Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abhisit's use of force is well justified

I can safely state that PM Abhisit's use of military and police forces in the recent crackdown against Red Shirts is very well justified. I am confident to state my position in this, because the world can see that Red Shirts are Thug-Sin's thugs and not any sort of peaceful protesters. If there were any peaceful protesters they allowed terrorists and militants of civil war to mix among them for safe covers, that disqualified their original status as peaceful protesters.

The Red Shirts had spilled blood as ritual; casted black magic; attacked and killed soldiers and policemen; committed arson; fired military weapons; vandalized city & businesses; obstructed traffics; defied emergency laws and committed civil wars. They are armed with too many guns and grenades and explosive devices; they caused casualties and dead toll within the city; they attacked and detained soldiers and policemen; they ambushed and intercepted military transportations; they captured and destroy military vehicles; the looted like bandits.

It is well justified for PM Abhisit to order shooting to death in order to protect the city and kingdom, and safety of innocent people. He did right and he did good.

The Red Shirts once had a moral ground that was worth supporting or sympathizing, but they are being used by Thug-Sin the greedy mongrel of Asia. They became bandits looters and destroyers of the city. They became public enemies. They brunt down transportations; banks; TV stations; schools & businesses besides government offices. Their attacks became senseless; their acts such as pouring blood is insane.

They had done very well to cause Thug-Sin Camp to lose votes in the next election. That is the only good thing I can see.


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