Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Singaporeans Supporting Burmese People Against Junta Constitution

Singaporean such as Video & Film Activist Mr. Ho Choon Hiong who took this video that is posted on YouTube, were there at the St Martin Road's Embassy again to assist the Burmese.

Oppressive famiLEE LEEgime matas were there to help the famiLEE LEEgime's Myanmar Junta friends.

I ask fellow Singaporeans to be in solidarity with the Burmese people who are fighting for freedom from martial law & filthy junta who is in blood money collaboration with famiLEE LEEgime of Lee Kuan Yew.

Singaporeans and Burmese share the same objective as well as political enemies. Their fight is ours too.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

online Mata Report: Official Secret on ISD director's identity leaked? :-)

Straits Time online article - which I reported against

I just made an online police report as shown by the official auto-reply in my email (I removed my address & phone # & NRIC) :

click above image to enlarge

I am reporting possible offense against Official Secret Act Chapter 213, that Straits Time online revealed the name of ISD director to be Pang Kin Keong, and I believe identity of ISD officers are Official Secrets. It is possible that the suspect who actually leaked this secret is PM Lee Hien Loong during his parliamentary session on 22.April.2008, according to Straits Time's report.


I believe that revealing such information online and at parliament violate Chapter 213, Section 5, (d)(ii)

This offense is punishable under Chapter 213, Section 17

I here by make this report to request investigation and necessary enforcement of law by SPF.
Thank You

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Monday, April 21, 2008

I saw more than a dozen PAp MPs asleep in parliament today

Today I went to parliament from about 1345hr till 1830hr till the session end for the day. Essentially to watch the Commission Of Inquiry regarding the fled JI.

Before I address anything about the COI, I MUST address what I witnessed from my seat number J22 at the parliament's public viewing gallery, that:

  • between 30% to 40% of seats were vacant (depending on the portion of the time in this afternoon's session)
  • At least 12 PAp MPs were seen asleep during the session, including COI.
  • Wong Kan Seng; Ass Loong Son; Goh Chock Tong & Old Dog Thief LKy were all missing from the session from 1345hr till about 1500hr. WKS LHL GCT turned up just before 1500hr for COI, LKy turned up only about 1630hr, after a session break.
  • Yeo Chow Tong got my vote today for the BEST PARLIAMENT SLEEPER (for today's COI)!
  • Chan Soo Sen isn't quite the second winner, but he slept right next to Yeo Chow Tong, like lovers!
  • Ong Ah Heng the usual Champion, did not lose out, after being waken up from sleep he went straight home to zzz before the COI began!
  • There are many others, who I am not naming at this stage, but I may.
  • There is another half of the house which I can not view from my seat (J22), can safely assume that equally about another dozen of PAp MPs were asleep today. (Safe statistic)
I do not wish to address the COI & JI matter first, because that is a major distraction now. I want to address the parliament sleepers first, because that is what the 154th will never report. :-)

If I didn't recognized wrongly, it was Lim Wee Kiak seated to the left of all time Champion Parliament Sleeper Ong Ah Heng who I saw, using his right elbow to knock and woke The Champion up. He did it without even turning his head to look at The Champion, I think he could hear the snore of Champion Ong, who admitted to his sleeping bravely during GE2006 when I exposed him. But Lim wasn't bordered by the noise of Ong to wake him up, I believe that he was merely covering the image of PAp party, because he was himself preparing to stand up to raise a question, and knowing that when he do that the camera will surely switch over towards himself and it will be then hard to avoid a public glimpse of Champian Ong asleep in parliament.

I can clear the name of one previous sleeper who I had exposed in 2006, that is Malboro Tan, although from my seat today I can not really view him, but he was being questioned by the house from the beginning of session, and that his seat today is too near to Wong Kan Seng during COI, his risk to be seen asleep on TV is among the highest today, so I can safely believe that he missed his sleep today (too bad). Malboro Tan put on some black suit today, because he prepared to be answering questions, unlike the super comfortable winter jacket in which he was seen by myself in Budget 2006 debate session to be sleeping comfortably and warm. Poor Malboro did you feel cold today?

From my personal observation, WKS & Ass Loong & GCT were busy in an office until just before 1500hr to prepare for the COI Wayang, I think it was final briefing. Jayakumar however, was seated in the house throughout the first part of the parliamentary session between 1330hr to 1500hr. WKS & Ass Loong & GCT emerged nearly together from the same entrance, about 10 minutes before 1500hr, which COI was scheduled.

LKy wasn't seen until about 1630hr, after the session break which followed the end of WKS's report of COI. It is obvious to me that LKy had only came in to the Q & A session about WKS's COI. It is also my observation that he was sitting there hoping his presence will help his famiLEE LEEgime and his famiLEE relative WKS during the Q & A.

LKy was there for only less than an hour if I recall correctly. I think he left after he saw the WKS lost his voice and kept drinking water (parliament's staff supplied WKS with not 1 but 2 cups of water, served in interval of about 20 mins, he very obviously needed that badly). LKy knew that his presence were unable to hold the tide of questioning and bombardments (though lame in my view) faced by WKS.

Magically, after LKy's departure from the house, WKS got better luck, and seemed to get adjusted to the lame bombardments, and could handle it. 1700hr and on, he was able to counter Mr. Low Thia Kiang & Mr. Chiam smartly. I think if Ass Loong were in WKS's position he won't be able to perform so luckily. :-)

The Q & A session was the only time that I observed the least number of PAp MPs asleep. Sleepers woke up when it came to the time they could Humtum some mild and lame attacks.

As you had probably seen on TV, Mr. Chiam now suddenly looks another 10 years older, after his stroke and hospitalization. I am worried and I wish Mr. Chiam health. Indeed now he walks slower than Old Dog Thief LKy, he need to leave his seat 3 times, and up to 20 mins long to take break. I observed that he showed lots of post stroke symptoms and is on lots of medications causing side effects on himself. He is slow and pale as well as weak.

