Thursday, August 25, 2011

Uncle Interviewed by youtube member, new PE2011 episode of 叶叔问政 & Hot Political Debates Coming夜生活

Fellow YouTube.Com member 2011Decision posted me a series of interview questions which I had responded with answers on video.

The URLs of (4 parts) interview uploaded by 2011decision are here:

  1. Part
  2. Part
  3. Part
  4. Part
I however uploaded the video in one whole part and I am using parts of it within my 叶叔问政 video as well.

The contents contain very serious proposals to improve Republic Of Singapore Elected President's system and roles, which implies constitutional and legislative amendments.

Then it is further elaborated and explained in the following video as 叶叔问政.

Further I also recorded today a Chinese and another English HOT DEBATES on presidential issues involving the Elected President system as proposed here, I will release this 2 video only on tomorrow 25.Aug.2011

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