Sunday, June 29, 2008

Desperated BN counting on Dr. M's Old Trick to Fix Anwar

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We shall see from these news that Malaysian BN Regime is in very desperate state of emergency to this old move against Mr. Anwar, that the regime's self-confident is at rock bottom, and struggling to remain in power with their last straws. Abdullah Badawi is now at worst condition than Tun Dr. Mahatir was, during the peak of Asian Financial Crisis when Mr. Anwar was poised to over-throw Dr. M.

Abdullah Badawi however, is not only in worse condition than that after losing so many seats and states in March 2008's election, he is proven to be NOT CREATIVE at all to attempt fixing Mr. Anwar by following Tun Dr. M's oldest trick.

I am quite sure that Badawi will not be able to achieve the same result as Tun Dr. M by pulling the same trick, not only that time had changed, Malaysian people had changed, not only that trick is EXPIRED LAME OLD TRICK, but most importantly - he is not even half as capable as Tun Dr. M to copycat this old trick.

Whatever is the final outcome, it would be one that reeducate famiLEE LEEgime's old dog thief LKy, that lame dirty trick like framing the opposition does NOT sustain any old rotten regime, pulling these tricks will only prove that the lame totalitarian bastards are getting desperate.


For rotten regimes that are already long sustaining on owed time, such kind of dire and despairing last-ditch struggle will only accelerate their own final ending sequence to reach conclusive regime change.

Originally Abdullah Badawi's time-buying measure of announcing his own resignation to be in the year end could have worked well to prevent abrupt rough change of power. However, with this sort of lame copycat old trick moves being done, lots of massive political energies had been triggered into fast actions. I foresee result of regime change to be brought forward naturally, transition of change would become more volatile instead of smooth.

The political dynamics of decades old BN regime will still remain in self-disintegration mode, the new emerged alternative is still gaining strength and advantage. Sodomy charge against Mr. Anwar is NOT going to change any of these strong fundamentals, it isn't going to heal BN nor disable Malaysian Reformasi.

The assassination of Mahatma Gandhi did not returned India back as a British colony, what is expired will still continue it's way out, this will be the same for British rule of India as well as BN rule of Malaysia. Similar for old dog thief LKy's famiLEE LEEgime, the inevitable change can not be prevented, even if they could assassinate e.g. Dr. CSJ. :-)

However, just uniquely Singapore, if old dog thief LKy kicked the bucket, the ending sequence of famiLEE LEEgime will surely take a short-cut, and this is not applicable to elsewhere outside the red dot e.g. Malaysia.

I will not anticipate Malaysian people's focus to be shifted from the prominent case of Mongolian Model Blasting Murder to a stale old petty sodomy accusation.

Try harder Badawi! Even your MCA ex-minister Chua's SEX VCD is more interesting than this sodomy charge, this isn't working! This round the BLACK-EYE is yours. I am sorry. :-)

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