May heaven bless Mr. Chiam with recovery.

I would like to contrast that Mr. Chiam although in such condition of his own health, did not fall asleep in the parliament, vs the PAp's million dollar sleepers. I can see that he faced lots of difficulties today with his own condition of health, but he obviously put in extra efforts to fight for Potong Pasir's voters who voted for him. People of Potong Pasir, you already got the worth of your support to Mr. Chaim, I am the witness today.

I am warning the people of Singapore, there is HUGE SLEEPER CELL OF TERROR found inside the parliament. Watch Out for Rep of Singapore, we are facing great risk. I am not joking.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where Are The JI Posters At Airport?

I went to all 3 Passenger Terminals T1 T2 T3, there wasn't a single poster of JI. But millions of this had been posted EVERYWHERE ELSE on famiLEE LEEgime's red dot! Not A Single One Inside All The Airport Terminals!


Sammyboymod Thread

Cut & Pasted from Thread Above.
Indeed Sia Suay!

They are too ashamed to shatter their own falsehood of SAFETY & SECURITY right at the airport which they claimed to be world's best.

They fear the tourists found out that there was a perceived Terrorist group known as JI which wanted to attack that so called World's Best Airport. And that leader of the plot Mas Selamat Ke-Lari already fled their own MAX Security ISD Whitley Detention Center, and had been on the lose over a month - no where to be found!


In the reverse, it also contrasted out clearly that, their own claims are untrue, because the never take it seriously themselves right at the very airport. If ICA had been on the Highest Lookout for this JI, they should had logically posted thousands of his posters all over all the 3 terminals!

But there is NONE!

So what does that means?

Mas Selamat Ke-Lari is not expected to flee via airport?

What a major major loop-hole then?


Cut & Pasted from Thread Above.

The whole hypocrisy is wide expose by this ridiculous fact that millions of posters were posted in Singapore but not a single one at the airport.

It also clearly exposed that famiLEE LEEgime's principle of falsehood compromised all practical needs of real securities, and all they want are FALSE FEELING & SATISFACTION VIA HOAX, a famiLEE kind of complacency? :-)

They want the people to just BLINDLY feel safe & secure, by ignoring the most basic reality.

They need people to overlook their JI fiasco to feel safe, and not to be reminded of their own claims that JI wanted to attack Changi Airport.

Similarly, during SARS, they just without any practically effective measures, claimed that SBS buses & MRT etc were SAFE, based only on the naive and childish falsehood that their staffs had a body temperature check before work. They pasted OK stickers on buses and the SBS employees, pasted stickers on people, blindly, to claim that they were SAFE. 99.999% of these people were NEVER Checked by qualified doctors nor nurses. Merely took temperature of themselves without any formal qualification and training on correct use of thermometers!

famiLEE LEEgime, just die die wanted to fabricate such a falsehood of SAFETY, and then false-claimed that they had done some EFFECTIVE measures, misleading the public and en-risk their lives!

That is the truth about famiLEE LEEgime's million dollar government.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Millions of Mas Selamat Ke-Lari Photos Islandwide EXCEPT AIRPORT!

The famiLEE LEEgime had spent millions of dollars printing and posting Mas Selamat Ke-Lari posters everywhere in Singapore. In some places annoyingly you can find such a poster appearing every 3 meters! They are posted at bus stops, MRT stations, markets, food court, shops, malls, even inside mata-chu! Even at entrance of public toilets! But you know what? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NONE AT CHANGI AIRPORT!

So the famiLEE LEEgime estimated that Mas Selamat Ke-Lari will never go to Changi Airport?

I thought famiLEE LEEgime claimed that this JI leader wanted to attack Changi Airport!

Why then there is no poster of him at the Changi Airport?

Complacency? My Foot!

Complacency is no defend forINCOMPETENCY & FALSEHOOD.

This is the proof of famiLEE LEEgime's falsehood, that NONE of the millions of Mas Selamat Ke-Lari posters which are everywhere in Singapore - ISN'T posted at Changi Airport at all - the very place that they claimed he was targeting to attack, which was the excuse they abused ISA to detain him.

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Mr JBJ: The Rule Of Law is NONE! So WE REFORM!

Congratulation to Reform Party again. This press conference was a bit difficult for me to fit in my own schedule, I arrived late and had to leave early, my apology about that. Basically, I remembered that the Registrar of Societies told us over the counter (recorded in my blog video) that it could take upto 4 months for Wong Kan Seng to approve this registration to form a new political party! Amazing in the so called High Productivity & Efficient (falsehood) of famiLEE LEEgime!

The press conference took place today at 1400Hr, at Quality Inn Hotel, as given in Press Release.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reform Party Press Conference By Mr JBJ

I would like to congratulate Mr. JBJ & his Reform Party for their process of registration in progress. :-)

Mr Edmond Ng put this on the web yesterday, and I re-confirmed with Mr. Ng Teck Siong:

Press Release:


There will be a press conference on Friday, 18 Apr 2008 at 2.00pm at the Quality Hotel at Balestier Road to announce the submission to The Registrar of Societies the application to register The Reform party. The Pro-tem Secretary General will outline the objects and Goals of The Party.

J.B. Jeyaretnam
Pro-tem Sec. Gen

I will be there tomorrow to video the conference, but I am unable to stay longer than 1 hour, because this matter is a little last minute to me and I have another appointment. :-(

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JBJ's Blog Post

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Speakers Cornered = NC16 !!

