Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Must Singaporeans Remember of Goh Keng Swee?

I write this blog posting only to highlight 3 significant facts:

1. Not that his signatures are on these old notes, but the fact that he is one of the very small number of PAp Ministers whose salaries were still at NORMALLY ACCEPTABLE LEVEL. The current ministers of famiLEE LEEgime are drawing some 20X or more salaries than when late Mr. Goh was DPM & Defense Minister. This is the most significant thing we must remember.

2. He is one of the very small numbers of PAp ministers who humbly contributed to crucial and appreciated changes Singapore had been through. Most of the famiLEE LEEgime ministers are arrogant and made changes unnecessary; unacceptable; unappreciated to Singapore and helped themselves more than our peasants. This is another significant fact that Singaporeans must remember of late Mr. Goh.

3. Yet another significant fact that Singaporeans need to recognize of late Mr. Goh is that he contributed his part and then in due time HE LEFT, he did not become any SM MM AM PM ZM what not. He did not installed his son his family members into Temasek GIC, he did not want to rise and rule Singapore from death, otherwise LKy should be very worried about him.

Finally, I have no objection to the state funeral honor he received, but I insist that late Mr. JBJ also deserve state funeral and Singapore owed Mr. JBJ this.

The stark differences between current famiLEE LEEgime ministers & the pioneers ,especially their contributions vs their salaries is the matter I like to highlight and draw attention of Singaporeans to.

Farewell Mr. Goh, RIP, famiLEE ruined the original Singapore that you contributed to create. Today many of our citizens feels like 2nd class citizens here, and felt betrayed and neglected. I ask you to please watch over well-being of our Singaporeans from the better place where you are. Thank You Mr. Goh.

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