Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good.Year No More! New Vacancy for $$$$MILLION$$$$ famiLEE Scape-Goat!

Bloomberg News URL

It smells Fish and Foul All The Way To Sky!

The Million Dollar hired Scape-Goat named Chip Good.Year won't play famiLEE LEEgime' game! Not even for the sake of $MILLION$!

The Laundry Shop REJECTED famiLEE's filthy laundries, and refused to White-Wash them!

It must be an impossible task for them.

A job that for decades was done personally by Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew TOTALLY WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY, and had been for long ages entrusted only to his own daughter in law, within the famiLEE. The appointed and hired American Good.Year changed his mind after the formal announcements, and now won't touch that filthy job.

What does that tell?

What is the Obvious?

Regardless of weather Good.Year nor Ho Jinx nor Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew is to be heading the Quasi -Communist Centralized State Funded Business, the NON-TRANSPARENCY will persist, the Darkness will persist. It is extremely unlike today's Ellipse that lasted for only hours, it is PIT-BLACK as long as it is under famiLEE LEEgime and remain Opaque until LEEgime's end.

The notorious classically secretive feature of Corrupted and Incompetent famiLEE LEEgime is it's signature, just like it enormous financial losses.

Until the light of sun past the shadow of Lee Kuan Yew's Total Ellipse and shine into the darkness of famiLEE LEEgime, Temasek GIC will remain like the past NKF & RenCi - Lots of Money; How Spent? Don't Ask! Won't Tell!

It is All Our Monies! Not PAp's Not the LEEs!

Singaporeans better know WHO TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for OUR MONEY!

No More Good.Year for famiLEE LEEgime! :-)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama's nominee faces tough and tranparent tests before getting appointment in Supreme Court

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor responds to questioning ...
Thu Jul 16, 10:30 AM ET
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Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor responds to questioning from Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Jon Kyl, R- Ariz., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 16, 2009, as she appeared before the committee on the fourth day of her confirmation hearing.

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Today's Yahoo News URL on Sotomayor

I would like to just highlight the news and current affairs in the USA judiciary scenario to invite readers' thought in particular to make material comparison against the judiciary scenario of Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime.

The contrast is obviously speaking for itself.

Clearly expose what is badly lacked in Singapore.

Clearly identified what our reform must bring in and introduce in Singapore.


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A Very Sensitive Death that would cost BN significant amount of Votes

My related forum postings on Sammyboy.Com today

This afternoon as I was still at famiLEE LEEgime's court on matters related to WB-IMF protest anniversary walk, at about 1pm. An aide of of Malaysian opposition's Selangor Exco was found dead at the HQ of MACC the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Bureau. In court today I also saw the new famous Ming Yi from RenCi.

This dead in Kuala Lumpur is very sensitive. The political impact is going to be quite significant.

The deseased late Mr. Teo Beng Hock was to be married tomorrow.

Protests had already started in Malaysia for this death.

Mr. Teo was not a suspect in the corruption investigation, but just merely a witness. Imagine a witness will jump to death from the bureau's HQ on the even of his own wedding? What sort of unnecessary (if not unlawful) pressure had been put on him. It is obvious that there is suspicion of him being murdered instead of committed suicide.

This is going to make lots of head lines for a long while.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thug-Sin: Najib Loves me and Protect me in Malaysia Over-Night!

Najib's ISD known as the Special Brunch is not only being used to arrest Mr. Anwar and Mas Selamat, it is further being abused to arrest Civil Activist and protect fugitive bastard Thug-Sin the Sinful Thug ousted from Thailand.

This Tender Love and Careful Protection by Najib is then SHAMELESSLY and AUDACIOUSLY used by Thug-Sin to Flatter himself. Interpol and many international government besides the Thai police and court are sorting to arrest this Corrupted Scum who collaborated with Corrupted & Incompetent famiLEE LEEgime & Temasek Holding.

The de-throned Abdullah's govt had only allowed Thug-Sin to Transit & not enter Malaysia after Thai courts repeatedly issued warrants to arrest him & his fugitive (ex-)wife. Najib showed more Love to Thug-Sin than Abdullah.

Fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra confirmed Monday that he had stayed overnight in Malaysia and had been provided with special-branch police security.

Thailand's The Nation news URL

Malaysia protects me because they love me: Thaksin

"My private jet stopped for refuelling in Malaysia and they sent 20 special-branch policemen to guard me. They love and care about me," Thaksin said in a phone-in to FM 97.5 Udon Lovers community radio station yesterday morning.

This is the first time that Thaksin has been so close to Thailand since he fled last year.

Thai authorities had said earlier that Thaksin was in Malaysia on July 4 and had left the next day for Fiji before Thai police could take action. Thaksin ended his island hopping in the South Pacific and flew back to Dubai last Friday.

In the radio programme, host Kwanchai Praipana, a staunch supporter of Thaksin, asked the ousted PM about his thoughts on the current government's performance.

The radio programme was also broadcast via the Internet so communities across the nation could listen in.

During the hour-long chat, Thaksin called on his red-shirt supporters to unite and prepare for the next elections.

"If there is an election we will have to come out in force like we did in Sakon Nakhon and Si Sa Ket, [where the by-elections were won by Pheu Thai Party], and change the direction of Thailand," he said.

He also added that should Pheu Thai win the elections and form the next government, it would make reconciliation possible.

Some 200 members of the Udon Lovers Club, which is associated to the radio programme, greeted the former premier, saying they missed him and wanted him to return to Thailand soon.

"You people [Udon natives] are role models for red-shirt supporters nationwide. If I have a chance to return, I will buy a plot of land and build a house [in Udon Thani]," Thaksin told his supporters.

Later Kwanchai said he would evaluate the response to the phone-in and added that he might ask the former PM to call again if he felt the need to defend himself.

"For three years Thaksin has been facing accusations, and he has not been able to defend himself because the state media has shut its door on him. So, our community radios nationwide should allow him to be heard," the host said.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teo Chee Hean's SAF ComfortDelGro Collaboration in Cheating?

famiLEE LEEgime's Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Defense Teo Chee Hean better take notice of this, and may be he would not be so surprised afterall.

Singapore Armed Forces - Comfort Delgro Driving Center Scandal

SAF contracts Comfort DelGro Driving School a political crony driving school to train Army drivers. On Saturday afternoon 11.July.2009 the army driver trainees dressed in jeans and T-shirt together with their civilian driving instructors and their cars, spent an afternoon all resting picnicking smoking and drinking in the Kent Ridge Park instead of doing any driving lessons. Squandering tax payers funds and conduction a training fraud for national defense.

I have got evidence here recorded on video.

I found out that SAF Out-Sourced some military drivers training program to crony civilian company such as ComfortDelGro Driving Center. In these programs SAF drivers were not wearing uniform. ComfortDelGro's regular civilian training cars were used.

Saturday 11.July.2009 about 32 cars with instructors and military trainees were supposed to be training in the afternoon. But instead of doing that more than half of them were having a picnic at Kent Ridge Park. The instructors and trainees colluded to this cheating. There were at the park relaxing and awaiting for the training schedule to expire instead.

The driving instructors let some the trainees sleep in the airconditioned cars. Some of them buy soft drinks, others smoked. Some took pictures of themselves with the scenery of the park. Used handphones to call girlfriends etc.

It was a wonderful outdoor picnic on the tax payers expense, with airconditioned cars!

The picnic began after lunch time. Car after car they arrived and parked at the park filling up the parking lots. The picnic lasted until about 1530hr, at which they all swiftly drove off to BOOK-OUT and Pang-Kang (knock-off). Another nice day of tax payers salaries earned easily!

In these videos, wearing jeans and T-shirts are SAF trainees, wearing ComfortDelGro T-shirts and blue uniforms are driving instructors.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Wong Kan Seng Squandering $millions on KIASU paranoid ineffective CCTVs

One would be so surprised that this is only one of the exits at Bugis MRT Station in Singapore. I may say that if Ah Seng needed any more space to satisfy his CCTV Camera fetish, there will be no more space left on the ceilings for him except to dismental the lightings.