Related Blog URL

Got SMS from Mr. Martyn See, MDA rated his political film taken at WB-IMF surprisingly with an approval rating of NC-16.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Over 10K supporters at Mr. Anwar's speech without a police permit

  1. AP News URL
  2. Yahoo News URL
Malaysian mata blocked a rally of Mr. Anwar where over ten thousand supporters celebrated the ending of his deprivation to be an election candidate. Mr. Anwar's party did not apply for any permit for this rally.

I would like highlight that the political event took place peacefully and orderly, but not necessarily lawfully. It took place for the interest as well as need to server the Malaysian people, and banning as well as criminalization of this event is as obvious as those done by famiLEE LEEgime here, which are politically motivated as well as corrupted conducted against the public interest obviously through the abuse of administrative power entrusted to the government by the people.

This sort of ban only proved that power had been entrusted to the WRONG HANDS!

AP News quoted:

Malaysia police halt Anwar speech

By VIJAY JOSHI Associated Press Writer

Click photo to enlarge
Supporters of former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim... ((AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin))

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Police cracked down on a rally Monday aimed at celebrating opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's formal return to politics, halting him midway through a speech to more than 10,000 supporters.

Anwar was making his first public speech since last month's general elections to jubilant opposition members who had gathered for a countdown until midnight when a legal ban that prevents Anwar from holding political office expires.

The celebration came to an abrupt halt when about a dozen policemen interrupted Anwar after he had addressed the rally for nearly half an hour and forced him to stop.

Supporters, who carried banners that read, "Anwar for prime minister," jeered the police.

"Let me tell you, we will rule the country someday," Anwar said after the incident. "So we will set a good example to obey the law."

Officials did not immediately explain why they blocked his speech, but authorities had earlier warned they might break up the rally because Anwar's opposition People's Justice Party did not apply for a police permit.

The celebration had been expected to further galvanize Malaysia's resurgent opposition, which made spectacular gains in March 8 elections, winning anunprecedented 82 of Parliament's 222 seats. It also won control of legislatures in five of Malaysia's 13 states.

Political pundits say Anwar's ambition is to become prime minister, a post that once seemed within his reach when he was deputy to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in the 1990s.

However, Mahathir sacked him in 1998 in a power struggle. Anwar was expelled from the ruling party, and convicted of sodomy and corruption, charges that he says were politically motivated.

Anwar was released from prison in 2004 after the sodomy conviction was overturned, but the corruption conviction barred him from holding political office until Tuesday.

Anwar could not contest the general elections because of the ban, but he is expected to run in a by-election soon to enter Parliament to challenge Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Abdullah is facing calls to step down even by his own colleagues in the United Malays National Organization, the dominant party in the ruling National Front coalition. The latest elections were its worst showing in history, though it did retain control of Parliament.


Associated Press Writer Julia Zappei contributed to this report.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

famiLEE LEEgime relased opposition MR. P

Blog release famiLEE LEEgime detained opposition Mr. P in IMH

I received delighted telephone call from Mr. P last night, and before that had also I had been indirectly informed by Mr Ng Teck Siong about it. Mr. P is OK after 22 days of detention at IMH by famiLEE LEEgime. He sound exactly like himself and still strongly against famiLEE LEEgime as usual.

I welcome the freed Mr. P and feel relief upon hearing from him. :-)

Good men are protected by heaven and famiLEE LEEgime is not able to shake their political position even after 22 days in IMH with drugs that made him sleep all day.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

famiLEE LEEgime postponed sentencing

According to Dr CSJ who I spoke with this morning, he received a fax from famiLEE LEEgime's court to cancel the originally schedule on 11.April.2007 which is expected to be sentencing for both of us. Now it is postponed to 21.May.2008 it seems. I have yet received any notice myself, and was already prepared to go to jail. :-)

Ref. Case post

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Now Can Arrest All the Gurkhas & ISD at Whitley??

:-) I just did what I posted this morning:
famiLEE LEEgime's Penal Code Section 233

Scanned copy is updated here already. :-)
Cut & Paste of Statutes' Penal Code (Ch224) Section 223:

Escape from confinement negligently suffered by a public servant.
223. Whoever, being a public servant, legally bound as such public servant to keep in confinement any person charged with or convicted of any offence, or lawfully committed to custody, negligently suffers such person to escape from confinement, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

Basically, my report read:

I wish to make a police report in relation to Section 223 of the Penal Code against the Gurkha guards and officers of Internal Security Department on duty at Whitley Road Detention Center on about 27 February 2008 when JI detainee Mas Selamat Kastari had escaped from legal custody. The above mentioned civil servants were neglegent in permitting the escape to take place and had caused grave national security alert, huge wastage of taxpayer's fund and national resources to man hunt the escapee. I am lodging the report to request for police investigation against the offenders in respect of Section 223 of the Penal Code and to take appropriate action.

But there are several First World mata cock-ups:

  1. Mata typed his own name inside the INFORMANT box, and amended with pen later
  2. NPC charge room air-con was dripping and leaking water! Wetting entire waiting area! (see video here)

Well, as a civic minded citizen of Singapore I did the mata-chu a tiny favor before I left. I shifted a waste bin from corner of the waiting area to right below the leaking area to contain as much of the in-door fountain as possible. To make the floor less wet than it would be otherwise. :-)

Why am I doing this? Is this meaningful?

Well there are many reasons including some that I will not post online, but to help outsiders and public understand, let me address it with one. That the famiLEE LEEgime's AGC & Judges had been giving us too often the same lame excuse regarding their own BIASED & DISCRIMINATORY treatment of opposition, which include the mata's politically motivated and selective law enforcements aimed to criminalize opposition. That excuse is THE LACK OF POLICE REPORTS being the reason why enforcements and charges are not brought against countless other cases except us, because POLICE REPORTS WERE ONLY MADE AGAINST US!

