Monday, April 30, 2007

ISD LongKang Dog caught last night!

Time: 22:29Hr Date: 29.April.2007 Location: darkest area of Woodlands Road, approx here, [I need to double check map after I revisit the location, I was dark.] I caught 3 ISD matas on camera, and filmed 1 of them climbing out of roadside drain! Literally LongKang Dog of famiLEE LEEgime!

I have several video clips of this, will post after May Day event.

Higher Resolution AVI click here.

The following stillshots are created from these video, all taken at very dark lighting conditions.

These 3 ISD matas were initially caught by surprise when I went on this over head bridge to film our activists in this Anti-Ministers' Pay HIKE event, on the long dark Woodlands Road, after they walked out from Chua Chu Kang estate, and going towards Marsling. That was at 22:18hr when the 3 where found sitting on hidden side of steps a top the bridge, that was indeed a stratigic viewing loacation to monitor the road below. That was why I went up there to film our guys. They pretended to be talking, but when I started to film, they got lost, and actually went ahead in the Marsling direction (north) to monitor. They walked on foot. But I was given a LongPang by a supporter, so after filming from the overhead bridge I got ahead of these 3 ISD matas unintentionally.

About 22:29Hr, I was awaiting from where I took these shots, I got suspicious when I saw the 1st of the same 3 men who I saw on that overhead bridge, he was walking towards me as I was awaiting for activists to approach where I wanted to film them. This 1st guy now walked about 2-3 mins walking distance ahead of the other 2. He was shocked to find me in front of him, then he reacted by getting down to sit / squart in the drain behind a tree, hoping to block my view. But too late! I already saw him & began to observe him since activists are still few mins walking distance away from behind.

I started to film this guy, he got panic when he saw camera pointing his direction, he got out of the drain at once and walked rapidly in to a dark lane leading toward a construction site or something like that. He tried to observe me from inside the darkness, when he saw me still trying to film him, he went further inside to the darker end.

Then, the other 2 who were with him arrived, but he dare not come out to join his friends!

He kept hiding inside the darkest zone until after all the activists past by.

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The night after that, 30.April.2007, the activists' Anti-Pay-HIKE went to Bedok Sports Stadium to rest overnight. The same 3 ISD dogs came again, but with many more colleges to rotate in shifts. There are about 2o of them and they had almost 10 different vehicles including 2 bicycles! I have some video clips. I must say that after the civil servants' recent Pay Hike, they had worked hard that night! But they disappeared when it began to rain and that is when activists began to walk.

Higher Resolution AVI click here.

more photos from MayDay Workers Can't Afford Ministers' Pay HIKE

Some of these shots taken from late last afternoon till this morning's breakfast.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Update @1400Hr 29.Apr.2007 Sunday

The walkers reached Bukit Batok now, these are shots from Jurong East & Jurong West:

At Jurong West Ave 1, interestingly walked past a PAP funeral. A related video would be availiable on YouTube later, when there is time to upload. :-)

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Anti-Pay-Hike Began in Light Rain @ 6:30am

0630Hr 29.April.2007 Hong Lim Park Speaker's Corner. Dr Chee Soon Juan & Ms Chee Siok Chin began 150km MayDay anti-pay hike which is expected to take 3 Days & 2 Nights.

It was raining light, and was cool as well as dark as they set off.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

MayDay! MayDay! Workers Can't Afford Ministers' Pay HIKE

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Workers Can't Afford Ministers' Pay HIKE

That's the name I am giving to the MayDay Hiking Activity which will start at 6am from Speakers Cornered. Tomorrow Sunday 29.April.2007 :-)

Indeed our badly exploited Singaporean workers are unable to afford million dollar ministers taking more million dollar pay hike. It is however these corrupted and incompetent ministers who we want to ask to take a hike. So lets show them a hiking demonstration!

It will be taking about 3 days & 2 night spaning over approx 150km islandwide.

I am calling in supporters to assist logistic supports:

  • Help us print out & distribute this [PDF] double-sided flyer: English & Chinese, email them to friends!

  • Video / Photo taking, post on Internet e.g. Sammyboymod Forum.

  • Tracking & blog reporting of event.

  • Transporting supplies and copy digital video / photos from field to Internet.

  • Supply battary charger for commnunications & cameras.

  • Rest stop supports, rain weather assistance, unforeseen material supplies may be needed.

Those with car / motor-bike will be very handy. I am activating my temp prepaid card for this event h/p: 82039832 to contact & tack movement. This will be exciting event seeking a bigger breakthrough for a Singapore with better freedom and justice. :-) Lets all do our parts.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

LEEgime Court ruled Mr. JBJ Conditional Discharge

Final Court Of Appeal decision is taken by high court for bankruptcy discharge application by Mr. JBJ. famiLEE LEEgime news.

On condition of payment to slightly above S$233 thousands Mr. JBJ will be discharged from bankruptcy. But this only show how greedy is old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew & gang.

Just on filing and legal cost (paying to Lee & gang's lawyers) Mr. JBJ spent hundred thousands over the years, in this long legal fights against his bankruptcy inflicted by Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime.

Mr. JBJ is expected to conduct press conference very soon.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In Remembrance of A Fellow Fighter

Lets always remember Mr ThiagaRajah:

I received this information about his passing only this week, but our fellow fighter left us in the period of Chinese New Year 2007. The last time I saw Mr. Thiaga was December 2006, outside Queenstown Remand Prison when Dr. Chee was released, which was about 2 weeks after I was released, as well as Mr. Gandhi.

Mr. Thiaga began his fight way before myself, he is a pioneer founder of National Solidarity Party (NSP), and had contested in election.

During GE2006, Mr. Thiaga came forward to SDP and nearly became a candidate, as he was strongly desired to speak against the NKF scandal. Mr. Thiaga himself had been a victim of NKF and a kidney patient neglected by NKF. At the time of election he was already in very weak health, but his spirit to fight was so strong. Without becoming a candidate, just like myself, we supported SDP from the Normination Day till the Polling Day. But we felt very frastrated as some candidates & CEC members under pressure of lame bastards Lee Kuan Yew & Son via abusive lawsuit, had prevented people like Mr. Thiaga & myself to address the NKF scandal during GE2006.

With his kidney ruined health Mr. Thiaga struggled in great pains with also with cancer which had eventually took him away from us.

I hereby promise to the soul of Mr. Thiaga that I will never rest the issue of NKF, just as I will never let the famiLEE get away with all these corruptions and bullies, as long as I live.

Rest in peace my fellow fighter Thiaga...

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