Friday, March 16, 2007

Mata Abuse FIREARM to Threaten Sister of Sim Tee Hua

This is a copy of GMAIL which I just sent to Wong Kan Seng, it briefly stated yet anothe bit of shocking details what famiLEE LEEgime matas did to Sim Tee Hua's family in SGH on 7th Feb 2007.

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11:44 pm (5 minutes ago)
Dear Minister Wong,

I personally interviewed the family members of late Mr. Sim Tee Hua - victim of organ plundering scandal today to discover a series of shocking police abuses. All the relatively non-urgent matters and the politics aside, I urge you answer to the public regarding the police officer misusing live loaded pistol to threaten young lady Cally Sim.

Confirmed by both Miss Cally and her elder sister, a police officer by a Chinese name Goh, with his hand signal and clear verbal expression OFFERED MISS CALLY SIM A CHANCE TO TAKE HIS LOADED POLICE PISTOL FROM HIM, in a intimidating threat to dare this angry and agitated Miss Sim repeatedly, by inviting her to pull his gun from his holster belt.

This took place at Singapore General Hospital on 7th Feb 2007 near the ICU where late Mr. Sim was harvested his organs.

As a member of public I am very shocked that we have this sort of thug officer in our FIRST WORLD HOME TEAM.

It is urgent that such an officer must be disqualified to be armed, for the sake of public safety as soon as possible.

I can assure you that I am not biased to write this email in my political position against your ruling party or government. Regardless if Workers' Party or SDA were the ruling party I will write without a difference.


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I also witnessed today, medical examination photos of injuries inflicted on sister of late Mr Sim. That her arms were both full of serious bruises caused by 4 male matas forcefully holding her arms and pushed her against the hospital's wall, as her beloved brother was being pushed away to operating theater in the most tricky and deceiving maner done with no difference from organ theaft.

Step by step I am going to expose this scandal worldwide.

In a separated and unrelated incident, I want to remind public that, 1 of Singapore Police Force's police woman officer was charged and sent to jail not long ago for lending her police pistol to her boy friend who was involved in some violent threats. She then lied to police to report her police pistol lost. This is the way Singapore police use their guns? Turely WORLD CLASS police.

  1. Death Certificate of organ plunder victim late Mr. Sim Tee Hua.
  2. SGH's S$75 copy of Medical Report of organ plunder victim late Mr. Sim Tee Hua.