With this same lame excuse they hope to get away from everything that they are targeting us, that includes and are not limited to Tak Boleh Tahan Protest and this:

Therefore, for at least this reason, I took this shot and will be followed by others. Not forgetting that I had made formal report on Vote Buying to CPIB. These are the reports that we will build up as a library in order to be used to embarrass the famiLEE LEEgime when they try again to use the same lame excuse of The Lack of A Police Report bla bla.. :-)

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Fled JI incriminated Gurkhas & ISD dogs


Escape from confinement negligently suffered by a public servant.
223. Whoever, being a public servant, legally bound as such public servant to keep in confinement any person charged with or convicted of any offence, or lawfully committed to custody, negligently suffers such person to escape from confinement, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.



Cyber-Activist had contacted me suggesting me to make a police report against ISD & Gurkha Guards on duty on 27.Feb.2008 at Whitley Road Detention Center. They their negligence allowing Limping JI Mas Selamat Ke-Lari to flee is a criminal offense under the Singapore Penal Code chapter 224 section 223.

Indeed I verified online statute there is such a famiLEE LEEgime law, so I decided to pursue famiLEE LEEgime to let them get a taste of their own medicines. :-)

I will do this before they put me in jail this month, for GE2006 speech matters.


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Saturday, April 05, 2008

PRC move towards bloodless death penalty

XinHuaNet news

A new lethal injection execution venue had been built in TaiYuan China to replace the traditional firing squad execution method for death penalty. According to XinHua Net's report 8 death role so far had been executed in this new facility.

The new bloodless execution via lethal injection is done by securing prisoner on a belt fixed bed, with one arm secured into a small window into another room, where the injection pump will dispense the lethal injection at a press of button upon the order of execution.

With this new facility city of TaiYuan no longer execute prisoner using firing squad which had been a tradition in PRC for decades.

太原执行死刑全面实行注射方式 新建注射刑场



注射死刑不像人们在电视剧中看到的那么简单。 枪决到注射执行死刑,一个方式的变化牵扯到太多的内容。至少执行死刑的成本,是一个长期被忽视,但实际上最重要的因素。

地点选择也是个难题,注射执行死刑要有固定的执行室,执行室设在法院不可能,在居 民区里老百姓不愿意,在医院里医院不同意,到郊区路程又太远。几十年来,太原市中级法院一直没有执行死刑的固定刑场,曾在郝庄、乱石滩、火化厂附近旷野等 处开辟过临时刑场。在晋源区的临时刑场,因修建高速公路取消后,法院还多次借用晋中市的刑场执行死刑。截至目前,太原通过注射执行死刑共八人。


枪决的成本有多大? 在相关资料上可以看到,枪决的执行成本在各种刑罚中是最低的。它不需要任何技术和复杂器械,一支短枪或长枪,一堵墙或一棵树,一名死刑犯就可以被快速处 决。不过实际操作中,枪决成本附带的成分很多。早些年要枪毙一个人是一个浩大工程:要组织设置刑场,其中包括立靶挡、插红旗……仅戒严一项,就“没有百十 来人不行”。而从监狱到刑场,一路上都要戒严,“开道车、警车、囚车,这样一个车队一般都有几十个人。”在“严打”期间,有时枪手不够,还要调警。


太原中院对注射执行死刑工作十分重视,从2002年起就开始进行酝酿和筹备。 2003年7月27日,太原市中级法院决定建设“注射执行死刑刑场”。同年8月30日,太原市中级法院第一次试用注射方法对两名罪犯执行死刑,2004年11月,太原市中级法院新刑场建成即将投入使用。



“作为一种任务,注射死和枪决于我来讲没有什么影响,因为那是在执行国家法律。”曾经参与执行注射死亡的安警官(化名)讲述时说,“注射死刑确实体现了一种进步。” 枪决与注射,在认定死亡的程序方面,几乎相似。但之前的各个程序与枪决则全然不同,直观上的感受是少了血腥场面,作为法警,安警官的感受或许更为直接。

安警官表示,在以往枪决执行中,为了保证命中率,法警与犯人的距离很近。“我们戴 着手套,还有人戴口罩和面具,我们每人手里一支半自动步枪,命令一下就开枪。之后的事就由法医来做,如果没打死的也由法医来补这一枪。”这是一个短暂的过 程,但对于枪手来说,这个过程造成的精神压力是长期的。而一些“行刑法警执行前要喝酒”等传闻是不真实的,最多有法院给他们安排的一顿午餐。

现在执行注射死刑的程序则更为简单:罪犯到刑场后首先被押进羁押室候刑,当进 入受刑室后,便躺在执行床上。执法人员用规范、温和的话语告诉罪犯该怎么做。法警用皮带固定其上身、胳膊和腿部,然后把罪犯的一只胳膊从小窗口伸到一墙之 隔的行刑室。当下达行刑命令后,法警按下注射泵按钮。注射药物完毕后,法医在电子检测仪上可以观测死刑犯的呼吸、心跳、脉搏。注射的液体是“无毒”的,目 的是将死刑犯的痛苦减到最低。


太原市中级人民法院刑一庭庭长左发经表示, 经过几次实践,注射方法执行死刑,不仅体现了文明、人道,最大限度地减轻死刑犯的痛苦,而且避免了环境污染和扰民问题。太原市停止用枪决执行死刑而全部采用注射方法执行死刑,是我们太原这座具有2500年文明古城法制建设史上的一个标志。(山西青年报 杨海 马华)

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Reply to Closing Submisson of AGC - PEMA charge 2

This will be filed in court today: :-)
PDF file download


PS NO . 727/06 & others )





To the Honourable the Judges of the Subordinate Court of Singapore.

