Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eclipse @ famiLEE LEEgime Courts

I witnessed yet again eclipse of justice at the famiLEE LEEgime's sub-courts today, where they had ironically put Dr. Chee Soon Juan's Country Arrest Trial side by side with Fa Lun Gong's 6 women trial in 2 adjacent courts #15 & #16. The famiLEE LEEgime deployed about 10 policemen in just that area alone to prevent entry from media and public.

The intention of having a trial away from public eye is very obvious.

When approached the entrance of both court rooms, I was stopped by famiLEE LEEgime matas, and asked to be identified. In the case of Court 16, they told me it was FULL HOUSE inside and won't let me in to even get in contact with any one inside the court.

Mr. Chen my friend was encountered similarly the policemen prevented him from entering the court room and forced him to be waiting outside. He had not been able to witness the trial proceedings which are SUPPOSED TO BE OPEN COURT.

When I insisted to enter Court 15, I however found that 99% of the seats in public gallery WERE VACANT! The matas had been doing good job keeping it that way! I found only one ST reporter Ken Quek in there.

During Court 16's stand down / break I saw the accused persons from Fa Lun Gong group, and I was told by them that LEEgime AGAIN REFUSED TO PROVIDE A COPY OF VIDEO EVIDENCE TO THE DEFENSE. Just like what they did in my case. The Fa Lun Gong people told me that they observed discrepancies or differences between the video played in court, and the version they viewed in the police station, and they are suspecting that video had been manipulated.

How ironically identical with the unfairness I had encountered! I told Fa Lun Gong people about my own experience and suggest that they strongly and sternly insist to have a copy of that video, and register this complain as a point for their future appeal.

In Court 15, lawyer Alfred Dodwell acting for Dr. Chee and promptly discovered and pointed out that there had been a clear violation in the Evidence Act that Official Assignee's witness and communicated with their prosecutor about the case during the trial's adjournment period. I am impressed that Alfred is very careful and quick in identifying this serious miscarriage of justice, through the witness's testimony which unintentionally mentioned an email in the file.

The witness had obviously told prosecutor about this email, during the trial's adjournment period. And this is in violation of a witness's testimony still in progress under oath.

Alfred had applied to submit by tomorrow to have all of this prosecution witness OA Manager Miss Kala's testimony struck out due to her violation of Evidence Act in communicating with prosecutor about the case.

OA prosecutor and witness both admitted in the court about their violations, with prosecutor giving lame excuse that Miss Kala was a LAY-WITNESS. What a load of crap! Miss Kala is a Commissioner Of Oath a trained and experience officer in a Legal Organ Of State, and Miss Kamala the prosecutor is a train and qualified lawyer. They are both not LAYMAN nor LAY WOMEN, they both hold important government appointments in Legal Service, and should know the rules of fairness regarding court trials. They both communicated to each other about Dr. Chee's case in violation of Evidence Act, causing unfairness and injustice suffered by Dr. Chee. Can still give this sort of LAY MAN EXCUSE?

This is a sort of unfairness Dr. Chee & myself had previously suffered in our joint trial with Mr. Gandhi when witnesses were found sitting within trial court listening to the evidence given in the trial by other witnesses. Currently in this case there is evidence discovered by Mr. Alfred Dodwell that OA's prosecutor Kamala and witness Kala had both together discussed the case in progress behind the court and without informing or seeking approval of court, putting the defense to suffer injustice.

Under procedure of trial and relevant law, defense's council Mr. Dodwell can apply to rule that all of Miss Kala's evidence given to be ruled as inadmissible, in view of this violation.

The judge is awaiting for Mr. Dodwell to prepare his submission on this application to be tendered to the court by tomorrow. Hearing for Dr. Chee's case had been adjourned for the day after this stage.

The 2 trials of Dr. Chee / Fa Lun Gong are obviously UNRELATED and IRRELEVANT to each other, but the irony here is that the famiLEE LEEgime had collectively dealt with them together with the same dirty oppressive tactic of darkness and injustice, and they even conveniently scheduled the same time and in adjacent court rooms to deploy a large group of policemen to curb public from attending to the hearings which are supposed to be OPEN COURT SESSIONS.

Behind the closed door the same injustices fouls and stinks in the exact same ways, and I am surprised that this fact does not surprise myself any more!


Sammyboymod discussion thread

In order to make their famiLEE business of injustice efficient they had adopted mass production and quantity scale strategy at their Kangarro Court today! :-)

They had combined in adjacent court rooms #15 & #16 to hear Dr. CSJ's case and the totally unrelated Fa Lun Gong cases. The only similarity in these 2 cases is that the famiLEE LEEgime had to apply the same dirty oppressive tactics of injustice and DARKNESS to both cases. And they had decided to do both cases together in order to hve scale of economy and efficiency?