Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In Remembrance of A Fellow Fighter

Lets always remember Mr ThiagaRajah:

I received this information about his passing only this week, but our fellow fighter left us in the period of Chinese New Year 2007. The last time I saw Mr. Thiaga was December 2006, outside Queenstown Remand Prison when Dr. Chee was released, which was about 2 weeks after I was released, as well as Mr. Gandhi.

Mr. Thiaga began his fight way before myself, he is a pioneer founder of National Solidarity Party (NSP), and had contested in election.

During GE2006, Mr. Thiaga came forward to SDP and nearly became a candidate, as he was strongly desired to speak against the NKF scandal. Mr. Thiaga himself had been a victim of NKF and a kidney patient neglected by NKF. At the time of election he was already in very weak health, but his spirit to fight was so strong. Without becoming a candidate, just like myself, we supported SDP from the Normination Day till the Polling Day. But we felt very frastrated as some candidates & CEC members under pressure of lame bastards Lee Kuan Yew & Son via abusive lawsuit, had prevented people like Mr. Thiaga & myself to address the NKF scandal during GE2006.

With his kidney ruined health Mr. Thiaga struggled in great pains with also with cancer which had eventually took him away from us.

I hereby promise to the soul of Mr. Thiaga that I will never rest the issue of NKF, just as I will never let the famiLEE get away with all these corruptions and bullies, as long as I live.

Rest in peace my fellow fighter Thiaga...

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