Still not forgeting how many millions had Ah Seng squandered on Mas Selamat. These cameras, cablingings, network, recording system, and centralized monitoring room will cost a billion dollar or more. The matas I spoke to today at the MRT told me that it is going to be implemented at ALL MRT Stations.

If you walked into the station you and looked at the ceiling and walls you will find as many CCTV cameras. There could be more CCTV cameras than lights. There is definitely more Cameras than Public Announcement speakers and passengers information system and sign boards.

Check out every corner of the exists. Really there is too many cameras that I could use my camera to capture. This must be a world record set by Wong Kan Seng.

Thank you tax payers!

You can wonder how these projects benefited the famiLEE LEEgime's cronies.

You can apply the past experience of their Systematic Fuck-Ups, to know that there are more monitors that sleepy eyes paid to be NOT watching them.

If any one would believe that so called Terrorists would be deterred by these lame childish toys, then they totally don't understand these so called Terrorists. They are NOT afraid to die. They can escape from Whitley Road ISD, they can defeat Gurkhas, they can not be found, they can swim to Malaysia even with limping leg. They are beyond famiLEE LEEgime's childish imagination and magnitude.

These Expensive Cameras only make the so called Terrorists laugh, and assure them that Ah Seng and famiLEE LEEgime are Certainly Afraid Of as well as Don't Know How To Deal With Them.

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I was sitting in the parliament's gallery when Ah Seng told the parliament that NOT A SINGLE CAMERA WAS WORKING when JI's Mas Selamat Fled famiLEE LEEgime's Internal Security Department's Whitley Road Detention Center on 27.Feb.2008. There wasn't a single CCTV camera that could see nor alerted of nor recorded Mas Selamat as he fled Ah Seng's WaterLOO Toilet in WRDC. Ah Seng told parliament then that he spent 7 years and millions of dollar to UPGRADE WRDC in a series of tax dollar squandering projects, and that WRDC had never held more than 50 prisoners. It's upgrading was so well done, that Ah Seng's WaterLOO Toilet had NO WINDOW GRILLS, and the Only Security Implemented on it was SAWING AWAY THE WINDOW'S HANDLE!!!


I remind the world and Singaporean people to put these Astonishing Achievements of Ah Seng side-by-side in considering these tax dollars spent, and their expected results.

Then add on the consideration of Ah Seng's S$2-3 million salaries. How does it justify?

And where is his still missing resignation letter from 2008?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Warrant Of Arrest against Dr Chee while attending Funeral of Father In Law in Taiwan

On 24.Jun.2009 about 1000hr, in court 19 for the matter of WB-IMF 2006 Speakers Cornored District Judge Toh Yong Chong issued warrant of arrest for Dr. Chee Soon Juan with bail condition set S$1000 with 1 surity.

Dr. Chee is currently attending his father in law's funeral in Taiwan.

The late father in law (Mr. Huang) of Dr. Chee lived in Taiwan, Dr. Chee had not been able to see him for years already as the famiLEE LEEgime had detained his passport since. The late Mr. Huang's health had not been so good, and Mrs Chee had been flying back & forth recently with children to see their grand father who was hospitalized in Taiwan with terminal ailment. Dr Chee was unable to travel to see his father in law due to famiLEE LEEgime's OA & criminal court trials.

The condition of late Mr. Huang was bad the last few weeks and hospital had adviced the family to prepare for the untowards. During the recent Singapore school holidays, I heard Mrs Chee & 3 children went to Taiwan to visit Mr. Huang, and then returned. But on arriving back to Singapore Mrs Chee had to rush back to Taiwan immediately again, as the bad news came that her father was quickly fading away.

Dr. Chee had to apply for OA's permission to travel, and then sort same permission from distrct court before he could do the trip and bring his 3 children to Taiwan to meet his wife & meet his father in law for the final time before he pass. OA finally gave back Dr. Chee's passport but only for this particular trip and reason, but only then to find out that District Judge Toh Yong Chong was overseas for about a week. Writting & faxing to the court was not helpful, Dr. Chee went to court to try to see Duty Registrar of District Court & the senior judge Liew Thaim Leng, accordingly they refuesed to see Dr. Chee & had the court officers informed Dr. Chee that District Judge Toh was the only one that could decide.