The reply of YAP KENG HO

To AGC's Closing Submission

Paragraph Number corresponding to AGC's Closing Submission: -

  1. The video footage showed that:

  • There were 2 cash boxes on SDP's sales desk with cash within

  • There were price @$2/= signs on SDP's sales desk

  • Books written by Dr Chee were displayed and sold from the desk

  • The New Democrat Published by SDP were displayed and sold at the desk in quantity of hundreds

  • There was a poster of Dr. Chee's book titled Power Of Courage setup next to sales desk

  • SDP members were making sales, and members of public were purchasing The New Democrats from SDP @S$2/=

  • Video indicated that Hundreds of Copies were sold to buyers

  • Buyers did not all arrived nor left at a scheduled time, just come & go as they pass by, and left soon after purchasing

  • No buyer had stayed from the beginning till the end of the sales event

  • people who were there at the entire length of event were the SDP's sellers and Police were the ones staying the longest to listen to any alleged Public Entertainment

  1. Video & transcripts both show that defendant Yap was at the microphone / loud speaker not exceeding 3 minutes, in the entire even that police had taken 30 minutes of video.

  1. I had stated clearly that video was taken in angles and from position as well as with willful and bad faith intention to criminalize the dependents. That the video camera was pan / tilt / zoom and moved about to deliberately capture as well as avoid capturing certain facts of the case. This were given in my submission dated 6.Mar.2008.

  1. Woodland MRT Station is within the contested Sembawang GRC, in which SDP's party members and election agent held legitimate electoral activities, which is criminalize by The Executive Government & their Police as well as legislative parliament, which SDP's is contesting in the election against the ministers and Mps.

  1. I don't need to give evidence in witness box. I had made 3 minutes or less in total of sales announcement for The New Democrats in proven purpose to sell them @S$2 in order to raise funds for the election campaign. Therefore this had to be DONE BEFORE POLLING DATE IS ANNOUNCE, because it takes time to raise sufficient funds through sales at only @S$2 per copy of The New Democrats which is tiny amount. The video & transcript already proved that I was announcing the sale event and introducing the contents of The New Democrats in order that my hundreds of buyers knows what I am selling. The evidence is sufficient already to prove that I am not guilty. So I need not testify for myself. However I did offer to Dr Chee to testify for him, if he wants to call me to the stand to testify for him. But he also found that it is unnecessary to have my testimony to defend himself. I told the court that if Dr. Chee need me to testify I will take the witness stand. Not Dr Chee nor Judge nor DPP asked me to testify. And DPP is trying to claim that I remain silent. I am far from being silent unless DPP was asleep in the court.

  1. The transcript & video proved that, as well as the prosecution's witnesses also proved that, it was a sales event in which hundreds of copies of The New Democrat were sold as a result of SDP's activities there. @S$2 per copy hundreds of dollars were raised as a result. That was testified by Dr. Chee, that the funds was necessary to finance SDP's election campaign in Sembawang GRC for General Election 2006. Sale of news letters is not Public Entertainment. It is sales and purchase activity same as hawkers selling their products and banks promoting their credit cards or handphone companies promoting their services. There is no entertainment provide. No one had came to SDP's sales desk for entertainment purposes and no one had been entertained, as shown and proven by the evidence.

  1. In the General Election 2006, it should be considered the ELECTORS as stated in Parliamentary Election Act chapter 218 (2) within Sembawang GRC as defined by chapter 218 (8) as Electoral Division, and chapter 218 (8A ) as Group Representative Constituencies (GRC) are to be taken into serious view here. SDP was conducting electoral activity under Chapter 218. defendant Yap is a legitimate Election Agent appointed by SDP according to Chapter 218 (62) and was conducting sales in the fund raising stage of the election activity on 8th April 2006, which was just about 30 days before the polling on 6th May 2006. When a Legitimate Election Agent was conducting activity for the purpose of election within the GRC contested, it should not be deem as a public entertainment. It is serious activity provided by law. In the example listed in para 14 of AGC's closing submission near the end of para 14, “play readings, recitals, lectures, talks,...” it does not include SALES nor ELECTION activities. Sales are commercial activities not the same as entertainment. Election are definitely not for entertainment. defendant is proven to be an election agent for SDP as testified by Dr. Chee, and was conducting sales of news letters @S$2 per copy within Sembawang GRC, as testified by Dr. Chee, in order to raise sufficient fund to finance SDP's campaign for General Election 2006, as testified by Dr. Chee. This is not any entertainment at all. An election agent doing this can not be guilty for providing public entertainment, because there were no concert, no music, no lecture, no talks, no performance made. An election agent was merely announcing sales of news letters @S$2 per copy and introducing it content that readers and ELECTORS can read after buying a copy. Nothing exceeding the need of sales & fund raising were done at Woodlands MRT on 8th April 2006.

  1. Public Entertainment is not determind by it's purpose or its nature and or effect but simply by it form. The form was fund raising and sales. Which are both not entertaining in terms of form. Election is provided by law. SDP were doing that according to law, and had cooperated with enforcement fully, however the enforcement of law had bad faith to criminalize the SDP deliberately. SDP had tried their best to work with enforcement to avoid infringement of any law, but the enforcement had been dead set for purpose of criminalizing SDP. The officers denied their identities and kept filming and did not even speak to the defendant at the scene. This is clearly proven. There is no FORMAL OCCSSION, people at Woodlands MRT just past by and was attracted to buy copies of The New Democrat and then left very soon after buying and they proceeded to their own destination after buying. The buyers were not organized in any way to come to Woodlands MRT to attend any formal activity held by SDP. The buyers just informally chanced by the sales desk to discovered that The New Democrats were on sale @S$2 per copy & they bought and left the place to their own destination after buying. There was no gathering or assembly of buyers in any way, the police and prosecution did not find any disorderly conduct nor nuisance nor hazard at Woodlands MRT. The entire activity is far from any entertainment by nature and by FORM. No one went there to provide any entertainment. No one went there to get any entertainment. No one was entertained there by SDP. There was however a busker performing musical entertainment there unrelated to SDP and the police were obviously uninterested! If election activity of SDP in form is deemed as entertainment then similar activities of all political parties and independent candidates are to be deem as entertainment in form. SDP can not be discriminated by law in singularity and unfairly.

