions, such as preventing people like Mr JBJ & Dr CSJ to travel to expose their famiLEE LEEgime's dirty scandals in world conventions such as World Movement for Democracy? OA are acting as thugs on behalf of famiLEE LEEgime to carry out these oppressive bully lawsuits.

On the surface they claimed that they are just debt collectors wanting to get creditors paid, and have no political agenda. They try to mislead the court today that as if Dr. Chee made proposal to pay LKy & GCt then they would have given Dr. Chee an approval for travel. In fact all of Dr. Chee's 8 applications to travel had been rejected, and all these are travel NOT for himself as personal capacity, but official capacity for Political Party SDP or NGO ARDA, and all of these trips to conferences are fully paid and sponsored by some democratic or human rights funds. The OA's rejections gave no reasons nor justifications.

The OA acted mechanically to pose a $$PAY$$ if you want to travel stands. Whereas the 2 bastard PAp millionaires LKy and GCt posed that they don't need any money and would donate to charity if any paid. The net result is COUNTRY ARREST for Dr CSJ and PRISON for trying to fly to World Movement for Democracy.

Dr. Chee unlike Mr. Tang Liang Hong or Mr. Francis Seow will not flee Singapore, and will stay on to fight regardless how the lame bastards jail or poison him in prison. The ones who are so afraid is ironically the same lame bastards instead of Dr. Chee!