Saturday, April 28, 2007

MayDay! MayDay! Workers Can't Afford Ministers' Pay HIKE

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Workers Can't Afford Ministers' Pay HIKE

That's the name I am giving to the MayDay Hiking Activity which will start at 6am from Speakers Cornered. Tomorrow Sunday 29.April.2007 :-)

Indeed our badly exploited Singaporean workers are unable to afford million dollar ministers taking more million dollar pay hike. It is however these corrupted and incompetent ministers who we want to ask to take a hike. So lets show them a hiking demonstration!

It will be taking about 3 days & 2 night spaning over approx 150km islandwide.

I am calling in supporters to assist logistic supports:

  • Help us print out & distribute this [PDF] double-sided flyer: English & Chinese, email them to friends!

  • Video / Photo taking, post on Internet e.g. Sammyboymod Forum.

  • Tracking & blog reporting of event.

  • Transporting supplies and copy digital video / photos from field to Internet.

  • Supply battary charger for commnunications & cameras.

  • Rest stop supports, rain weather assistance, unforeseen material supplies may be needed.

Those with car / motor-bike will be very handy. I am activating my temp prepaid card for this event h/p: 82039832 to contact & tack movement. This will be exciting event seeking a bigger breakthrough for a Singapore with better freedom and justice. :-) Lets all do our parts.

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