  2. How can sales and fund raising address conducted lawfully under Parliamentary Election Act be deemed as entertainment? It is regulated by Chapter 218 and not Chapter 257. In order to criminalize SDP, the charge is politically motivated and abusive. That Chapter 257 had been abused to unlawfully regulate the activities provided under Chapter 218, for the ill-willed purpose of criminalizing opposition after the election. That shameful government had been ashamed by opposition during the general election is taking political revenge on opposition by abusing Chapter 257 to criminalize opposition's lawful electoral activities provided and conducted in accordance of Chapter 218. Who had been ENTERTAINED BY LEE KUAN YEW'S ELECTION SPEECHES? Are his election speeches for entertainment? In para 16 of AGC's closing submission, all the alleged speakings in Mandarin and Cantonese, A scandal involving PAP, the government using tax payers money to invest in a drug syndicate, and how the PAP was putting o a pretense of being morally superior etc. were all published in 2 full pages inside The New Democrats news letter which was being sold. It was proven during the cross examination with the CID translator that the entire scandal of drug money was printed in lengthy great details in English as well as Chinese inside The New Democrats news letter which is the defense's exhibit. The drug money scandal is printed on Page 12 in full page with photos of drug lords and late president Ong Teng Cheong. The Chinese version is printed on page 21 in full page in thousands of words. The CID translator verified that the alleged speech in the video and transcript directly referred to these printed articles exposing the same scandal. And that witness agreed that the alleged speech would fit the introduction of these printed contents inside The New Democrats which SDP introduced to the buyers to interest them to come forward to buy and read about this scandal. Transcript Page 7 16:08:53 reads “You all come and patronize buy a copy, in there we have a big scandal – a big secret of the PAP what is it?” This is obvious that merely an introduction had been made to inform buyers of The New Democrats that they can read about a big drug money scandal published inside The New Democrats and so please come and buy a copy. This is within a normal sales introduction and announcement. The political nature of it should not be discriminated by law, and such discrimination is unlawful. As to the point of formality, it is irrelevant for an election activity, weather how formal or informal should election activity be, it should be regulated by chapter 218 and not chapter 257. An election agent's activity within election period conducted lawfully in accordance with chapter 218 should not be interfering with chapter 257 nor be found guilty by chapter 257, otherwise there is a major flaw of legislation as well as enforcement here which victimized the SDP unfairly.

  3. Sales introduction & promotion of news letter is a proven fact. And defendant did not exceed doing just that on 8th April 2006. That such activity is done daily by countless of sellers all over Singapore and none had been put to face charges under PEMA. It is discriminatory unlawfully that defendant had been charged while others are not. Most of the 3 mins of announcement, were informing the buyers the progress of sales, that hundreds of copies were sold and only 40 copies were left, and that sales activity is going to end soon, so please buy before the news letters are sold out. Further that another 25 copies out of reminding 40 had been sold to an individual buyer who wish to give them to those who could not afford to buy @S$2 per copy. Beside in FORM & NATURE these announcements are sale instead of public entertainment, this is a sales for purpose of fund raising for the general election in Sembawang GRC, done by contesting SDP and their election agents for the lawful purpose of General Election 2006 provided under Chapter 218. This is not a claim but proven by evidence in the trial, and it is valid defense, because that charge are proven to be irrelevant and willfully abused to criminalize opposition.

  4. para 18 is a repetition of para 15. The form is DIRECT REFERENCE to the news letters being sold, and stating the price, and asking people to buy, and telling people what they can find and read inside this news letter. There is no extra speech what so ever, exceeding this. By criminalizing this sale, the government will effectively be targeting the fund raising activity for general election, which will be a politically motivated abuse of law. Since preventing opposition party to raise fund is direct and effective means of eliminating competition within General Election and it is deemed illegal as provided in Chapter 218 (57)(58)(59)(60)(61) as corrupted practices to financially incapacitate election opponent. The prosecution's submission that the dependents had provided public entertainment is invalid and wrong. The activity conducted by SDP on 8th April 2006 should had been heard by an Election Court instead provided under Chapter 218 (87), to determine weather the announcements and sales of news letter and raising funds for the election campaign within Sembawang GRC constitute to any Illegal Practices or not. Chapter 257 is irrelevant and not applicable to regulate the activity of SDP conducted within Sembawang GRC, during General Election 2006, by candidates, and party leadership and lawful election agents. Any political banners & uniforms etc won or use or displayed by SDP should be regulated by Chapter 218 (77) (78A) (78B) (78C) etc. not to be claimed as formality under chapter 257 as the prosecution did.

  5. Election news letters and publications and even speeches are to be regulated by Chapter 218, and these activities are directed to ELECTORS as provided Chapter 218(5) that the legitimate electors support their candidates and fund their candidate and buy election publications from their candidates' party etc. This is not to be defined nor regulated by Chapter 257 which is wrongly applied. On 8th April 2006, SDP was in the fund raising phase for the general election, and it took months to raise sufficient funds for the campaign by selling news letters, it had to be done months before the election. The funds raised by SDP with sales of news leters during general elections are regulated by Chapter 218 (65)(66) and reported to election department as election expenses under Chapter 218 (74) lawfully and published in Gazette in accordance to Chapter 218 (75). If there is anything deemed should be regulated under Chapter 218 (69) and (70) as illegal practice, PEMA shouldn't be applicable here and Chapter 218 should be the governing law for SDP's activities conducted in accordance of Chapter 218.