However, due to the family's tickets' restriction (costing thousands for the series of trips related to hospitalization & passing of late Mr. Huang), the only chance for Dr. Chee to get on flight was Sunday 20 or otherwise too many days later which late Mr. Huang was not expected to be able to sustain until then. District Judge Toh Yong Chong was only expected back on Monday 21, while the trial was scheduled Wedesday 24.Jun.2009 till 3.July.2009 for WB-IMF matter.

At that time, it was NOT expected that District Judge Toh Yong Chong will deny Dr. Chee's written application to change date of trial to allow him to attend to his dying father in law. So Dr. Chee took his children to Taiwan on Sunday. However, after District Judge Toh Yong Chong returned to Singapore on Monday, surprisingly his office sent a fax reply disallowing the application. At the short notice, it was impossible to book Dr. Chee on any flight back before Wedesday.

On the morning of Wedesday, District Judge Toh Yong Chong issued the warrant of arrest without the prosecution making any such application, and after Miss Chee Siok Chin gave detailed explaination of the difficult situation facing a dying senior citizen and a family with 3 children having to fly many expensive trips through extremely difficult booking conditions. Dr. Chee's ticket was issued using frequent flyer milage point with portion of cash top-up, that kind of ticket has lowest priority for seat booking, and could not be even put on waiting list.

Elder Mr. Huang past away yesterday (Thurday), and this morning (Friday), after being informed of the death of Mr. Huang in court, District Judge Toh Yong Chong, still insisted to had the Warrant of Arrest Stand, and he left the court session in hurry, did not appear to be interested at all as the other defendents were asking for the reason of this Warrant of Arrest, and Mr. Gandhi and applied for it to be set aside. The judge did not appear to be intereted to hear anything.

The judge did not say that there was any thing insatisfactory about the application's reasons or procedure. There is no reason indicating that Dr. Chee was delibrately delaying the trial or absconding from Singapore jurisdiction. What is the basis of issuing this Warrant to Arrest Dr. Chee when the Prosecutors were not making such application at all?

The prosecutor was only asking for medical certificate to be faxed, and the duration of Dr. Chee's absent, and seeked clearification weather is Dr. Chee expected to apply for further delays in the event his father in law as pronouced dead by Taiwanese doctors. That's all the prosecutor was saying in court so far. They were not accused Dr. Chee for delibrately causing delays, nor suspect that he was absconding from famiLEE LEEgime's claws.

There is clearly no intention of the issued warrant to serve the purpose of bringing Dr. Chee back to court before the judge ASAP, because there was no order to arrange for extradiction from Taiwan, and more importantly, the Warrant WAS ISSUED WITH BAIL CONDITION. That means if mata managed to arrest Dr. Chee he will only be bailed out instead of being brought back to court ASAP.

It appears then the warrant was only issued to inconviniece and harass Dr. Chee, to have him arrested at the airport when he returned and then bailed out afterwards. There were 2 mentionings fixed on Wedesday, for today (Friday) & next Tuesday (30.Jun.2009) which appear only to have all the other defendents returning to court to only waste time. Dr. Chee is not represented by any council in this matter, and none of the other defendents is in the capacity to act for Dr. Chee in his absent. Court had already been informed that funeral arrangements will not be over until early July, and it is not possible for Dr. Chee to return until then. So what good will 2 extra mentionings do?

In another matter another district judge had granted time for Mr. Gandhi to be away for his cousin's funeral. In yet another matter on the morning which late Mr. JBJ past, another district judge also granted the morning off for defendents to rush to Singapore Casket, even though none of us are directly related to Mr. JBJ.

It is most unusual for trial not permited to be rescheduled in this current situation faced by Dr. Chee. It is even more amazing that such a Warrant of Arrest be issued this way under the present scenario. What purpose does it serve?

On Wednesday 24.Jun.2009 on which Warrant was issued, the SPH reporter was sitting in the court. But NOT A SINGLE WORD had been written in 154th to report this, after 2 days. Does that invite a question from the international community and the public?

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