Wednesday, January 31, 2007

police check removed from court entrances

After being exposed of deploying unusually large number of police at the entrances of court #15 & #16 on this blog yesterday, the famiLEE LEEgime had promptly called off the police check post at the entrances of these courts today, I had checked it this afternoon around 3pm. :-)

The situation of the court returned to the normal condition.

Court did not rule in Dr. Chee's favor regarding the injustice he suffered yesterday from the the OA prosecutor Ms Kamala communicating with her witness OA manager Kala regarding the trial, in violation of law and fairness. This mistake had been admitted by both Ms Kala & Ms Kamala.

Mr Alfred Dodwell had applied against all of prosecution witness #4 Ms Kala's testimony to be struckout since she had communicated about the case against fairness in violation of law as a witness. Mr Dodwell also applied to disqualify Ms Kamala as prosecutor due to her mistake and violation. There is another reason that she is to be the Assistant OA responsible for Dr. Chee's case in the bureau and thus from the legal view point should disqualify herself in the first place due to conflict of interest and prejudice of official position.

Judge still ruled in the favor of OA on these significant blunders.

Outside of court #16 today I saw half a dozen of Fa Lun Gong people in meditation the whole of afternoon, as 6 of their members are facing charges and on trial inside court #16. There is no convincing reason to select that tiny court room for this trial with 6 accused on joint trial, there are many people outside or around unable to gain access to hear this trial.

I think it is only too obvious that famiLEE LEEgime is doing this deliberately to suit their own lame political purposes.