  6. The activity is directed at ELECTORS according to Chapter 218 and not the public. Further:

  • there is no formal gathering for public at that location on that day

  • there is no meeting event banner nor sign nor a rally schedule

  • there is no meeting or assembly schedule

  • there is no speaker list or guest list no predetermined list of people attending any formal event

  • only ELECTORS of Sembawang GRC passing by without any intention to attend any event and arriving randomly without any schedule to buy news letters from SDP

  • no one was informed to hold nor attend any rally or talk, only ELECTORS of Sembawang GRC passing by were being informed that SDP's news letter is available for sale @S$2 per copy and why they should buy a copy

  • ELECTORS just buy and left randomly

  • no ELECTORS were staying long enough to hear any rally nor speech, not even the police had spend time there throughout the entire sales event from beginning till end.

  • most buyers come and buy and leave within few minutes

  • in a rally or talk event of SDP it wouldn't be done this way

  • all addresses made were only for satisfying the purpose of sales and purchase of books and news letters.

  • everything was orderly and peaceful and the police were not finding any security issue there

  • the police ignored other loud musical public entertainment provided by busker near SDP

  • SDP told police constantly that all observations and cooperation with enforcement will be given to ensure no infringement of law to happen, but police acted stupid and deliberately want to criminalize SDP.

  • I definitely dispute that activity is directed to AGC's claimed of “public”. It was directed to ELECTORS as defined by Chapter 218.

  1. ii & iii are irrelevant. Weather formal or informal it was done as Chapter 218 required and within the providence of Chapter 218, which did not have any definition that electoral activity must be formal or informal or which is illegal. Nor in law governing sales that required sales to be done formally or informally. Election can not be done away or apart from ELECTORS, it is a legally provided activity requiring interactions and communications between candidates and parties and ELECTORS, weather they are considered public or entertainment or formal or informal are all irrelevant.

  2. Electoral activities are provided by Parliamentary Election Act, not PEMA, and abusively applying PEMA in order to prevent opposition to conduct electoral activities is not only unconstitutional it is corrupted and criminal. It is beyond doubt in the trial that SDP were selling news letters @S$2 per copy to raise fund for General Election 2006's campaign within Sembawang GRC all in accordance of Parliamentary Election Act. Candidates and leaders and lawful election agents were conducting legitimate electoral activities, and had been wrongfully convicted before under PEMA. This is a shame for the law of Republic of Singapore.

  3. Free Speech under constitution article 14 should be even more strongly guarded during election period. Abusive application of PEMA in the violation of article 14 is not just a violation of constitution. It is a corruption crime by itself. This is a corrupt practice politically motivated to prevent opposition from raising political issues during election and challenge the wrongs done by government in power. Charging and convicting opposition for speech during election period is a very clear action of abuse and oppression, done most corruptively and shamefully evil.

  4. I fully concur with B1

  5. It is proven by evidence in this trial that Busker performing music near the SDP were ignored by the police officer filming him with the SDP and he was not investigated nor charged. This is direct evidence of DISCRIMINATORY TREATMENT & ENFORCEMENT. What better prove do I need to offer?

  6. There is no offense by dependents who conducted legitimate electoral activities and sales. This is no the same as others selling food or clothes or other products, because Chapter 218 does not provide for these activities unrelated to election.

  7. The lack of a police report had sadly became a formality for police to hide behind and discharge their liabilities of unfairness and discrimination in this case. Here we have a case, that police on the scene selectively enforced law against only SDP, ignoring busker at the scene who had been film. Can the lack of a police report justify or cover up such blatant discrimination and unfairness? If a murder took place at scene filmed by police also lack a police report then would the murder also be ignored by law enforcement? How is the lack of a report able to justify such corrupt and irresponsible action by the state police?

  8. This is a situation that the police selectively enforce and lack a standard guideline and fairness, they play with their enforcement role according to their own views and opinions and continence. That law enforcement is self-contradicting and misleading the public on how to follow the law during legitimate activities that they made all efforts to cooperate and comply and avoid infringing law. That citizens and political parties are selectively criminalize without a fair standard of treatment. That this activity can be deemed legal today but not the next day by the same enforcement.

  9. There is no ignorance of law here in this case, but abuse of law and prosecution however is obvious. There is clear discrimination and selective prosecution as well as misapplication of PEMA on electoral activities. It there is ignorance of law in this case it would be on the part of the prosecution and the enforcement.

  10. I don't make any such defense of ignorance of law. I insist that I fell victim of political persecution, via abusive application of PEMA on the Electoral Activities I conducted in accordance of Parliamentary Election Act, as a lawful election agent of SDP in Sembawang GRC.

  1. I strongly object to para 32. That:

  • Witnesses had been caught and proven lying on the stand, they testified against the integrity of each other.

  • Witnesses misled the court and defense regarding many facts of the case. Including time of photo and how did it ended up wrong.

  • Witnesses are still unable to establish WHY the evidence had wrongly been prepared with 2 different versions of time.

  • Witnesses have a lot to hide and are obviously covering up lots of facts in the trial

  • witnesses consist of police officers who assumed the role of public first informant, full of political motive.

  • Witnesses consist of police officer who did not identify themselves at scene and lied about their identity as police officer at scene. Proof of bad faith and ill-will showing discriminatory enforcement of law. And thus their testimony are not reliable.

  • Witness had been found appearing in video that they initially denied but were forced to admit the truth on stand. SIO Charles Soon was filmed with a copy of The New Democrats in his hand but he denied. Showing that he have intention only to criminalize the opposition during his duty.

  • SGT Lam lied on stand regarding his knowledge of the mistake on the time. He was caught eavesdropping the proceeding in court from the witness room's class window when he was ordered by judge to return to the witness room, so that he would not hear the contention argued between prosecution and defense. This act amount to tempering as a witness under oath of honesty. SGT Lam is also proven to be manipulating his video camera to avoid capturing SIO Charles Soon, attempting to capture the news letters buyers who purchased 25 copies, and initially avoid to capture me in the video but later changed to zoom into me all according to the content and political sensitivity of my announcements. This shows his political angle of law enforcement and unfairly criminalizing the defendants. His testimonies are not to be trusted. I ask the court to deal with his lying on witness stand.

