Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mr JB Jeyaretnam's Statement Against Lee Kuan Yew

PDF file Press Statement

Mr JBJ yesterday released a press statement against Lee Kuan Yew's admission of Election Stunts. The above PDF file is from Mr. JBJ whose blog is currently down in the middle of transferring between different hosting providers. I can only temporarily post his press statement here.


The Minister Mentor never spoke a truer word than when he said that the PAP government had engineered the principle of the electorate voting out the government peacefully so carefully that the electorate in Singapore always voted for the government (S.T. 7 Mar).

Here was the patriarch of Singapore openly admitting that the elections in Singapore are so carefully engineered to produce only one result return of the PAP to power. Elections are so managed by the Prime Minister to deny the opposition any fair chances of winning by frequent change of rules, boundaries are altered just before elections are announced and the electorate intimidated with dire consequences should they vote for the opposition as was brazenly done in the Cheng San GRC in the 1997 elections.

And this the Minister Mentor boasts as the Singapore brand of democracy, not found in any other county that practices democracy. UNIQUELY SINGAPORE.


7 March 2007

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I personally think that LKy's current ploy is only to downplay the conclusion derived from election result's inconsistency with public opinion, which points out to the clear facts of VOTE BUYING and CORRUPTION as the world is getting a clearer picture of the ugly truth day by day. The famiLEE LEEgime's falsehood is coming apart and this works exactly like The emperor's new clothes! :-)