Thursday, March 22, 2007

mata's QSM replied to my email

Regarding this matter posted previously, I responed to Singapore Police Force Quality Service Manager's reply today:

Dear Mr. Teo,

Thank you for you reply.

I am glad there is formal investigation on the matter.

Meanwhile I belive that it is still necessary to have the transparency to public regarding this.

The members of public and tax payers have the rights to know that, they could face police officer like this Goh, who would incite them to illegally take possession of fire arm which is a very serious offense under our law.

I urge MHA & SPF to protect the public from unnecessary firearm threat to be subjected to unprofessional officers like that. If indeed officer Goh did asked the Sim family to take his gun at SGH, I urge MHA & SPF to prevent him from being armed, to safeguard our public safety.

Trust that MHA would reveal to the public results of investigation and action taken.

Thanks & regards


Dear Mr Yap,

I refer to your email to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for
Home Affairs, Mr Wong Kan Seng, dated 16 Mar 07.

2 Police is aware of a complaint by the deceased's family which was
made on 8 Feb 06. Police's Internal Investigation Division (IID) had
already commenced its investigation into the matter with the assistance of
the deceased's family. IID will keep the deceased's family informed of the
outcome upon completion of the investigation.

3 We noticed that you were not present at the scene during the incident
and would appreciate your restraint to avoid making statements which can
cause disaffection and disquiet even as the investigation is in progress.

Teo Kian Teck
Quality Service Manager

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