  • I had put all these in my written submission dated 6.March.2008, and AGC is unable to reply to any of these issue. How dare he now claim in para 32 that there is no issue on credibility of any winess?

  • I had been stopped by judge in many occasions in rebuttals against the charge, and had been directed by judge to put all my points only in final submission. I am thus doing so. I didn't remain silent but was silent by the trial judge indeed. I had also been prevented by judge to tender evidence which I had given to AGC, which are dozens of video taken in Singapore showing major businesses and hawkers and buskers are all providing similar and even more elaborated public entertainments and many are doubtlessly without any licenses. The judge prevent me from tendering my evidence to prove my defense of discriminatory treatment defense. I will appeal on this ruling to higher court.

34.My co-defendant is doing the same electoral activity as the Secretary General of SDP, we are both not guilty and should be acquitted, the abusive charge should in fact be dismissed. The witnesses who are found to have lied on the stand should be sentenced accordingly.

I have no fear nor regret towards my lawful and proud actions during General Election 2006. I condemn the coward Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime which shamefully and cowardly abused PEMA to fix the opposition. I assure these cowards that they can not stop us. The are not going to succeed. They will be held accountable and responsible eventually for these cowardly corrupted acts and I ask the people of Singapore to uphold justice and equality upon liquidation of this corrupted LEEgime. It has no legitimacy since it only claimed to be elected via a corrupted election involving corrupt practice of vote buying, via Progress Package involving S$2.6 billion of cash in total handed to voters just only 5 days before the polling. This election should had been annulled in accordance of Parliamentary Election Act Chapter 218 (90) that vote buying is illegal corrupt practice under this law.

Can such a coward corrupted regime rule us in fear? The answer is NO, NOT ANY MORE. NOT NOW. NOT EVER.

    Dated the 4th day of April 2008





PS NO . 727/06 & others )





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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tyrant of Zimbabwe = Mugabe = Game Over!

Yahoo News Link

Zimbabwe Ponders Life After Mugabe

By ALEX PERRY Wed Apr 2, 6:35 AM ET

As recently as Monday, the idea of President Robert Mugabe voluntarily giving up power after 28 years was unthinkable for all but the sunniest of optimists. By Tuesday, there were persistent reports - though denied by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (M.D.C.) and the government - that members of his regime, especially its security services, were negotiating a handover of power and immunity from prosecution for the regime's crimes. Three days after a general election whose results have yet to be announced, the prospect of a peaceful exit by the country's longtime leader seems to be growing. And that prompts the question: What would a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe be like?

So deep is the socio-economic crisis over which Mugabe has presided that the 84-year-old's departure would not, in itself, fix Zimbabwe. But it would be an important first step. With Mugabe gone and a new, less repressive and autocratic regime in the offing - either one formed by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, or a multi-party national unity government - the international community, and particularly institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, would likely renew their engagement with Zimbabwe.

Several years of 80% unemployment and raging inflation (now 100,000%) has left Zimbabwe's short-term infrastructure gutted, amid desperate shortages of everything from telephone wires to stocks of fuel and food - as well as a viable currency. So rapid has been Zimbabwe's decline, however, that much of its more permanent infrastructure - roads, buildings, and the education system - remains intact. While getting Zimbabwe back on its feet would require a comprehensive program to repair the lighter infrastructure and replace the Zimbabwe dollar, at least temporarily, with a more stable foreign currency, results could be seen fairly quickly. Zimbabwe does not need the kind of major infrastructural overhaul required in other African countries, such as Somalia or the Democratic Republic of Congo. That may be why at least one investment fund, LonZim, run by the Lonrho group, announced last November that it was looking to raise more than �70 million to invest in Zimbabwe.

The other question surrounding Mugabe's possible exit is: What would it do for Africa? Answer: Possibly even more than it will do for Zimbabwe. Mugabe is one of the last African Big Men, from the generation of leaders who won independence from white or colonial rule in Africa, but who, once in power, often applied the same standards of rapacious authoritarianism. That era is coming to an end. Mobutu Sese Seko is gone from the Congo; Uganda's Idi Amin went long ago. Autocratic regimes remain in place in Equatorial Guinea and Sudan, but democracy is becoming the norm in much of Africa - and with it, not coincidentally, has come peace. (The recent violence in Kenya, while horrifying, can also be read as a refusal by the population to accept their rulers' tyranny.) Mugabe's departure would signal the closing of an era not just for a country, but for a continent. Any immunity deal he managed to negotiate might frustrate human rights advocates who want to hold Mugabe to account for abuses during his rule - particularly the massacre of tens of thousands of villagers in the opposition stronghold of Matabeleland during the 1980s - via the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But immunity deals don't always hold. The arrest and trial in The Hague of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, even after he was promised immunity as part of the deal that eased him into exile in Nigeria, is obviously weighing on the discussions between Mugabe's regime and the opposition, mediated by South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki.

Words like "momentous" and "historic" are being used by international journalists to describe the events in Zimbabwe. And that may not be hyperbole. If the reports prove true that Mugabe is on his way out, Zimbabwe may well be about to experience nothing short of a rebirth. View this article on Time.com

This is considered yet another clear sign that dictatorships in Ex-Colonies are falling apart, which Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime will soon have to follow. There is no longer any room for old dictators to remain in power and pushing people around. Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew is same age as Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe, and they also share the same political roles in the independence from colonial masters. And then they became long ruling dictators cum tyrants since independence.


Sammyboymod thread
Sammyboymod thread